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Blodgett crosses party lines, backs Dougherty for Supervisor

Dr. Gary Blodgett with Phil Dougherty at Clear Lake

by Matt Marquardt –

MASON CITY – Dr. Gary Blodgett, who has been actively involved in Republican Party politics and campaigns in North Iowa for over 45 years, broke party ranks last week, endorsing Democrat Phil Dougherty over the GOP nominee, Chris Watts.

In a flier that was recently mailed to a number of registered Republican party members in Cerro Gordo county, Blodgett quoted John F. Kennedy in saying “Sometimes, party loyalty asks too much.  I agree with that.”  See the flier here.

“Phil Dougherty is a friend of mine, and a good, honest man. He’s done an excellent job as a Supervisor, and he votes the right way,” Blodgett told NorthIowaToday.

“I admire people who take an active enough interest in community affairs and makes the sacrifices to seek public office,” Blodgett said. “Obviously, Mr. Watts is an energetic man who feels strongly enough about the issues to run for office, and I credit him for that. But Chris still favors expanding the Board of Supervisors, which I oppose. My opposition to Chris Watts isn’t personal; if it was, I’d say so. However, we’re on different sides of an issue which is of great importance to me, and, I believe, and to most Cerro Gordo county voters. He’s also running against Phil Dougherty, whom I want to see re-elected.”

Chris Watts

Watts, when reached for comment, said, “I’m not pursuing that,” in reference to expanding the Board of Supervisors.

Watts’ campaign platform lists priorities of economic development, regionalization of services, rebuilding the North Iowa Fairgrounds, term limits, and freezing of Supervisor pay.

Supervisors Jay Urdahl, Bob Amosson and Phil Dougherty approved a 2.5% pay increase for themselves in March. Supervisor pay has gone from $31,500 in 2000, Dougherty’s first year on the board, to $46,454 currently.

Mr. Dougherty has declined thus far to tell NIT about his campaign platform.

See Chris Watts’ campaign flyer, here.

Blodgett, 74, is a conservative who was well-known for his independence while representing Mason City and Clear Lake in the Iowa Legislature, where he served from 1992-2001, as the Assistant Majority Leader. “I worked with the Democrats on a number of issues, particularly relating to education and health care,” the retired lawmaker told NIT.

Blodgett was appointed by President George W. Bush as a federal administrative law Judge in 2001, where he ajudicated legal cases relating to hospital corporations, states vs. the federal government, HMO’s, and Medicare and Medicaid services. He served in both terms of the Bush Administration before retiring to Clear lake in 2008. Prior to serving in public office, Dr. Blodgett practiced orthodontics in Mason City for nearly 30 years, retiring as an orthodontist in 1992.

“The old saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, applies to this race,” Blodgett told NorthIowaToday. “Our Supervisors here work very well together, and they all serve our county very well. So when Phil asked me to endorse him, I readily agreed, because he deserves re-election.”

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May be Barts right, only thing Blodgett has to run for now is his bathroom. That should be easy, I hear theres 6 in his house.

We have lived in Mason City since 1999, Dave, and don’t remember Gary Blodgett being on any ballot since then. I see him at the country club, he looks like a retired doc. Don’t think he’s running.

All Blodgett can run for now is the bathroom!!

Old boys club….everyone gets greased. I am a registered Republican but will never vote for Blodgett again. He doesn’t know the specifics of what Watts has done for the general public. Shame on him for trying to throw his weight around instead of looking at the facts.

I think Mr. Watts is a good person, but I don’t think he understands the position he is running for. The Bd of Supervisors do not control the Fair Board. Regionalization of services–the county wanted to share assessors, MC turned that down. They have shared county engineers. All other offices are elected–the supervisors don’t have the authority to regionalize those. Wind energy? The supervisors (not the current ones, but when Broers was on) assisted in getting the first wind farm in NI by Venture–the energy companies will put the farms where it is most economical (ie, most wind and lowest cost/acre), so again, supervisors don’t control. Term limits–would need to come from State Legislature. I think Watts believes he is running against Steckman.

