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Railroad officer who shot Mason City man won’t face charges, county attorney says

Mason CITY – A railroad officer who shot a Mason City man won’t face charges, the Cerro Gordo county attorney says.

According to Carlyle D. Dalen, Cerro Gordo County Attorney, “On November 29, 2018, a railroad officer shot a subject being investigated for trespass on railroad property near 9th Street N.W. in Mason City, Iowa. The Mason City Police Department initially responded and the case was turned over to the Iowa Division of Investigation. This week a Grand Jury heard the testimony and reviewed the evidence in the case. The Grand Jury deliberated and declined to indict the railroad officer.”

NIT earlier reported that an Investigation by state authorities showed a Mason City man was shot by a railroad police officer after an alleged altercation.

On November 29th, 2018, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) was requested by the Union Pacific Railroad and Mason City Police Department to investigate an officer-involved shooting that took place just west of the intersection of 9th Street NW and Monroe Street near All Aboard Storage in Mason City, Iowa. The Union Pacific Railroad employs certified police officers to patrol rail properties across the Midwest.

An initial investigation by the DCI has determined that Union Pacific Special Agent Louis Miner stopped Nathan Lee Olson, age 30, of Mason City, Iowa for trespassing across Union Pacific property at this location and an altercation ensued. This incident then went under investigation. Olson was in the care of Mercy Medical Center of North Iowa.

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Mcpd lies to media about everything. Pretty said when a police department is full of criminals. Still have 2 police officers collecting big wages from taxpayers that were involved in Jodi Disappearance. And now 1 officer that job duty is to look for Jodi. These police officers,department, mr dalen , cerro gordo county jailers are stealing money from people also. And also giving people drugs to put on street to be sold. Cops all getting acreages an building new houses. Hmmmm smells fishy. Feds will be in to lock up the corrupt Free Masons

Mr dalen needs to see my boot up him

Yes anyone with access to national news outlets.. FOX, CBS, CNN, etc feel free to notify them of this incident and Cerro Gordo’s court decision in this case. This court decision needs to seriously be looked into.

I think you should perhaps look a little closer, this story was reported on the AP Newswire. Most news organizations around the country and in the world subscribe to AP.

And unless you are privy to the evidence gathered by DCI, Mason City Police, and Union Pacific Police, you have no idea what was presented to the grand jury.

Lol exactly the reason why it should be examined further.

The security officer had baton, pepper spray and taser on him also. Any of those 3 options would have been reasonable force. With another crew member showing up to help, shooting the unarmed trespasser merely cutting across property to begin with should have been excessive use of deadly weapon. Even with an altercation pepper spray or taser would have subdued trespasser until local authorities arrived. Security officer should be charged with attempted murder and man charged with assault and trespassing.

it is very easy to shoot someone if there is ZERO chance of being held accountable. That’s the way it is under socialism, best get used to it.
The government has their set of rules and their subjects have to work under them, very simple

So glad to see so many people agree with me. how the county attorney’s office around here in the court system is so corrupt along with the police. This city kisses the ass so much of the railroad, Mercy and Curries. These three companies have been getting by with many crimes for many years and now it seems like they get away with murder. These three corporations are pure evil. The people who run them are cold black hearted and evil themselves. And now it seems the County Attorney is evil. The police have always been evil. they are not here to protect us they have an agenda to arrest as many people as they can put them in jail or prison. Because that is where a lot of money is made in incarcerating people. Politicians pockets are lined by these evil corporations. I hate Mercy, I hate Curries, I hate the railroad, I hate the MCPD and I hate the Cerro Gordo County’s attorney’s office.

Time for you to move to Iraq, a country full of hate, like you.

he isnt wrong, Have you ever worked at curries? they do not care about you, they do not care about anyone. they dont understand why you would want to spend your weekends with your family they think they are doing you a favor making you work 60+ hrs a week in a sweat shop. it gets HOT in that hole. The culture in that corporation is run them into the ground and get new ones. they allow meth heads on the lines when its obvious they are hit and dangerous to be around. Yes i quit, when after asking management several times to try to keep a certain co worker the hell away from me they refused. i had to drop a rail and get in the guys face and threaten to break his jaw. nobody so much as took me to the office to write me up. real classy establishment. oh the guy i snapped on had a pedo sharge and unlike the rest of you big talkers i will smack the shit out of a chomo in public at work at mcdonalds under a bridge cuz im have morals. yall just talk about it. ill ask them once to stay away from me if they dont ill ask them once if they want to get their teeth kicked out their own ass. im not a tough man but i have morals, the very thing curries lacks right after ethics.

