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Steve King proposes eliminating taxes on health insurance

Steve King
Steve King

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing the Tax Free Health Insurance Act, which would eliminate taxes on health insurance for those in the individual market:

“In 2012, there were 20.9 million Americans who purchased individual health insurance for themselves and their families,” said King. “All of these individuals were not able to deduct this cost from their taxes. Yet virtually all corporations can deduct health insurance. This is a major inequity in our tax code, one that must be addressed through Congressional action. ObamaCare commands these Americans to buy policies yet, for 20.9 million, and only the 20.9 million, they have to do so with after tax dollars. That’s why today, I am proud to introduce the Tax Free Health Insurance Act (TFHIA), which is currently cosponsored by twenty one of my colleagues.

“The measure I’m introducing today would address this problem by creating a new tax deduction available to anyone who purchases independent coverage for an individual or family policy. The deduction would be available to anyone who purchases non-group insurance – whether or not they itemize on their tax return.

“The cost of health insurance premiums is skyrocketing because of ObamaCare, so for hardworking American families, this deduction is very important. The bill I’m introducing today would offer these Americans a tax break on the cost of health insurance premiums, which will allow them to spend less and save more. My proposal would help Americans from across the economic spectrum, including small-business owners who own an LLC, LP, Sole Proprietorship, or S-Corp, as well as the hard-working individuals who under ObamaCare are now required to scrape to find extra money to provide health insurance for their families.

“During these tough economic times, it is more important than ever that Congress act to alleviate the economic burdens of health insurance premiums on our constituents. In 2014 it is estimated that the average family of four in America will have an annual income of $51,017. The average family of four also spends $8,290 on health insurance premiums. So the bill I’m introducing today would save the median family of four approximately $1,237 annually.

“ObamaCare is driving up the cost of health insurance premiums. The current structure of the tax code singles out a select few to pay this higher cost with no deduction. TFHIA is a good first step toward fixing our wrecked healthcare system because it would eliminate the largest inequity in the tax code, stand as good policy before and after the repeal of ObamaCare, and place extra dollars in the pockets of consumers who need it most.”

To view the text of the bill, click here.

Original Co-sponsors:

Congresswoman Michele Bachman (MN-6)

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7)

Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-5)

Congressman Paul Broun (GA-10)

Congressman Michael Burgess (TX-26)

Congressman Steve Chabot (OH-1)

Congressman Tom Cotton (AR-4)

Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-3)

Congressman John Fleming (LA-4)

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (NE-1)

Congressman Trent Franks (AR-8)

Congressman Phil Gingrey (GA-11)

Congressman Andy Harris (MD-1)

Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS-1)

Congressman Richard Hudson (NC-8)

Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48)

Congressman Jack Kingston (GA-1)

Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10)

Congressman Randy Weber (TX-14)

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-2)

Congressman Ted Yoho (FL-3)

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How are they paying for this tax give away?

Various think tanks have published documentation regarding the percentage of increase for premiums over the last several years. The percentage is going down. The is no documented evidence that the Health Care Act is responsible for increases; if you believe that then you should also believe that having no health care act was the reason for the increases before it was adopted. I am glad more people are covered by insurance so my premium doesn’t go up as much because of unpaid ER bills.

Next year we will see how you feel.

PS: A majority of Americans still want this intrusive law thrown out.

You’re right, LVS. It is a disaster….for the republican party who promised death panels, mass failure,skyrocketing premiums, huge job loss and a collapsing economy. The GOP is never right when it come to the economy.


what planet are you on? what are you on. I know of hundreds of jobs lost right here in River City. My premiums have went way up. My doctor has told me he has been restricted in the treatment he can provide for me. He is not happy and says there are more medical service cuts to come for us on Medicare.

Obamacare is a disaster for me personally and for the country.

It is people like you that have this country mucked up!

The cost of healthcare is NOT skyrocketing due to Obamacare. Nice try.

@Bagodad-Bull Sh##. Get your head off the left wing sites and follow the real news. It is a damn disaster. Over 30% of the people who signed up have not paid and the insurance company’s are billing the Federal Government for everything they are losing. Who do you think pays for that?

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