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Op-ed: Blodgett boys are at it again (by Peter Children)

The Blodgett boys are at it again, both of these guys are wonderful fellas, but never forget that wonderful people can and do practice witchcraft.  If they could put you in a trance they will in a heartbeat.

Todd wants to convince you that it’s OK to park your money off shore, even if you’re running for president.  Yeah sure, you bet. Doesn’t everyone have off shore accounts?  Just because I don’t does not mean most of you do not have such deposits sequestered in other countries.  If by some stroke of bad luck, Mitt was elected, he’d be the first president with the type of accounts the I.R.S. Has been searching for for decades.

Let me tell you something that is easy to understand; if you’re going to the Cayman Islands instead of the Bank of America on the corner right near your home….you got reasons most other people will never have.  In his complex computations that Todd expects you to grasp; couldn’t be figured out by a Harvard business graduate…even if they cheated. What he said is 99% gibberish…the other 1% is pure bullshit.  That said, you can bet everything you have or ever hope to have, that Mitt has his money in more than one off shore haven under so many different corporate headings that Scotland Yard couldn’t find it.

I never once thought Mitt would try to launder any money, he’s perfectly happy to leave whatever dirt might be on it just were it is.  Mitt Romney would do anything, say anything to anyone who would listen, anywhere, anyplace needed just to sit behind that desk in the oval office; that is the only thing you need to remember.  If you want him there, if he’s your kind of fella, then vote for him.  But know before hand what he did to American workers….and if you are an American worker…you better cover your ass as tight as you possibly can.

There are no challenges left for Mitt; he’s bored and wants whatever his money can but him.  The presidency belongs to you, the voter, did you know that?  The White House belongs to you as well and all the furniture in it; if you want to sell it to the likes of someone who will only reveal one or two years of his earnings, has the need to park money off shore, has an elevator in his garage just to move cars around….then Mitt is standing in your front yard now with cash in his hand ready to pay any amount you ask.  Hell he might even have more than one wife…there is a lot about this guy you will never know, it could be the money is the least of it….look out the window, he’s there waiting with the money.  Me, well I’m not selling to him.

Peter Children

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The ironic thing is, while Obama tries to portray Romney as Mr. Evil Moneybags–which he probably is–Obama has never seen a free trade bill which he doesn’t love and has supported Wall Street financial shenanigans.

In other words, Obama has fully supported and pushed for the very policies which have allowed Romney to offshore money and jobs.

Where are the debates on the issues of free trade, financial fraud by banksters, our expanding military empire, our surveillance state, our long gone bill of rights, the war on drugs, etc.?

There won’t be any debates because those issues are all bipartisan.

Robama/Obamney will be elected because he is running unopposed as the candidate of the Permanent Institutional Republico-Democratic Party.

My gut tells me you are right. My mind wants to believe Romney will do the right thing.

We are so controlled by the talking heads in the media that push the Permanent Institutional Republico-Democratic Party talking points.

300 million people and we end up with Obama and Romney. That is what we burped up for Presidential Candidates.

Once again I will vote for the a new President hoping and praying he will put America and our people first.

My reality is, I will more then likely have my hopes dashed against the rocks again. Yet, I will vote, and hope for a while at least.

I know if I voted for Obama again that would be wrong. You only get to lie to me once.

Pete, I have much of my money to an off shore account. My money was moved two years ago when this lunatic we have for a President was well into his spending spree. I want a safe haven for my money and can make a better return on my savings. Nothing wrong with that. Mitt Romney has the same rights the rest of us has.

I rue the day I voted for this Socialist bum we have for a President. He tricked the American people but we are wise to him now.

His days are numbered. I have talked to Democrats all over this country that don’t support this fellow Barack Obama.


Katie Reply
August 2, 2012 at 12:11 pm
No. Greedy unions are responsible for the outsourcing that happened in this country. They made more and more demands on employers that they couldn’t afford. Americans wanted cheaper cars, chocolate, phones, computers, whatever, and American factories couldn’t provide them because of high labor costs. Blame the unions and consumers, NOT employers or Mitt Romney! Americans did it to themselves.