Another person who has not seen any of the evidence in this case, blathering. I bet that you laws that protect private property.

Please, give us ONE shred of evidence to support your claim of corruption in this case? Convince us.

Because as it stands, you have not made any credible legal argument.

Ummm it’s he victims word against the cop because his camera was turned off.
We haven’t heard the victims side and won’t due to settlement/cop bullying.

If you step in a pile of shit and it smells like shit do you really need scientific proof that it’s really shit? Or taste it to make sure you are correct? Anyone that lives here for any amount of time knows the f$$kery that goes down here. You

Bet dollars to doughnuts you are one of the corrupt cops and you know damn well how you hide the evidence. F$+k you Cop!

Fleeing Arrest

A different problem exists when a person flees from an officer who seeks to arrest him.
Here again it is important for the officer to know whether the arrestee has committed a felony or a misdemeanor. When the person being questioned or arrested has been guilty of a misdemeanor the officer is never justified in using deadly force to stop his flight.

Even if the officer fires at the fugitive merely to frighten him into halting he will not be excused if one of the bullets accidentally hits him. In a situation of this type the officer would be well advised to keep his sidearm in his holster.

The situation is different where the fugitive is a felon.

When the officer knows that the person whom he seeks to arrest has been guilty of a felony the officer may use his gun in order to stop the flight. But even the life of a felon is not to be treated lightly, and the law will not excuse the use of deadly force against him unless the arrest could not be made without it. Thus, before shooting at the fugitive the officer
should make every effort to let him know that he is being sought by an officer of the law. This means that he should use his voice, blow his whistle, or if possible, sound a siren before resorting to the use of the sidearm. It is important for the officer’s security that he use his gun only as a last resort. The felon should not be killed if there is any other
way to make the arrest.

A case may arise where the officer attempts to arrest a misdemeanant who assaults the officer and flees. If such an assault is a felony, the person may be treated the same as any other felon.

First off stop talking. did youseriously suggest that police can in any instance at all fire a “warning shot” anyone who fires a weapon is responsible for where the projectile lands. “waning shots” as you call them are a FELONY. thats not to say ihavent heard our fine upstanding officers scream at teenagers in the dark “stop running or ill shot you” heard it several times as a kid and teen. they seem to know about as much as you do when it comes to firearms, defensive gun use and the law. really? warning shots? shut the hell up. your a dis-service to humanity. is biden starting a cult of stupid people or what? warning shot….. god.

This “officer” had access to baton, pepper spray and taser on his person also. All 3 of those would have been justifiable of use with reasonable force in this case of unarmed trespasser. Along with another RR crew member showing up to help, use of a gun would and should have been excessive force used with a deadly weapon.

First off most people commenting here really have no idea how a grand jury works. They have no idea the evidence that was presented to the grand jury. And they have absolutely no clue what the deliberations were within the Grand jury room. In short our system of jurisprudence worked as intended.

Second the police officer in question is a certified police officer by the state of Iowa not a private company. But all that has been explained before to the public so there is no cover-up.

It was up to the city of Mason City to implement the quiet zones not the railroad. I would suggest you look at the requirements for quiet zones with the Federal railroad administration. The requirement are quite clear.

Railroad tracks are private property! And just like any other private property owner you can force others to stay off. To have and hold and protect private property is one of the keystones of our country. There is no double standard between owners of private property be it owned by an individual or corporation, so get over it.

I suggest that the railroad build 10 foot fences with razor wire around it to keep you neanderthals off since you’re incapable of reading and grasping the concept of private property!

Well said.

Come on Allen. You are agreeing with Peter the Greek. He is so full of crap it is coming out of his ears. Razorwire fences in a residential area??? What kind of bullshit is that?

I do agree that maybe the poster went to far with the razor wire, but you have to admit, razor wire should work and it beats shooting someone.

*Come on Allen. You are agreeing with Peter the Greek. He is so full of crap it is coming out of his ears. Razorwire fences in a residential area??? What kind of bullshit is that?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell one anonymous from the others. How do you know that’s PL.

Allen, you should worry more about your wife’s son “the stalker”. Are you guys going to get him some help or does he have to hurt someone first?

You’ve got me mixed up with someone else, my wife doesn’t have a son.

she don’t have much of a husband either

You wouldn’t say that if you knew him.