I like Watts also-but I learned alot from him. The area Counties haven’t been sitting on their hands like these three losers. THEY took advantage of the wind and have been paying for roads and bridges. You know fellow readers, we will be paying now, due to these three’s ignorance.
The wind farm you referred to was built 13 years ago and the County hasn’t done anything since.
As for regionalization–Watts makes sence to me. It’s time we work with neighboring Communities and Counties to start cutting expenses.
And as for term limits–if these three were not there for as long as they have been, maybe they’d see what’s going on in the real world and start thinking outside the box.
Watts seems like that kind of guy to me!!
I’m voting for him

Remember this. This is why we are trillions in debt. Phil and the other two boys thought it would be a good idea to spend 100K for a fitness center. And then a few months later Ron Osterholm, director of county public health, told the board at its monthly meeting Friday that only 19 of the 254 county employees have been going to the wellness center and it got moved

MASON CITY — The space in the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse once used as the sheriff’s office will be turned into a fitness center for county employees.

The county Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved the county building and grounds committee’s recommendation for use of the space, which was left vacant after the county law enforcement center opened west of Mason City two years ago.

The county has received a $97,000 Healthy Communities Initiative grant for the fitness center.

The grant comes from the Iowa Department of Public Health, which received the money from the federal government.

The total local match will be $15,000, according to Kelli Huinker, wellness coordinator with the county public health department.

She said this includes $2,000 from the Board of Supervisors, some wellness funds in the county health department budget and donated construction work by county employees.

It’s grant money so it free money, right

VOTE DOUGHTERY he gets the job done and is here for YOU!!!!

The Supervisor’s now are a joke!!

Why don’t you explain what he’s done?
I don’t see it!!

I bet Dr. B’s son Todd is involved. He is tight with Urdahl. Probably Jay asked him to get his old man to do this. That is my best guess.

Too much mud slinging today. Dr. Blodgett was my orthodontist and our daughter worked in one of his campaigns. I can tell you he is a very honest man, and him being for Dougherty is okay with me.

I agree 100%. It’s when you get to the voting booth that you really get to make your statement.

He may be honest, but you have to question his integrity when he supports these TWO Democrats that have done NOTHING to move our County forward!

I see in this recession the fat cats have steadily been raising their salary about 30% – Flush em all NO RETURNS.

Vote for Chris Watts. Vote for change.

I knew I had seen that photo before

Tell me I’m wrong

I used to play a lot of tennis with Gary, got to know him pretty well. My guess is what he told NIT is about right. Dougherty asks for his endorsement, and since Urdahl wants to keep his lackey, Gary says, okay, I’ll do this.

Gary Blodgett–What exactly has Phil, or for that matter, any of the others done?
Our roads are in bad shape, we have NO new industry. They have a reputation for short, uninformed meetings–But yet you say they WORK well together? Or are you saying that maybe fresh eyes and fresh blood would rock there little world to much???

I was going to vote for Phil, but with the company he keeps I think I go with Chris.

What is wrong with asking people to vote for someone you want? I live in Mason and will vote for Kyle, but you people are getting all bent out of shape over nothing.

Its time to clean out the good old boys club.

I have known Phil Dougherty for nearly 40 years and can say without any hesitation that I have always found him to be a very honest person. I think its a shame to attack or question someone’s integrity the way some of you have. If you don’t like the way Phil has conducted himself or agree with things he has voted for as your Supervisor, then vote against him and leave it at that.

I also feel its well within Mr. Blodgett’s rights to endorse any person he so chooses. In some way, Mr. Blodgett and Phil Dougherty are bigger people than some of you who have commented on this site. At least they are not letting party affiliation stop them from trying to work together.

did anyone else enlarge the photo to look at Phil’s hair?

Whatever, at least he has a full head of hair. Most gents can’t say that. Just sayin..

Yeah….just saying. WTF does that mean?

I saw that mop you call hair in your campaign photo. Were you to busy trucken to wash and comb it for the photo or what???

Are you saying it would of been a good thing to go to 5? May be this is payback. Blodgett dont want nobody in there that want 5.

Kyle Klinkink is on the ballot running against Jay, and I think he would be more honest, and is willing to work for about 10,000 dollars a year less.

To a citizen, since when have most of the bloggers on here acted like adults or kept things on a professional level? This sight lets all the negative comments, profanity, name-calling, etc. crap on this site. Professional? Hardly.

