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Opinion: Is there something sinister going on with the Renaissance plan and those orchestrating the ‘yes’ campaign?

So you say you’re tired of reading this over and over…. maybe I am twice as tired of writing it over and over. Have you given that any thought? Now Saturday’s Globe said they “locked” in $7 million in Des Moines. Listen, if they did or didn’t it won’t change anything. This entire proposal is one giant malignancy – and there’s a select group making sure it gets the votes.

Please don’t misconstrue the real facts; there is no prime lender, no secured franchise…. this is a giant cluster “F” is what it is. Ask yourself this… why did they hold three meetings? Have you ever seen that happen before? The answer is a resounding NO! These people are lying to the voters, they should be run out of town… Trout is leaving… the Chief of Police has submitted his application in more spots than a bedsheet in a whorehouse. When Gatehouse’s Rachie spoke from the podium and said he didn’t want to negotiate in public he was telling Bookmeyer he couldn’t drag the truth out for all to hear. But – the “yes” group doesn’t want you to dwell on these facts. They just want to drop signs all over town, driving their fancy jet black high-end SUVS, smiling in your face, waiting to grab their profits and leave YOU AND ME holding the bag later.

Are you awake?

Just what did Rachie have to say that could not have been said there and then in front of the voters….? Doesn’t that ring loud in your ears, or did it go over your head?

Do I have to remind you that it is on tape!! The loud “BUZZZ” sound coming from your TV during the city council meeting – you can’t hear the meeting. The mayor and council laughed at this recently when a citizen brought up the problem at the public podium. They literally laughed at the man – a retired wage-earner. The city website many times won’t play the meeting videos – the video player is frozen. You can’t investigate. What could possibly cause these happenstances……is this what transparency looks like? Or is this something far more sinister?

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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