Kill’em all go Trump!

I don’t know, I’ve read most of his stupid posts.

That’s okay anonymous, I have thick skin so your hateful words really don’t bother me. I may not be much of a husband, but at least I know who my father is. 🙂

Alan, anonymous thinks that you are married to sharen steckman, what a dumbass.

Is there a correlation…the areas of Iowa which grow and have good paying jobs (Des Moines, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Dubuque) vote democratic. The areas of the state which are reeling from population and economic decline vote for Christian conservatives.

to bad some of these democrats don’t move to Detroit. Chicago, Baltimore etc to help those cities grow and have good paying jobs

FYI: Mason Shitty has been run by DemocRATS for decades.

Don’t trespass and things like this might not happen. All you two-bit legal eagles ought to be able to figure that much out. It’s unfortunate things like this happen, but remember… Nathan Lee Olson, is a victim only because he put himself in this situation.

Mr. Lemming,
People cross railroad tracks all the time. Does this mean they should
be shot in the back as they are walking away? He probably b$&tch slapped the officer when the officer tried to restrain him. I would have done so myself, if I thought it was some random guy coming up to grab me. He could be a rapist or serial killer or both, etc. How was the general public, a man, who trespassed to know he was a cop doing dirty work for the railroad? I can’t help but wonder if the grand jury wasn’t probably crooked court house staff or senior citizens who can’t hear or see the evidence. My guess is the corrupt county attorney did a crappy job as he was instructed to do.

Also, please explain Hobo days in Britt. Should all of them
Be shot in the back, too? El Lemming?

The Harry sach is right. Most people think that they are above the law. Sometimes an example has to be made, to bring scoff laws back to reality.

Exactly, the officer should have been charged with attempted murder. He had a baton, pepper spray and taser he could have used to subdue the trespasser until authorities arrived. Just another itchy finger happy security officer using excessive force.

Where is all this outrage when black people commit violent crime in mason city? usually when that happens its all defensive posts and calling people racist. someone made a point about the stabbbing at the liquor store. that was way more of a personal attack it was way more violent it was cold and calculated and it didnt bother those individuals in the slightest to slam knife blades into another human beings guts. see those two gentlmen are absolute batshit psychotics probably sociopathic people. they can stab someone over and over again without remorse and then our worthless court system puts them back on the street with our children and pets? F**k that! watch the next little pothead they pick up get 5 years then bg then more probation, cuz mason city pd must think its easier or safer to ruin the lives of 19 year old kids over some stupid shit thats legal in half the country than to actually keep violent offenders locked up. you cant claim favoritism or any of that blue line shit either, this county just likes to keep violent people on its streets, keeps the revenue streaming.

Bottom line is the individual was trespassing and decided to fight with the officer. He might have been trying to get away but because of his actions this happened. And remember the grand jury heard evidence on this person past behavior.

you all forget, the grand jury is made up of citizens of cerro gordo county, just like you are. some may have been your neighbor or maybe some of your relatives, you will never know as their names are kept confidential.

Blue line at it’s finest cover your back

shut the f**k up with that bullshit. look back a few months or a couple years! this town is always letting violent offenders out of trouble. serious go outside and throw a rock, tell me which domestic abuser you hit. then throw another one and tell me which scraggly meth zombie you hit. we live in a town where the pd can find empty casings and blood on the ground on the north end and straight faced tell the commmunity “we dont think there is a danger to the community and no victim at this point” go to h*ll, if some gangsta wannabe loser is willing to open fire in the middle of our shitty little city he is absolutely a danger to the community and blood on the ground after gun shots is usually a fairly positive indicator of an attempted homicide. not here in mason city though. why chase violent offenders when they create situations that require cops and courts? they let the violent criminals and the violent cops go. they arent playing favorites in that regard. your comment is stupid and baseless and nothing more than a liberal psychobabble talking point.

Maybe we should not have shut down 9th st. So you would bot have to walk 6 blocks to get across track. This was done in exchange for the quiet zones that the railroad reniged on. Also the young man is paralyzed for life with a bullet still in his back and can not take care off himself. When is the paper going to report his true status?

It won’t be posted as to any status of this man. Corruption at its finest in Mason Shitty. I don’t blame the guy for getting into an altercation. I would have told the railroad cop to f*@k off, too. And, if he tried to detain me, you better believe I would have fought (I didn’t even know the railroad had security cops, who knew?) They should have had people from the neighborhood that has to deal with the stopped trains on a daily basis as a grand jury. The whole thing smells of another hush job & the f&@kery continues.

