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Pop culture Q&A: Cryer, Sheen appear together in comedy called ‘Hot Shots!’

This news story was published on August 8, 2012.
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By Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal –

Q: A couple of years ago I viewed a movie on TV with Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen, it was very good and I wonder if you perhaps knew the name of it?

A: The two actors’ most famous collaboration was, of course, their years-long run together on “Two and a Half Men.” But back in 1991, the two appeared in the comedy “Hot Shots!” Sheen was also in the sequel, “Hot Shots! Part Deux,” but Cryer was not. Both films have been released on DVD. Cryer will be back on “Two and a Half Men” when it begins a new season Sept. 27. Sheen has been starring in the FX comedy “Anger Management”; reported recently that Sheen’s father Martin will be playing his father on the show, and that it is probably going to get picked up for 90 more episodes. (Yes, you read that number correctly. The show’s deal is that it gets 90 if the first 10 meet certain ratings levels.)

Q: I love “Storage Wars.” When will there be new shows?

A: According to A&E, which televises the series, new episodes will begin on Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Q: Where is the ION show on “Flashpoint” filmed and in what city is it supposed to be? Will it be on this next season?

A: Ah, what is a week without a “Flashpoint” question? As I have mentioned before, the city is not specified on the show. It is widely assumed to be Toronto, Canada, since the show is made in Canada and the police unit is based on one in Toronto. A fifth and final season is in the works, and the episodes will air on ION in the fall. An exact date has not been set at this writing.

Q: They have started airing commercials for Katie Couric’s new show starting in September on ABC at 3 p.m. That has always been “General Hospital’s” time slot. What is going to happen to “General Hospital”? Is it going to be moved to a new time or is it going to be CANCELED?

A: Moved to a different time. ABC is putting it in the 2 p.m. hour as of Sept. 10, the same day that Couric’s new talk show premieres. (ABC’s daytime series “The Revolution” has been dropped to open up the time slot.) By the way, Katie is being distributed by an ABC company but is not an ABC network show. In some markets, it will air on non-ABC stations. That said, ABC will have it on stations it owns and has moved “GH” to make room for it.

Q: Where is one of our favorites, Lisa Kelly of “Ice Road Truckers”? No one has mentioned her this season.

A: Kelly, also seen on the “Truckers” companion series “IRT: Deadliest Roads,” has left the production. Producer Thom Beers told Kate O’Hare of that “we offered her a contract to return and she chose not to. That’s it.” He said he would still like her to come back at some point.

Q: What happened to “The Firm”? Was it canceled or what? It was a great series!

A: I mentioned the fate of the NBC series derived from the John Grisham novel in a mailbag not too long ago, but the questions keep coming. So, to recap: NBC has canceled the series. After an unsuccessful Thursday run, it was moved to Saturday, where the last of its 22 episodes aired on July 14. If you missed an episode, you can find them online at and I would expect a DVD release at some point but have not seen an announcement of one yet.

Q: Have you ever seen the movie “Take Care of My Little Girl” for sale anywhere? I think it was made in the early ‘50s and had Jeanne Crain, Jeff Hunter and Jean Peters in it.

A: The 1951 film, which also included Mitzi Gaynor and Dale Robertson, was called a “cheerful assault upon the snobbish and silly aspects of the college girls’ clannish social clubs” — that is, sororities — in a New York Times review when it was released. But I know of no authorized release on either VHS or DVD.

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