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Democrats claim Hillary won third debate while GOP say lib’s seeing “abysmal numbers” in absentee voting

The third debate, October 19, 2016 (Bloomberg image)
The third debate, October 19, 2016
(Bloomberg image)

DES MOINES – Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Dr. Andy McGuire issued the following statement on Hillary Clinton’s performance during tonight’s presidential debate:

“Hillary Clinton proved to Iowans and the rest of America tonight that she is the only candidate capable of leading our country in a positive direction. She exhibited the poise and confidence that it takes to rise above partisanship and work across the aisle. Clinton exudes patience and has the temperament to negotiate with foreign leaders and work with our allies to protect us from our enemies.

“Donald Trump’s continued claims that the election is ‘rigged’ is a threat to our democracy and sets a dangerous precedent for future elections. It is shameful for Governor Branstad to perpetuate Trump’s conspiracy theories and question that legitimacy of Iowa elections that Republican Secretary of State of Iowa, Paul Pate, has called ‘fair and honest’.

“Donald Trump has built his campaign on divisive rhetoric, false claims and misrepresentations of Hillary Clinton’s character and record. Hillary Clinton is one of the most qualified people to ever run for President, and she proved to America again tonight that she is ready to be our Commander-In-Chief on day one.”

Clinton may or may not have won the debate, but Republicans here in Iowa are showing confidence that they will take the swing state.

Prior to the debate, the Iowa Republican Party said both parties are “working tirelessly” for the win on November 8 but “Democrats are seeing abysmal numbers when it comes to absentee ballot requests and Republicans are seeing massive percentage gains. The Iowa GOP says “the growing momentum amongst Iowa Republicans” is proven in absentee ballot requests over he last two weeks:

PARTY September 30th October 17th Difference %
Republican 36,914 131,267 94,353 256%
Democrat 81,960 157,265 75,305 92%
No Party 33,846 75,688 41,842 124%

“I would hate to be the person at (Iowa Democratic Party) that has to tell the down ballot candidates that due to a lack of momentum and enthusiasm for their nominee, they are going to lose their races and Republican are going to win across the board. It’s difficult to manufacture enthusiasm and that’s why the Clinton campaign is failing when it comes to absentee ballot requests,” said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann.

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Bo – We think you are a kool aid drinking BOO BOO !

That was funny. Must have taken you a couple of days to think that one up.

hillary clinton whether she is corruptly put in the gay house or not will be indicted in 2017 – president or not – these charges are not going to disappear as you brain washed liberals might think. Her demise will be that her mafia cartel will not be able to be pardoned by Obozo and we doubt President Trump will give her a wall street pass. HO HO Merry Christmas – and a new prison wardrobe for your crooked cartel.

Have you reserved your room at 5 East yet? After November 8th (or the 28th if you believe Mr. Trump) you will have to go there because Mrs. Clinton will be President and your delusions will catch up with you.

If she ever goes to Iran they will throw her from their tallest building. Then she will be a fat grease spot on the ground.

Their answer to everything is a lie – side step – change the topic – or as always blame it on someone else = demorat code of ethics. This bird of prey should know by now THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED ! PS Take it to the bank TRUMP 2016 –

Are you serious? Haven’t you heard the Donald blame everything he has done wrong on someone else? Everything is rigged according to him and it doesn’t matter what it is….even the Emmy nominations were rigged. I watched the debate. He didn’t win it. Neither did Hillary.

It’s a known fact that Hillary only smiles when she is lying or she thinks she has us buffaloed. Changing the question on the emails, instead of answering the question she blames Trump for be in collusion with the Russians.

isn’t 157,265 > 131,267?

Math and facts don’t matter to the Trumptards

Even the democrats are admitting that they are committing voter fraud yet you idiots still think you are saints. Boy do they have you fooled, liberalism requires a very weak mind.

I watched the entire debate. Hillary did not win. It was a draw. They both made excellent points and Trump even had a slight edge. Unfortunately the media attack machine went straight after Trump during the post debate analysis harping on a “non-issue”. All Trump essentially said was that he’d cross that bridge when he got there, which is a fair and level-headed response. The whole idea of everyone trying to ensnare Trump into committing to what could potentially be fraudulent election results, in and of itself reeked of an impending fraudulent election. Bernie supporters know how rigged the system is, and so do Al Gore supporters in 2000, so it’s not strange for Trump to remain skeptical and reserved about the subject. It makes me believe that the media along with the election committees truly do have a rigged election system in place, and that Trump is the insurgency candidate who is messing with their entire rigged and pre-determined system. Yes, Trump scares me on several levels, but I voted for him, believe it or not. It’s the choice between two bad options, and I chose to side with the 2nd Amendment. And Trump was spot on about 9 month abortions, because under Clinton’s ideology…YES…late term abortions would be legal. Unacceptable.

Every report I have seen all morning had Trump winning over Killary by a landslide. Only the lying Democrats who are to stupid to understand say something different.

CNN came up with their usual story line that Hildabeast won the debate. After debate no. 2 CNN said Hildabeast won that one, but went on to admit a majority of their respondents were Hildbeast supporters, this time they did not do that, but I will guess they hand picked the respondents . CNN is hell bent to get her elected. Reason enough to vote Trump.

The chart does not fit the narrative of this story. I think someone made a mistake on the chart.

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