The ramifications are HUGE the Cerro Gordo court house just set.

Who exactly is supposed to report on this matter, and report to who. Basically its nobodies business except the parties involved. The truth is, no matter what is reported, there’s a certain element that knows more then anybody else and will never be satisfied with the outcome.

It happened in the street and crimes are public knowledge along with sentencing for those crimes ect. someone got shot in the middle of the north end. it is everyones business. you are stupid.

DUH, it happened on railroad property, where have you been.

So the thing is if someone trespass on your propriety you would probably kick their a** but it’s OK for you to trespass on others propriety………you would just tell them to F-Off??

Are you saying it’s okay for the Railroad business to shoot people in the back for trespassing? Would you shoot someone in the back for trespassing on your property? I don’t believe you have a legal basis to do such. Look at the bigger issue. I know you can do this. Why are the trains stopped on the tracks so people can’t pass. It’s extremely frustrating and by law the Railroads cannot be blocking an intersection for more than 15 mins. But they do all the time & no
citations are ever handed out to the Railroad company. The Railroad company is breaking the law all the time but they appear to be above the law.

Its all about the, “money”

Overweight pistol packing pussy. Uphold the law? More like bullies. And simple-minded at that. That these type of people cheat and lie during the course of their jobs is a given. Lazy as f@ck.

you know the guy?

Dude – he IS the guy.

Yes take this viral, call national news report incident and cerro Gordo court decision in this case. It’s as big as the stand your ground incident. Let the world know cerro Gordo county decided shooting an unarmed man leaving property in the back was determined to be reasonable force. The railroad is nation wide probably didn’t want this to go viral, easier to pay off victim and sway rink a dink small town court in their favor. Silence and shut it down fast.

lots of times when people are “shot in the back” its because they had a pistol pointed at their front and decided to turn and run in the quarter second it takes to squeeze the trigger. you dont understand use of force when it is justified or how it is applied. trespassing is illegal and neither you or myself was there to see this happen. how do you know mr olson the 30 yo male who needed to walk on train tracks when we have sidewalks didnt resist oe attempt an assault on the man who im sure did not wake up that day and decide he wanted to go through the legal issues and mental anguish suffered by law abiding citizens or officers forced to use a weapon to defend their own life, how much training do you have? Whered you go to get it and how much have you spent in your pursuit of understanding defensive gun use? spent alot of time in the classroom and on the range have ya? Have you ever even been in an actual violent encounter? you do not know what youre talking about, just like the rest of the emotion driven loud mouths. olson…. isnt that a classic mason city name? usually not associated with class, wit and intelligence?

Plenty of education of proper use of force. This was a clear case of improper use of deadly force. As their RR spokesman said he also had options on him as pepper spray, Baton, and taser gun. Any one of those items would have been justified in this case to stop the trespasser. The trespasser was unarmed, did not steal anything, no vandalism, just merely taking a short cut. The officer aggressively tried to stop the person as he tried to continue on his way… resulting in an altercation. It was determined and authorities reported shooting took place after an altercation. The man was shot in the back. In this case the officer had options.. pepper spray, baton, or taser… but he chose his gun instead, shot they guy in his back… charges should actually be attempted murder against the officer with trespassing and assault charged on the man. You suggested that his last name Olson be a deciding factor If deadly force was justified. Names, Race, or where a person lives should NEVER be a determining factor , that is part of the crookedness that goes on with these types of unjust shootings. So YES TAKE AND MAKE THIS CASE TO NATIONAL NEWS!!

So I guess in Cerro Gordo country it’s ok for all certified gun owners to shoot trespassers on their property….. even in the back. To protect themselves and owners property, Guess it’s reasonable force. So the country attorney and grand jury decided and set President with this case. Really ????

Oh my gosh, another liberal democRAT nut-job that is trying to ban guns. This man who shot the dude was a cop. A real life cop working a second job for the railroad as a security officer for the railroad. Do NOT make this is into all guns should be confiscated because guess what? This man (coward cop) who shot the man in the back will still have a gun. Lots of good people who are NOT trigger happy, carry guns. And, when shit goes down you will want the good people who carry around because the cops will only show up after the fact.

