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Ernst, Branstad, Hatch coming to Mason City once more before election

braley-ernstMASON CITY – As the 2014 elections reach a fever pitch, Joni Ernst is frantically traveling the state, trying to push ahead of Congressman Bruce Braley in the place the matters most – the ballot box – and not just the polls.

As part of her final push to the November 4 election for U.S. Senate, she will be in Mason City on Saturday, November 1 along with Governor Terry Branstad for one more Republican rally.

The event will be held at 10:45 AM at the Park Inn Hotel in downtown Mason City. Republican candidate for the Iowa Senate Shawn Dietz has already indicated he will be attending, as well.

Ernst was in Charles City and other locations Monday, making an appearance with Senator Chuck Grassley at Aromas coffee shop there. She claims to have visited 8 counties Monday – including the town of Osage in Mitchell county – and will visit 7 counties Tuesday.

On the same day Ernst will be in Mason City, her opponent, Bruce Braley, will be in Des Moines with former President Bill Clinton and musician James Taylor. Braley has won key endorsements from The Des Moines Register and the Cedar Rapids Gazette, as Ernst has cancelled all meetings with newspaper editorial boards as the campaign wrap up.

Jack Hatch and Terry Branstad
Jack Hatch and Terry Branstad

Branstad, meanwhile, is coasting to victory, and reportedly mocked the campaign of his opponent, Jack Hatch, saying Monday that Hatch’s campaign is inept.

 Hatch will be in Mason City Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM at the Democratic headquarters, 11 E State Street.  He finally launched a TV ad Monday after being off the air for weeks due to financial issues within his campaign.

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It’s hilarious that the only argument that can be made against Joni wanting to restrict the healthcare choices of women is that Braley will somehow restrict their ability to get a gun to protect themselves against rape. If I was a Republitard I wouldn’t start throwing rape around. You guys don’t exactly have the best history when it comes to your position on rape. Any woman out there, if given the choice between a gun and the freedom to make their own health choices would choose the latter.

You are missing the big picture, as most liberals do. It isn’t the not being able to get a gun for protection that I am talking about. It’s the taking away my 2nd amendment rights. It liberals think that taking my constitutional rights away will save women from being raped, where will they stop? Like hillary says, if losing some rights means we are alittle safer then that is a good thing. As an american I say you give me my rights back and I will protect myself.

But screw those women and their right to make their own healthcare decisions. Give me mah gunz!

You are believing propaganda from the liberal left. All they are against is the government paying for abortions.

ummm no. Pretty sure the Republitards would love to overturn Roe v Wade and make abortion illegal again. They also want to make sure that access to birth control is difficult and expensive. Sex Ed in schools? No way, the jesus freaks don’t want that either. The result of their backwards policies towards sex and sexual health? All kinds of unwanted pregnancies. And once the Republitards are done fighting for that fetus, the kid and family are on their own once it’s born. No help for…

So your hatred for the republican party is based on those 3 words, “I’m pretty sure”.

Are you really trying to convince me that the republitards are cool with abortion? You’re a one trick pony only caring about guns and nothing else. Extremely shallow existence. I must say.

I don’t know exactly what the republican party is against when it comes to abortion, all I know is that I have heard them say they are against using taxpayers money to cover abortions which I agree with, in my opinion they should outlaw abortions but that is my opinion and I am entitled to that. As for the 2nd amendment, if the government takes away our 2nd amendment rights what is next, our 1st then 4th then 6th then all the rest of them?

Correction, I meant 5th amendment rights not 6th.

So basically you’re just voting for guns and nothing else. Way to be an informed voter.

Ok I will say this real slow so you can understand it, I am voting for all my constitutional rights. Do you understand that?

Right, because you think a gun is the only thing that’s going to protect all of your rights. Nutty, tin foil hat wearing teabagger.

The ironic part is they don’t even have clear mandate to use their beloved weapons. 90% of the time, County Attornies will press charges against an individual who discharges their weapon, even if that individual believes himself to be ‘in the right’.

I guess I am talking to a brick wall, typical liberal you don’t understand. You take away 1 right and all the rest are soon to follow but as a communist you don’t understand freedom.