WTH, without those “greedy” unions, most people in this country would still be making minimum wage. My husband works for a company and is a union member. We make a living wage, that’s it, nothing more. So if you think all the blame should be on the union’s and its members, think again! How’s about these companies take a little less in profits and quit giving the six figure bonuses to upper management who certainly don’t deserve it. Quit laying this shit on th backs of American workers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deere workers were paid upwards of $30 per hour in the 80’s, they now make less than $20. How is it the union’s fault?

Farmers could not afford to buy those ultra expensive Deere tractors caused by those $30/hour wages! Workers had to take less pay or the company would not be selling any tractors at all or they would be moving overseas. And ya know, I think those executives probably deserve those big salaries for having to play mind games with those union bosses……… And it just amazes me how regular workers have no idea what executives do, the educations they had, the responsibilities they have, the pressures they endure, and how their days never end.

I worked in a business where we had some steel boxes installed. We had 3 union people standing around earning lord knows how much an hour while the company we bought the boxes from did all the installation. Because it involved steel, the union had to have workers there. THREE? Not one lifted a finger. They just increased our cost for the product by a whole bunch. It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen.

I dated a guy who knew how to run a bunch of construction machinery. They had to hire a bunch of people to do the jobs because he was only allowed to run 2 machines a day, even though he could operate all of them and was standing around while other guys ran a couple other machines. He was outraged at the waste of labor time. The machines were run serially, not concurrently and he could have done them all and saved the project a lot of money and himself a lot of job boredom.

Union workers are blue collar workers. Blue collar workers have always made a living wage and not much more. For the most part, they have high school educations, if that. Being part of a union should NOT mean you make more money than anyone else who is not part of a union. College graduates and even some with graduate degrees struggle to make a living wage these days.

You HAVE to be working for or dating an “executive” to have a mindset like yours.
Happy climbing!

Peter try writing something that is not fueled by hate or selfish desire.

PETER…you weren’t born in ’34, you were hatched!

And MATH ISN’T THAT MUCH…Just so you won’t show yourself stupid in the future, there are two kinds of deductions when filing income taxes, standard and itemized.

Since few people have enough itemized deductions, they take the standard along with the deductions for yourself and your dependents. If you itemize you would get a deduction for the amount of interest you paid on your home plus a deduction for the amount of property taxes you paid. Few have more than that, therefore, a standard deductions gives them a higher deduction.

By the way, giving to a charity…we know Gov. Romney gives at least 10 percent to the church, it’s not a dollar for dollar write-off…it’s more like 10 cents on the dollar.

Businesses, on the other hand, can write-off dollar for dollar as that money goes toward its operating expenses and figures in its net profit. If it takes 75 cents to make a dollar, then it is taxed on the 25 cents. To any thinking person that makes sense…you’d probably rather they pay on the entire $1

Hey bad azz sounds like you and your dboyz done picked the wrong guy to try to roll when you went after Blodget. I say to bad he didnt take out after all you no accounts MC would of been better off with out your kind.heck yes. if I see Todd Blodget around I will tell him that next time he should let you and your homeys have it.

Romney should be tried in court for economic genocide against American facrory workers.

sorry for the typo; meant to say “factory workers”

No. Greedy unions are responsible for the outsourcing that happened in this country. They made more and more demands on employers that they couldn’t afford. Americans wanted cheaper cars, chocolate, phones, computers, whatever, and American factories couldn’t provide them because of high labor costs. Blame the unions and consumers, NOT employers or Mitt Romney! Americans did it to themselves.

Can you spell GREED!!! Most places of business are owned by republicans. They want most of the profits. They would like people to work for peanuts. If they keep that idea going, pretty soon no one can afford to buy their goods or services. Most of these people aren’t quite smart enough to figure that out. My guess is sometime in your long family history, there was a Union Job that put groceries on your table to feed your rich republican ASS!!!!

No unions in my past. If most businesses are owned by Republicans, that’s because most Democrats don’t have a clue what it takes to build and operate one, as vocalized by your stupid leader Obama. He thinks government creates business. I tell you what. Businesses are started and grow in SPITE of government. Democrats and their ideas try to destroy business and the profits they need to reinvest and grow.
Here you have a businessman, Romney, who gave $7 million of his profits to charity and you’re still running him into the ground because he was able to deduct it from his taxes. The guy can’t win. He could have given nothing and still kept $4,550,000 of it for himself. (65%) That would have been what Democrats do.