Yes the have a lot of criticism for something they absolutely lack experience, knowledge or even solid theories about. Arent they fun though? trying to have discussion’s with an entire generation to stupid and selfish to understand that their emotions and personal feelings have nothing to do with responsible, fair and intelligent decision making in adult life. Ive literally heard the little idiots saying “we need to make laws and choices based on how we FEEL” apparently they always FEEL and never bother to THINK. they are idiots. they will be the ones torturing us in the nursing home in 40 years. think you hate em now?

Don’t make this your stupid political stance. I believe all should have a right to carry if they pass the regulations. But smart enough to know the officer using his gun instead of his pepper spray, baton, or taser was excessive use of deadly force. He had other options he SHOULD used on an unarmed trespasser merely cutting across property. The huge pay off to the victim by the RR for his silence speaks volumes. If the shooting was legit and justifiable the RR would never pay out a settlement with stipulation of the victim to remain silent. Nor would I trust Cerro Gordo county court to make the correct decision in this case. Hell the keep criminals on our streets daily, let murders go, rapists and pedofiles by with a mere slap on the hand.

Are you stupid??? No where in my post did I say BAN GUNS!! Or confiscate all guns you paranoid ass. Just because the shooter was a cop doesn’t justify the shooting!! Just because it’s a cop certified to have a gun they get special treatment to shot unjustly. With this grand jury decision to acquit in this case… it gives every certified gun owner rights to shoot trespassers on their property. Period. It just opened up free rain on the use of when deadly force can be used.

I hope this local news and court decision gets out to national news, I hope it goes viral around the world. Where a certified gun holder CAN GET BY WITH SHOOTING A MAN IN THE BACK AS HE LEAVES AFTER AN ALTERCATION. AS LEGAL FORCE??? The railroad spokesman person said no body can, car had a cam but didn’t say if it was close or even recorded the altercation, they hire certified cops, they carry guns, they can use reasonable force to protect themselves and property, and lastly that the security officers also Carry mace gel/spray, balutons, and tasers. So why in the hell didn’t this officer use any of those non lethal options on the unarmed suspect??? Why wait until AFTER the altercation to shoot the man in the back as the man was leaving?? Immediate threat was gone. Plus he had 3 other options to use even after immediate threat was gone. But the security officer chose to pull his gun and SHOOT the man as he leaves. NO CHARGES?? Yeah I HOPE THIS GOES NATIONAL NEWS and someone qualified steps up to take this ridiculous decision on !! I hope they embarrass the heck out our court system.

Our County Attorney is dirty and worthless. I hope this does get picked up nationally, too. I hope people focus on this County Attorney and his record of doing jack shit.

Just think how the cops who work for the railroad will act now towards people trying to cross because the damn trains sit forever on the tracts. They wonder why people get fed up and trespass.

Great job Mason Shitty.

I hope this gets appealed to a higher court to look at besides Mason City country attorneys and grand jury. Our Rink a dink court seems crooked and definitely not experienced enough to handle making a correct decision in this case.

SOOOOO with this case the country attorney doing his job, or shall we say lack of doing his job, has indicated with the decision in this case THAT IT IS OK FOR A CERTIFIED GUN OWNER TO SHOOT ANYONE TRESPASSING ON ANY OWNERS PROPERTY IN THE BACK as they LEAVE. Determined that IS REASONABLE FORCE TO DEFEND SELF AND PROPERTY. Good lord what is wrong with our court system?? Now every Itchy twitchy finger happy gun owner will be thinking or actually shooting people trespassing or cutting through yards because it’s reasonable force. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

A ridiculous copout bu the County Attorney. The prosocutor is the only person allow to ask questions and directs the Grand Jury. Also when was the last time ANYONE was was asked to be indicated by a Grand Jury in Iowa. The County Attorney could have filed information. Flat ridiculous that an unarmed person can be shot in the back, paralyzed and a State Officer doesn’t face criminal charges.

If every sidewalk lawyer was really as smart as they think they are, maybe the world would be a better place.

Who’s trying to portray themselves as a dirty attorney? Mason City is full of them as you are well aware.

Its obvious you don’t know what a sidewalk lawyer is!

And, it’s obvious that you are nothing but a troll trying to shut down free speech by belittling commenters. I noticed too, you didn’t disagree with the plenty of dirty lawyers comment. Carry on “dirty” one.

Explain how I was ” trying to shut down free speech”. Go ahead and explain. Here’s some friendly advise, think before you post.

The only problem is no one asked for your Pez dispenser of brain giving “friendly advice”. If you don’t care for my comments, pretty simple move on.
Thank you, NEXT!

