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Welfare-taker Charles Grassley announces bid for eighth term in Congress

Charles Grassley, collecting paychecks and subsidies in office since 1959

WASHINGTON, D.C – Charles Grassley, who has gotten rich off farm subsidies and government paychecks over many decades in office, isn’t about to quit, as he announces yet another campaign to stay at the Congressional feed trough and endlessly grift taxpayers.

Charles Grassley wants an eighth term in the Senate, he said via social media Thursday.  Sixty-two years of collecting countless millions in paychecks and farm welfare over his run in elected office dating back to the 1950’s just isn’t enough for Charles Grassley.  This grift includes, according to the LA Times, “$1.6 million in government subsidies in 1995-2017, according to a database compiled by the Environmental Working Group. The farm grows corn and soybeans.”  Charles’ male grand baby, Pat, also works the farm and is now cutting his teeth in the Iowa legislature, learning to suckle the nipple of sweet, warm milk that drips from elected office.

Grassley may want another term so grand baby Pat can groom himself a little longer to take grandpa’s perch someday, maybe in 2028, if Chuck lives that long.  He is 80-something years old, after all, and embarrasssingly tweets about pigeons and ice cream using extremely sloppy English that could make a sixth grader cringe.  By virtue of flouting the last name “Grassley” and gently sewing discord amongst fringe citizens, Pat can readily assume Chuck’s perch in the Senate instead of rightfully selling used cars as nature intended.  Ever-more disconnected, angry, gullible Iowa voters who are ignorant of reality and facts and merely look at a recognizable name on a ballot that manifest their hate will see to that.

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The New York Times
Murders Spiked in 2020 in Cities Across the United States, thanks to the democratic, it’s OK to loot, riot, and burn party.

This article is so full of your personal comments and not factual news. Why are these articles not signed by the writer? Media these days mostly suck. Sign your crap.

`would you think MORE of him if he didn’t take the subsidies offered?

I see a lot of Democrat names on the “Welfare list” too.

Sucking on the government teat, and getting rich while doing it. That’s what Joe the Chinese hand puppet did.

No such thing as an honest politician. You just have Republicans who bye and bye are more honest then democrat scum.

They are not “more honest (than) Democrat scum”. They ARE better liars and hypocrites than Democrat scum.

No worries the COVID took his voters. He will lose.

Should of voted to impeach the con/cult Donny boy.

O’Biden’s turn is coming

Old Bastard needs to go! Enough of these so called corrupted politicians that are 100 years old. TERM LIMITS!!!

Try to keep on track, numb-nuts.
This article is about Grassley, try to focus your tiny brain.

Hey Mrs num-nuts it is about old politicians as you brought up Focus boy…

EXACTLY, 200 years of politics and haven’t accomplished anything constructive for the common tax payer. Bash away, sheeple….

A huge shout out & thanks to:
September 24, 2021 at 5:45 pm
September 24, 2021 at 4:50 pm
September 24, 2021 at 5:43 pm
September 24, 2021 at 3:24 pm

For proving yet again that
NIT is infested with the Triple-D of North Iowa.
Dumb-asses, Derelicts & Douche-bags.

another lib has spoken

Politics has nothing to do with you being a dumbass.
No matter your religion, your race, your heritage, your lifestyle, or any other factor, you are and always will be…just a dumbass.
Ron White was thinking of you when he said “You can’t fix stupid”

Well, Thank You Mr Perfect or God

You really are as stupid as everyone, including your mother, says.

Real newspapers are supposed to be non-biased, and real reporters are supposed to be non-biased. Unfortunately, the news agencies/reporters of today have followed that age old acronym: GI,GO. Garbage in, garbage out. Trouble is, I expected more out of Matt.

not your opinion

The article does not mention any crimes he has committed. Or any malfeasance he has been accused of. The senate has never chastised him for conduct unbecoming his office. It sounds like you’re jealous of him making more money than you are. Give me a political (not person)reason for not voting for him, and I will consider it. Until then, you might wish to investigate why some people’s property taxes increased so much and so quickly while some peoples taxes hardly went up at all. A local interest story with ramifications the city might be interested in. Thank you for your response to my post.

That right there is a BULL’S EYE!

Chuck has had 10+ years to create a health care plan for the US that would replace the ACA which he and other republicans think is so bad for Americans. They had control of the House, Senate and Presidency and nothing came of that. He, like most of the politicians in this country, are owned by the health care industry, big oil and the insurance people.

Rewrite the article and put Bidens name for Grassley
and The put Hunter’s name in for Pat and have a very accurate and pointed story.

Hate on Biden Matt, he has been there a long time and not accomplished nothing and gotten very wealthy, Hunter might have helped that.

go get-em chuck, if you don’t do it, somebody else will

Good. Hope he gets re elected. One of the few politicians who stand up for what’s right, and does things with the best interest of his state in mind.

Now this is some funny sh!t right there

Have a good laugh. There is a reason he keeps getting re elected, he gets sh*t done. He does what he says. He votes how his constituents want him too. Good job Chuck.

He used to seem to be on our side, but not since Trump. He supported him all the while Trump was destroying Iowa’s biofuels industry. Thousands of good jobs gone.

you sound about three and a third timns saltier than a greek bawling over a doorless mat black ford escort.

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