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Vandals attack pro-choice billboard in Minnesota, purchased by project founded by Mason City native

Billboard vandalized in Duluth, Minnesota

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA – Vandals attacked a pro-choice billboard this weekend in Minnesota that was purchased by a project founded by a Mason City native.

Kristin Brietzke was born and raised in Mason City before re-locating to Minnesota in 2010. She founded and runs a grassroots pro-choice art collective with her partner, Kelly Searle. According to Ms. Brietzke, the pair “noticed a bunch of anti-choice billboards popping up in our current city of St. Paul.” As a part of their art collective, Brietzke and Searle created the Minnesota Billboard Project, promoting pro-choice values on billboards. They “decided we wanted to create some showing the other side (of the abortion issue). 70%+ of Minnesotans are pro-choice, we are the silent majority.”

“We had a contest for local artists where they could submit designs, Brietzke explained. “The top ten were uploaded to social media and people could like the images of their favorite designs. The likes were added to an executive panel and the top 5 were awarded billboard space in St. Paul during the Minnesota state fair.”

One of their billboards was displayed in Duluth. The bright purple billboard displayed fancy yellow font with the phrase “Abortion is Healthcare”. At some point on November 18, a vandal got in front of the billboard and apparently used white paint to draw a line through “Healthcare” and write the word “EVIL” in its place.

After the blatant act of vandalism, Brietzke said, “Luckily this location is near several security cameras. We will find the jerks that did this!  A strong majority of Minnesotans agree that the government should not interfere with personal medical decisions.

“We are fundraising to get more designs up in the area & replace the defaced image.”

To support the Minnesota Billboard Project, donations can be directed to

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I have never vandalized a sign in my life, and I don’t condone it either. But…what was written in spray paint on this sign was 100% accurate.

Keep your legs closed and there would be no baby. & no more abortions simple Duh!!! No Brainer….

So.. nobody should have fun and get laid? Nobody should have any sex that’s not for procreation? You’re a sick person. Sex is a normal part of a functioning adult life. You probably need to get some therapy. You got issues. Other people’s abortions aren’t really your business are they? They don’t have any bearing on your life. It’s not your problem. You’re a suck person, like so many religious people. Abortion is a personal choice. Why is it you all want to babble about “america is a free country” but then you turn around and want to impose your religious goobly gock on someone else? Does that sound like freedom? Forcing people to do what you want because it fits your values…. sounds like fascist bullshit to me. Normal well adjusted functional adults enjoy having sex with each other. Adults dont have to accept life changing consequences if they do not want to and you do not have the right to choose for them. Sometimes it boils down to a health issue. It’s cool to let a woman die during pregnancy or childbirth but it isnt cool to abort a fetus that’s never thought, felt, loved or lived? You people are psychotic hypocrites. Its pro choice or nothing. You need to get with the times crazy pants. I dont care if a women wants to abort for the simple fact that she doeant want to be inconvenienced or watch her body change and get gross. Some people enjoy being fit, being able to do whatever they want and keep their career and money to themselves. Some people do not have any interest or instinct towards children. Some of us just dont like kids to begin with. Do3snt your god say something about not being a judgemental piece of shit?

You wouldn’t know a real fascist if he stepped on your entitled head.

Murdering a baby isn’t ‘religious goobldy gock’ I don’t have a religious bone in my body, but I am decent enough to know that killing a baby for birth control…it may be convenient when your girlfriend is knocked up, but it’s murder.

Do you think you’d have the cajones to perform an abortion, tough guy?

Not a sick person at all, if one cannot care for a child why open one’s legs and make a baby. This way the innocent child won’t have to suffer aborted or brought into the world but cannot be cared for properly by what you say is a Nnormal Adult”

I can think of more ways to have fun than getting “laid” why screw up a new life that cannot be cared for properly or it’s mother’s. If one found a way to have fun than this wouldn’t even come up in the first place. If the legs are closed there’s no way for a new life to be hurt,just because one wants to have fun.

As a man I have lots of sex with my man my life is quite above normal, I can say there is no chance of having a baby. So your telling me it took someone to spray paint on a billboard to get you to respond? why not be more proactive as opposed to reactive and get involved where your statements, ideas, and concern’s feedback could make a difference Vs North Iowa Today. I mentioned nothing about American free country, I mentioned nothing about imposing on one’s religious belief’s

A normal adult would not open one’s legs if they already knew that they didn’t have the means or ability to care for a child.

I didn’t spray paint this billboard I am simply stating that there is a simple fix to this Big Complex Problem if this would be followed both lives would be spared the innocent child’s and what you say’s “Normal Adult’s pain, poor decision making and tax payer’s dollars.

Why say the woman should be the one to close her legs? Why doesn’t the man have to exhibit some self control and keep his dick in his pants?

This wasn’t vandalism, that’s what it was supposed to say .

The man is not the one who is doing the abortion. wrap your shit up and stop creating kinds if your not ready to care for it 100% not the other way around. taking the easy way out and not dealing with the problem that they created!

What petey b said!

Vandalism = Bad
Abortion = also Bad (*caveat)

Rather than vandalize a sign you dislike or disagree with, be a respectable human being and just rent your own with your own message. Vandalism is childish and stupid.

*Abortion is bad. It’s a disgusting and horrible process. And for the record, abortion HAS been part of my life. Due to a severe risk to the mother’s life, we decided to terminate a pregnancy. Not something we wanted to do, but something that had to be done.

With that said, I will never support the criminalization of abortion because I believe there are times it is the only option. Rape, incest, severe complications that put the mother’s life at risk. But it is NOT birth control!

If you skeezy tramps can’t use one of the many forms of birth control, or if your swinging pecker can’t wear a condom, maybe you should just keep your pants on. Use more than one form! Hell, go to CVS and get the morning after pill to stop it BEFORE it has a heartbeat and you’re 18 weeks along. In short, BE RESPONSIBLE for your actions. Tearing apart and sucking a fetus out of your womb is not responsible, it’s sick!

You want the “right to choose”???
Choose to be responsible and not a walking cum dumpster!

(Disclaimer: these comments are directed at the skeezy tramps that think abortion is birth control, if you hadn’t figured that out yet. The rest of you women that will no doubt be furious about my comments… Well, maybe you’re just a skeezy tramp at heart.)

Excellent response!

‘IT’? You mean the baby?

Its abortion. Been there paid for some girls that. Had about the same emotional connection to that experience as a morning bowel movement. It was something that could have potentially caused some discomfort and inconvenience but thenfeelingmif relief after discarding it was pretty sweet. Done before 1 and able to get beers and a steak before 3. Really dont see the problem here. Some of us just do not like kids or the sacrifices as parents call them that they involve. I cant imagine wiping someone’s ass and feeding them and listening to them cry for 18 years straight. Giving up freedom and financial comfort for some mistake? Hell no.

Please go play in the street.

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