GIMME MAH GUNZ! THIS IS ‘MERICUH GUNZ GUNZ GUNZ. No one is going to take away your guns. People like you give a bad rap to responsible gun owners like myself.

pull your head out of the sand and stop being so ignorant. Do your own research and PROVE to me that our 2nd amendment rights are not in danger. Unless you can prove it to me all you are spouting out in propaganda. Once we lose 1 right all the others are in danger. If you are a patriotic american you would be concerned about losing your rights, by making fun of me for being concerned, that makes you a puppet, incapable of thinking for yourself.

My fair skinned blue eyed Wehrmacht member, I’m all about having MORE rights, not less. I’m with you on the 2nd Amendment. My point is that even with the 2nd Amendment, County Attorneys have found ways to usurp its actual expression-beyond symbolic representation, by charging those who dared protect themselves. What good is the 2nd Amendment if you end up behind bars regardless? LVS is a fool to believe he could discharge anything other than his catheter.

I used the 2nd amendment because thats the one that liberals are trying to take away right now and if they succeed which rights will be next? I have read articles that state our 1st amendment rights will be the next to go and then what. You can say all you want that the government is not trying to take away our guns but how can you explain california or new york?

You may think I’m a lockstep Democrat but I’m not. I understand completely why the border porousness was allowed unregulated: it’s to brown America and gain larger Democratic voting base. I also realize Illinois (and others) are wrong in their denial of the 2nd Amendment. However, Republicans are far too mistrustful beyond these issues, and their own corruption from former years has led to their struggling position today. America SHOULD NOT forgive them yet….they aren’t ready.

@maybe-I see Philly’s female side Philamena is coming out in a big way today. He can’t debate you one on one but needs to bring in his helper.

Theoretically I agree with many aspects of the Republican platform (including the 2nd Amendment) but in practice the Republicans don’t adhere to their own values. They pick and choose in a hypocritical fashion, proscribing behaviors for some, while profiting off of similar behaviors for others. Corruption has been what has plagued the Republican Neo-Con Party, not the intrinsic nature of some of their principles. More people owned guns under Obama than all the others combined.

vote for Joni! Brayley didn’t like it when they shut the towel service down in the House gym, he is not an Iowan.

Ernst is a nutjob teabagger who doesn’t care about Iowans, she only serves her Koch Brother overlords. She wants to make sure everyone, no matter how insane, gets a gun easily and that women don’t get to make their own healthcare decisions. Nutty.

Heaven forbid a woman gets raped because she can’t protect herself.

Based on the TV commercials about her, she’s definitely a menacing threat to environmental protections, renewable energy, women’s rights. It’s not as though I think Braley is all that great…but I did vote for him because the Democrats are the lesser of the two evils. However, I will say I do agree with some of Steve King’s views on border restrictions, and offering Military Personnel the option to volunteer for Ebola ridden areas…not to be ordered into.

You ever hear of the word sheeple? Thats a person that believes everything that is told to them. If you believe the commercials written and directed by democrats then you are a sheeple, absolutely no original thoughts of your own. Anybody thats in their right mind knows that democrats are the evil the world dreads.

So Maybe, if that friendly fire would have actually killed you, how much money would the military have given to your family (if you have any)? Isn’t it around $10,000? Do you think your life is only worth ten grand when the OIL Companies and Halliburton were given BILLIONS? Don’t you see why they push Nationalism and Patriotism like they do when your life and labors can be had for so cheap? It’s all so obvious really, and doesn’t take too much extended thinking.

The party you’ve chosen to support, or you think supports you EXPLOITS you. You’re OKAY with that because they give you what you want: a chance to wield a weapon and blow things up.The military is very good at exploiting the natural animal tendencies in male human animals, tapping into their protection of territory/family,and defense mechanisms.They select the males in society who are the most prone to violence, scooping them up before they’re able to enact that violence illegally

Being a soldier is a job, just like a police officer, a very dangerous job. We had 250,000 life insurance with the option of adding another 250,000 which I did. You need to do some more research before spouting off at the mouth.

So out of the roughly 6800 American Servicemen deaths of both the Afghan and Iraqi wars, you’re telling me the DOD paid out a minimum of 1.7 billion in life insurance? Supposing half (3400) had the same amount of coverage as you ($500K), 2.55 billion would have been paid out to survivors. Anyone know a family of deceased veterans that were paid that much?

