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Hillary caved after secretive cash-grab in Mason City

Opinion by Matt Marquardt –

Fireside chat in Mason City, Iowa. (Posted by Hillary Clinton)
Pebble Creek visit
(Posted by Hillary Clinton)

Hillary Clinton thought she could sneak into Mason City – along with everywhere else – and never take a question nor be held accountable by the real, hard-working media.

She was wrong, and she caved later the next day in Cedar Falls. She took 5 questions Tuesday (she approached the press!) after her Monday stop in Mason City, where she laughed it up with a carefully-chosen audience and posed for photos in a rich man’s house.

I took the Clinton campaign and her groveling minions to task early Tuesday after her Mason City stop. I met them head-on.  I didn’t like the exclusion. I didn’t like the location. I think the whole deal smelled worse than the alley behind the Globe Gazette.

Hillary’s charade didn’t fool me, and it shouldn’t fool you, either. A hand-picked audience; a silent, pandering, bought-off press corps; a secret meeting location not publicly disclosed. Then, the audacity to proclaim that no one was excluded.  That’s an “un-vitation” to the people she expects – needs –  to vote for her.

You Democrats like being treated like dirt?

I could not and did not let this behavior pass without confronting those involved.  I felt compelled to act – as I occasionally do.

So, as a member of her Facebook group “Northeast Central Iowa for Hillary”, I called the whole dirty lot out. I went to the page around midnight Monday (they invited me to be a member, earlier, so I had accepted) and began making posts there over the next several hours, into Tuesday morning.

They didn’t like what I had to say.  I got called filthy names (Sheffield’s John Colombo, an electrician, employed the “F” word, for example, when addressing me.)  I got attacked.  Then, the frustrated, seething left-wingers filtered over here to  They made fun of me, my family, my business, the design of NIT, my hosting provider, my job history, you name it.  Some of the IP addresses of the attackers were from Virginia, of all places.  Some were from south of Mason City.  This went on all day Tuesday and into the evening.

Before I got banned from Hillary’s Facebook page by her campaign later Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (I can’t even look at the page anymore) I let them have it.  I explained what I REALLY thought of the campaign and Hillary’s secret behavior.

John Colombo, a small business owner from Sheffield, used vulgar profanity in his attack
John Colombo, a small business owner from Sheffield, used vulgar profanity in his attack against me.  He is also  a frequent commenter on NIT, visits the site regularly.

You see, Hillary accepted an unknown sum of cash to show up in Mason City in a rich Mason City neighborhood (it’s amazing; one or two actually exist) and rub elbows with a hand-picked audience of clean-shaven zombies (John Colombo sold himself out and shaved off his ISIS beard just to get in) and a lobotomized press corps too scared and bought off to utter any real questions. She laughed it up Monday afternoon, May 18 at the Home of Gary Swenson and Dean Genth (145 Pebble Creek Drive) and sipped tea with her cronies like a queen. She ignored the real plight all over town – as well as the thousands of other Democrats.

Her secretiveness begged for sunshine. See, I’m a bright and sunny kind of guy. To accomplish this, I started telling people what Hillary’s meeting was really all about: Grabbing easy cash, ignoring the common Democrats that weren’t socially, financially or politically-connected enough to gain entry, and puffing up the egos of the two men whose house she was invited to.

That was the point of my messages on her campaign page.  I wanted to call them out and let them know, maybe some of us are fooled, but I’m not.

And guess what.  Later Tuesday, Hillary magically appeared in front of the press and started taking questions.


Maybe… but I think the barrier was beaten down right here in Mason City.

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