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Todd Blodgett Opinion: End transgendered athletes’ unfair advantage, says retaining it condones bigotry

Todd Blodgett of Clear Lake, Iowa is an accomplished writer and political strategist. He has been the most-popular writer in the history of the Globe Gazette, been published in numerous news publications, and has written a book, “Republican Crackhead.”

Would it be fair to let students take exams after being allowed to memorize the answers? In Iowa, that’s a legitimate question, because of the innate advantages transgendered athletes hold over their conventional counterparts. Caitlin Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, was an outstanding Olympics athlete. Now transgendered, she adamantly opposes allowing such athletes to compete at the high school and collegiate levels. Think about that: WHO would know BETTER than Caitlin Jenner? Now, a reasonable compromise would be to let them compete, but not allow their rankings to count towards attaining titles, scholarships and other awards. But the same fools who claim that more than two genders exist enthusiastically support the Democrats who would destroy legitimate womens’ athletics.

As former President Donald Trump says: “Joe Biden and the Democrats are pushing policies that will destroy women’s sports.” Trump cited that many longstanding “records are now being broken in womens’ sports”, and these new records are being set by transgendered athletes. “Young girls and women are now being forced to compete against … biological males,” Trump correctly stated. “If this isn’t changed, womens’ sports, as we know it, will end; it’ll die. We must protect the integrity of womens’ sports, because it’s crazy, what’s happening.” Reliable polls show Trump’s recommendations soundly resonate with most Iowans – and, overwhelmingly, with most Americans.

If Bubba decides to become Becky, that’s fine; to each his (or, her) own. No problem. But when trans-gendered Becky squares off against non-transgendered Amy, it could end up like a fight between Tyson Fury and Pete Buttigieg. Whether it’s swimming, basketball, soccer, baseball, football, wrestling, track, weight-lifting, or any sport, most boys are innately stronger, and more aggressive, than most girls. Ask any Iowa bar owner which restroom, mens or womens, consistently incurs more damage. After all, most women don’t see many females – even inebriated chicks – punching walls, kicking in stall doors and stomping trash receptacles, or breaking mirrors, or ripping towel dispensers off the walls. Most fights don’t feature a woman stomping a man – even in Iowa City. Ask pre-school teachers if little boys tend to be more aggressive than little girls. Public school teachers who work in at-risk schools know that female students aren’t as likely to assault staff members as their male students. However, many supporters of this travesty are obstinate and unreasonable, in their mistaken, ‘Woke’ belief that transgendered athletes should be entitled to compete as such. But what about basic fairness?

Fortunately, this faction represents a minority of Iowans, whose blind devotion to this sham has caused young women to unfairly lose out on college scholarships, and other awards they’d have otherwise won. The term ‘bigoted’ is defined as being “obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction”, and, “blindly devoted to some creed, opinion, or practice.” Iowa should defeat such bigotry by stopping this politically correct, ‘Woke’ bigots who perpetrate it. The practice of allowing transgendered athletes to compete could continue, provided that only non-transgendered athletes will be considered for prizes, athletic scholarships, etc. Iowa’s official motto is: “Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain.” If Iowa’s Legislators wish to right this egregious wrong, they’ll keep our state’s motto in mind as they debate Gov. Kim Reynolds’ proposal to protect the vast majority of Iowa’s female athletes from what amounts to unfair competition. Doing what’s right shouldn’t even be controversial, because everyone deserves a level playing field – as Caitlin Jenner, better than almost anyone, knows.

Todd Blodgett, the author of ‘REPUBLICAN CRACKHEAD’ is from Clear Lake, and Tyler, Texas.  He served on the Reagan and Bush White House staffs, and later worked for the Republican National Committee and the FBI.  Mr.  Blodgett can be reached via his website, at www.ToddBlodgett.US.

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