I do, a good friend of mine from my unit. Anything else?

Philly, you are wrong about Halliburton as well, I suppose you think Dick Cheney runs that place too. You are so uninformed and that is the problem with our country.

Philly, anyone that votes because of a TV commercial if very uniformed, that is unfortunate for you and many thousands of others. Double check the truth behind the fiction. You would be surprised.

He knows the truth, he just votes democratic because he is an anarchist.

I’m not an anarchist, I just won’t kowtow and fawn over an organization that rejects people, and pretends like its my protector. I won’t have a master…and government shouldn’t be considered a master…only a friend and ally. The US military and the police forces have created a brotherhood, that ASSUMES control and protection services. When in reality perhaps millions of people never asked them to, nor want their services. Every man has the right to be his own protector.

Essentially the government confuses men as to whether they should be socialized-deferring to professional police forces for their protection, or independent-handling their own security services. Ambivalent, power hungry, pettifogger, nerdy county attorneys like to get the ultimate say over who protects themselves and who doesn’t, by posing cases to juries whom they don’t like. The longterm effect is a castration of adult males, and fear of the unpredictability of the govt.

The so-called “normalcy” presented by drone commentators at KIMT is a status-quo illusion, designed to make the proletariat uncomfortable about themselves, and to present the ideas deemed acceptable to community standards. The power of the television has effectively hypnotized humans since the early 1950’s, and hasn’t let up to this day. If it’s not found on the TV, it probably won’t be acceptable to Iowa communities. That’s why the sidewalks are barren- people are glued to TV’s

Essentially we should be given the right to vote for whether we accept or reject the police and military forces that ASSUME control over us. We aren’t afforded that option are we? This is not a real democracy we live in. We are overlorded and controlled by physical, economic, and implied force. Let’s vote whether we want to “opt out” of police or military jurisdiction. Let’s quickly see how tyranny resists such an exercise in free-willium. So stop pretending you represent me.

And isn’t it interesting that in the United States, the first thing police and military forces want to do is KILL or IMPRISON you as soon as no longer fall under their jurisdiction or within protections of the laws they supposedly operate under? That to me reeks of mafia, or at the least a bully telling you he’ll protect you from the other bullies at the cost of your lunch money. If freedom truly is the mantra everyone believes in, then start granting us democratic freewill.

They (Jewish propagandists) present only the most heinous and extreme profiles of people who have rejected the American fairytale, showcasing them as deviants to Islamic extremism, when in fact conscientious objectors range from Christians, Buddhists,Yogis, to Free-will seekers, and inventors of new paradigms. Fox and CNN continue to scare everyone by suggesting a Drone strike will come to anyone who dares step outside the American Family. All distorted attempts towards compliance

I’ll cut to the chase: If the police and military won’t work for me, on my behalf, at tasks and agendas I deem necessary for the justice, protection and survival of myself, or my loved ones, then they should get the hell out of my way, and let me do what I deem necessary and fit. With great ineptitude do they not only deny me justice and assistance, but they prevent me from attaining justice and protection. This is the castration I spoke of, and the eternal frustration with govt.

Over time and attrition, humans suspend their attempts at personal justice, accepting their paralyzed status. The Government removes their legs…then arms, then brains. Natural aging processes set in, and yet another human life has effectively been neutralized. Casey Callanan goes to his death buffered by money, grandchildren, and his Christian faith, while agnostic non conformist freedom fighters fight off abusive fat nurses who pollute their final moments with Haloperidol.

1. The “chase” should have come 400 words ago.
2. The police don’t work for you. They work for the people not the individual.
3. If you think you have no master, look around you and see how reliant you are on everyone else. You have masterS.
Seek. Help. Soon.

The “People” are but a compilation of the “Individual”, and when police fail one, they fail all. The individual parts of a building-the lumber,steel, concrete, glass, plastic put together are what give it functionality; strength, and completion. Begin taking away or forfeiting cylinder blocks, studs, trusses, windows, and your mighty building would be a dysfunctional hunk of junk…unstable, letting rain in, cold in the winter. Individuals should be respected in the same way.

You are arguing mutually exclusive issues and attempting to tie them together, awkwardly. Continue clinging to your stereotyping of others.

Vote Ernst !!

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