YOU, accused me of “trying to shut down free speech”. I asked You, to explain how I was doing that. Either admit that you can’t explain your comment, or explain it, so I can “move on”. It seems that most of your comments are without merit.

“Dirty” one, are you overly controlling? Continue as you’re proving my point & you don’t even get it.
Thank you, NEXT!

What threat is there when a man is walking away and gets shot in the back????

ask the Grand Jury

Only cowards shoot people in the back. There was no immediate threat for safety when one is walking away.

lots of times people decide to turn around the same time other people decide to squeeze the trigger. i made some very informative and educational posts yesterday about defensive gun use. It doesnt fit this websites anti gun narrative so they get deleted. if youd take the time to research shootings and how they play out you might understand that you dont have the first clue. things are happening fast and people are making choices quickly. at the end of the day shit happens and the world is filled with imaginary lines you cant and should not cross. simply not trespassing would have been one hell of aa way to avoid getting shot. not ignoring the demands of another human being pointing a gun at you, also a good way to avoid being shot. comply and take care of it in court if you are wronged. you wont win around here lol. at least you wont have a bullet in your damn spine. also i dont remembber you people talking about the county setting precedent in criminal cases last winter when those two nigs stabbed the other one 14 times at the liquor store. people didnt look at that verdict of totally innocent and say hey those two worthless afrodouches got away with a violent assault with deadly weapons with the intent to commit murder so im gonna go stab bill 27 times cuz hes mowing while im trying to watch jeopardy

You are comparing apples to oranges. We are taking about trespassing on Railroad property. There are plenty of cases involving stabbings. The Cerro Gordo courts just approved the Railroad to do it again over trespassing. Why didn’t the hired cop call the Railroad company and tell them to move the train instead of hunting down a trespasser? Furthermore, I did read about what happened. Somebody had to have f$$ked up for them to walk scott free. Again, this all comes down to our shitty County Attorney not doing his job.

Furthermore, Grand Juries can be easily persuaded one way or the other. All pending prosecutions veracity to fight for justice or not.

Grand Jury only gets the information from the procurator AKA the country attorney in this case. Obviously the country attorney didn’t defend this man that was shot in his back while leaving. After the altercation and the security officer NOT using his other options RR spokesman said they also carry pepper spray, batons and tasers. The security officer could have used any of those, called back up and charged the man with trespassing when the police arrived. This man obviously was trespassing taking a short cut crossing the tracks, was unarmed, the security officer had a scuffle with him trying to stop him from crossing, they guy was leaving, getting off the property. No immediate threat. Security officer pulls a gun and shoots him as he’s leaving the property ( the man wasn’t stealing or vandalizing, just taking a short cut) the country attorney should of laid out all this info… yes he shouldn’t have trespassed , but it doesn’t justify this security officer to use excessive force shooting a man in the back. But the county attorney doesn’t seem like he wanted to go against the railroad for justice. Pathetic on the county attorney part.

I would love to hear the side of the guy shot. As it is, everything has been hush hush. I do know our County Attorney is worthless so pretty sure he did a shoddy job with whatever he presented to the “grand jury”.

And justice has prevailed!

I haven’t heard both sides of the story, have you? The court system has nothing to do with Justice. Plenty of people with evil intentions get away with shit everyday.

You probably won’t hear the mans side of the story. The railroad seems to have offered and settled a large sum of money for his silence. If he speaks of the incident all money is forfeited it seems. The man is paralyzed and has huge medical bills and life long medical expenses, I doubt he can afford to speak out to defend himself as it appears to be the case??

And you know this, how?

Your not going to answer the question, are you?

Probably a railroad RAT, do this satisfy your curiosity? Lol

I’m positive there are plenty RR employees that think this shooting was a crock of shit! Over zealous security guard physically trying to stop a unarmed trespasser. He should have used his taser or pepper spray he had on him to subdue the man until local authorities arrived to give him a trespassing citation. Which normally local authorities in these RR jurisdictions educate trespasser and give a warning. Multiple incidents with a same trespasser usually results in citations. Even with an altercation with an unarmed trespasser pepper spray or taser would be justifiable in a case as this one. Especially if another RR crew member showed up to help out. Not a case of use of deadly force. But the victim has to remain silent due to settlement agreement and RR employees silent to keep employed. No justice for the victim. Big business wins and Money talks. Well in this case “doesn’t talk”.

Even more news:

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