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Cherry Berry frozen yogurt shop to close

Cherry Berry, 2468 4th Street SW
Cherry Berry, 2468 4th Street SW

MASON CITY – A frozen yogurt shop in Mason City will soon be closing its doors.

Cherry Berry will be closing sometime this month, sources tell The store opened in the spring of 2013. A source also indicated that stores in Des Moines will close, as well.

The Cherry Berry store in Mason City will r remain open until October 14, the source said. A call to the local store was answered, but deferred confirmation of all information to a corporate spokesperson.

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I went to Cherry Berry a lot… their owners never got caught doing naked jumping jacks in the men’s shower room at the Y.

It was just too expensive, even with the standard pricing change they made a year or so ago. Its hard not to get a treat at Wendy’s or McDonalds when the price is about one third what you would spend at Cherry Berry.

CB is getting out of Dodge just in time. The worst part of the frozen treat season is the 4 + winter months. Its a feast or famine business model. A neighbor owned a Baskin and Robins franchise for just a few years and she lost everything.

Now that’s funny…..and true!

maybe if they were out by the high school that would help. need something out there like a fast food besides subway, Someone get a tasty taco franchise from the family in Des Moines. Great tacos.

FUBAR – There have been a few things out there by the high school, most notably, a Dairy Queen and a Burrito place where US Cellular is across the street from the High School. I don’t think a venue across the street from the school is as valuable as people think.

I’m sorry to see them go, but I think that Mason City’s frozen treat market is saturated. Birdsalls has a strong following and Culvers puts out a good product. The other offputting thing about both Cherryberry and Orange Leaf is the cost. Neither location offers reasonable sized dishes and when you sell by weight, the cost isn’t predictable for families. A friend went there with his 4 kids and ended up spending nearly $40. Too bad they are closing down.

Cherry berry goes by size now and has for some time.
P.S Women can now vote AND own land in case you haven’t heard about that either.

wow that was harsh….I’ve only been to OL once and CB twice…soory some people do not subscribe to the DAILY FROYO on pricing changes…

So terribly sorry I didn’t include that nugget, but with the character limit, something had to go. I knew they were on the way out when they implemented the standard pricing. Fact is nobody needs a 24 oz dish of Frozen yogurt and the market is saturated. Your response seems to indicate you are somehow tied to the store. I am sorry for your loss.

Not impressed with orange leaf at all

Orange Leaf put them out of business, better flavors, selection and service.

Didn’t think it would last very long.

Maybe if they lowered prices they could stay open…

I called this one before the store even opened.

Oh yeah? How many guitars you selling these days?

So should I start reprinting the story of how that all went down on NIT? I will gladly do so. Let’s see…it all started one day while I was driving by an empty old warehouse, and I decided to see if any space could be available to start an artist collective…Shall I keep going?

You can refrain as whiners den has enought of your rants on there already.

When did they start selling ice cream? I thought they were a yogert shop.

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