Buffet and Gates set up foundations that will save lots of the money they have accumulated from taxes. That way they have more control over how their money is spent rather than giving it to the govt to dole out and perhaps waste. Is that okay with everybody?

Sure it is….those two aren’t going to take the Presidency away from that Kenyan Muslim. Oh sorry, that wasn’t politically correct. That Lying Kenyan Muslim. There, sorry again. Carry on.

Romney’s tax returns show he donated 7 million to charity in the last two years. How much did you give to charity?

What does that have to do with anything?

“Charity”, you don’t suppose he wrote those donations off on his taxes, do you?

U be right about Todd Blodgett he act like he some tuff dude u must know the honky to.Next time cracka pull he gun on me and my homeys he go down Im sayin and that be 4 real.yo dboyz h8 Blodgett bcuz he be a h8 full honky the cracka best watch he back bcuz he on my shit list and we aint playin.

Sir, I have no idea who you are trying to communicate with, but it certainly is not most of Americans. With communication skills like that, I am guessing you have a job digging ditches or cleaning hog manure containment lagoons?

Well hey there Observer! How’s it going? Hey, you DO realize this is a poser don’t you? White dude with glasses and a couple of zits on his cheek laughin his ass off at you right now. Just so you know.

No,I don’t know him. I’ve argued with him a few times on the Globe Gazette blog tho. He loves the spot light…glory hound. I don’t look for trouble but I also don’t give anyone a 2nd chance like he does either.

Thanks for playin yo.

You’re right…HE ain’t. Thanks for finally getting that out. He thinks he’s tuff. Tuff is doing what you have to do even if you don’t want to. That includes WALKING AWAY. (And this comes from a guy a few on here have called a “gun freak”) Sure, back me into a corner and I’ll dish out far worse than Blodgett could ever dream of. Other than that, i got nothin to prove. Seems like he does all the time. Whatever.

To “Just My Opinion”:

Thank you for your rebuttal. I could care less if you are anonymous or not. It’s your comments that I’ll debate. That’s showing a higher level of maturity by focusing on the right part of the story.

What makes you think Romney is stealing from us by not paying any taxes? Did you get that from the media? The media likes those headlines. They realize must of us only read the headlines. Rarely do we do any research. Well I’m here to tell you Romney pays the taxes he’s required to by law. What he avoids by his Cayman Island thing is
what’s called a UBIT tax. Do you know what that is. Research it. It stands for UNRELATED BUSINESS ICOME TAX. You do some research on it and tell me what YOU think of it. Now, I’m not a Romney fan. I just want to set the record straight. He’s not stealing from us. He’s not doing anything illegal. If he was, he’d be indicted right now. So if it’s NOT illegal and just a matter of being business savy, if you had millions you could save by being savy…NOT ILLEGAL, would YOU do it?
Anyone who says if they could avoid paying a tax to the government LEGALLY BUT chooses to give them their money anyway is a liar and a hypocrite. So why the big fuss about Romney doing the same damn
thing? Because they want Big O to stay in office. I’ll garanddamntee you there’s money behind it too. Romney’s not my first choice but he’s
better than the alternative. I’m all for a black American President. I just wish THAT’S what we had. AND one that’s not a hypocritical LIAR.

Do the ACTUAL research folks. Don’t go off of what the media tells you. They tell you what they WANT you to know and you follow them like good little sheep. Break the chain. Make your mind your own. Don’t let it be the mind that someone else gives you.

We pay more in taxes percentage wise. That is not right. In the example below, the DIFFERENCE between what he paid in taxes in 2011 at 13.9% and what “Worker A” paid at 15% is a DIFFERENCE of nearly SIX TIMES “Worker A’s” GROSS salary. Not hiding so much cash and taking a ding at 15% would have probably been well worth the money, but he is must be smarter than me he is richer right? Remember to vote accordingly you 99%ers this November.

So you’re telling me if you were him and you could do exactly what he is and save yourself TONS of cash instead of giving it to the government for a BS Unrelated Business tax, you’d say “Na, here’s my money anyway”. Really? So, you do that now with your taxes? You take deductions right? Why? This is the same damn thing. You give up your deductions because the other guy doesn’t get to claim as much as you and then come talk about this. Otherwise, quit being a hypocrit. Every damn business owner and private citizen on here takes and looks for EVERY DAMN deduction they can so they can pay less. A deduction is a legal way to avoid paying tax. You sorta love being a hypocrit don’t you?