Just to help you out, the quotation marks for the word “sight” should be after the word and before the question mark. And the quotation marks for the term “web site” should be after the word “site” and before the period. Please don’t complain about other peoples entries until your own are correct.

Frank Thompson (as if I think that’s your real name!), you made my point exactly! Thank you.

Methinks an appropos caption for this photo of the reactionary doc schooling his stooge is thus: “Phil, here’s how it works. If you want me to make sure your campaigns roll in dough like I do for Jay, keep my taxes low on my lakefront properties. Any questions?”

Why all the personal attacks? I see nothing anyone has done to be a violation of the law. If you don’t like something Dr. Blodgett has done or is doing, address it in your complaint. But the personal attacks??? We’re supposed to be adults. let’s keep things on a professional level, and keep personalities out of it.

I am Republican, I voted for Watts but it is ok if Dr. Blodgett likes Dougherty. We know Jay, that is why we would of voted for Klinksink if we could.

Give Phil the boot–can’t believe these guys go to such lengths to protect “the good ole boys club”

Urdahl is greedy, uses Blodgett for money. Nothing new. Are those sail boats on Garys tie?

Captions under the picture—
Phil remember when there used to be water in this here lake? OR
Phil, maybe your campaign has just set sail do to your smearing campaign you seem to want to persist with this guy in your camp.

@Jerry Jones-Thank you for the INFO. I think it is time to replace these judges who do not enforce the law and continue to turn these criminals loose to offend again. The same goes for the County Supervisors who have been in office far to long. We need those term limits for all politicians to keep them honest. People like Blodget make me sick trying to influence the vote for their buddy’s.

Wow–what a jerk Blodgett is.
If I had any say in it, I’d say kick him out of the Party.
Supervisor’s must be afraid that Watts has a chance. Looks like they are scrambling.
Maybe we should ALL watch to see what they smear with next

I agree with John Wayne, there should be term limits imposed by the voters on these boards. The county board has become a closed society of sorts, they know by this time not enough people will vote. How sad.

Amazing what these people think they can CONTROL!!
Blodgett–go home!!
Another reason to Vote for Watts

I met Watts and his wife going door to door this Summer. Very nice couple with a passion for making things better. As I read through his flyer, this was very evident with all his voluntering–within our Community. I say give the guy a chance and ignore people like Blodgett who try to influence people with the “who I am” attitude.

Very interesting!!
Noticed big differences between Doughtery & Watts already. Looks like the Doughtery people are starting smear campaigning.
Plus I read the flyer on both. Did you?
Watts has ideas that make sence. Look at Doughtery and Blodgett’s. They don’t even list any accomplishments. Maybe because there were none?
And how low will the Blodgett’s go. I mean come on people. Watts followed up with telling the voter’s Blodgett’s claim is a waste of time. What are THEY really scared of-someone with some balls to stand up to the GRAND MASTER–Urdahl???

This current board of Supervisors needs to be swept out of office. We need new blood on that board; enough is enough, and we’ve had enough.

Smacks of a good old boy trying to control the election. Boss Hog at his best and the dukes of hazard know watt to do.

Who cares! Blodgett is a washed up, has been, puke whose highest achievement was state rep. Why would anyone give two squirts of piss about who he is backing?

Good story. I liked how you provided a link to the other candidate’s platform.

Matt, Can you please do a story on the judges that we keep reading about that are letting criminals run free? I read about Judge Weiland all the time in the blogs as letting criminals go free, but I know the other judges do it too. Maybe just not as much.

I don’t know if these judges get elected or are up for re-election, I just know a lot of readers seem to be having the same questions. Any insight you can give us would be appreciated.

Would also be interested in Daylen’s track record. Does he even step into a court room for trial, or does he plead everything down so he dosent have to?

The governor appoints judges. Every 6 years we get a chance to retain them. Weiland is protected for 4 more years, but a couple of her collaborative are not. Vote no to retain both District 2A judges up for RETENTION next month. When the others see their dreams of 30 years on the bench and millions in IPERS gone they might sentence for the people and not the criminals.

@Jerry Jones…Thanks for the tip! I, for one, will vote NO to retain the DISTRICT 2A judges.

These judges think they are protected and can sit there and collect millions in benefits, while lettting criminals run free. It’s time to put it to an end.


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