BTW, Petey Child took his deductions too all those years. It’s ONLY an issue because Romney has more money. But by principal he isn’t doing any damn thing different. Typical Democrats…they believe people with a lot of money shouldn’t have it and they should give it to everyone else.


Tax us all at the same rate and no one can call foul.

Now I can back THAT one Common Man. HELL YA! Tax us all the same rate and no one can call foul. There you go bud. THANK YOU!

To Common Man and the rest of you complaining about how much Romney paid in taxes, I would submit that Mitt has been double taxed. The 15% taxes he paid were on capitol gains, not income. That is a big difference. He was taxed on gains of investments not on income earned. Further, the money he earned in the past were taxes at regular income tax rates, therefore it is double taxation.

Nice retort Todd.

Who are you calling Todd? Sorry, this isn’t Todd.

UgH! GD CAPTCHA CODE!!!! As I was trying to say. I assume you mean Blodgett? LMFAO. If you even knew a fraction of what you THOUGHT you know, you’d hurt yourself. Blodgett is a glory hound. He’d want the credit for calling you a dumbass. He’d use his real name. I, like i have said a HUNDRED times before on here over the past 4 months or so…I have 2 children and I do not want to bleach some guys blood off my doorstep. Blodgett is a f-n retard for using his real name. He always does. He doesn’t care what he says or to who. He loves telling everyone he’s a tuff guy. Please pay attention or stop drinking the water straight out of the garden hose. You’re doing damage to your brain cells.

Even though your comment was a dumbass one, thank you for your effort. I give you a D-. You only fail for not trying at all. Lol. 🙂

One last thing…lol…i usually don’t assume but I can’t help it. You’re BLOND aren’t you. Lol.

We don’t need that taxi cab with both doors open four more years…He’s been a total failure for four years, increased the deficit by 5 trillion at more than a trillion a year and wants to spend more in his next term. This election will hinge on whether the 50 some percent vote…the 50 that get welfare, food stamps, etc. etc.The intelligent “class” understand you cannot keep spending…no one nor country have ever borrowed their way out of debt. Just check with all the cities who have declared bankruptcy…and there are many more to come. By the way, GMC has been selling cars at a pretty good pace…that is if you think people buying with subpar credit are a good risk…these are the same people who broke the housing market. The number of subpar loans for GM cars is close to 95 percent of the loans.

Have you heard of George Bush? this guy walked into a real piss pot; the housing market was already shot; what about McCannel, Boehner, Kantor; they have attributed much more to our current condition than has Obama.

PJC – please correct yourself in that it was the DEMOCRATIC controlled House AND Senate who led the country down the septic tank.

Barney Frank’s overseeing of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac let people who had poor credit or low incomes buy homes they could not afford.

Bush contributed via signing legislation passed by the Dems… but he’s just one person – 435 Reps and 100 Senators were just as much at fault, and it was the DEMOCRATS who were in control.

Good job Dave. AND for your reading pleasure…I found this cause I KNOW everyone forgot about this little tidbit.

Fannie, Freddie and Bill Clinton: How We Got Into This Mess



Why did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fail? Let’s revisit a prescient September 30,1999 article from none other than the New York Times, which describes the point at which the GSEs jumped the tracks:

In a move that could help increase home ownership rates among minorities and low-income consumers, the Fannie Mae Corporation is easing the credit requirements on loans that it will purchase from banks and other lenders.

The article goes on to describe the political backdrop:

Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits.

And then the dead-on prediction, also from the same article:

In moving, even tentatively, into this new area of lending, Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk, which may not pose any difficulties during flush economic times. But the government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn, prompting a government rescue similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980’s.

”From the perspective of many people, including me, this is another thrift industry growing up around us,” said Peter Wallison a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. ”If they fail, the government will have to step up and bail them out the way it stepped up and bailed out the thrift industry.”

You can read the entire article here..

Government is great at sneaking up behind you, sneezing, then putting its hand out and asking for money, promising to provide the cure when you’re only turning around to see what disease just hit you in the first place.

Frustrated? The question is: who’s worse, those on the political left who built the foundation for this mess, or those on the right who are unwilling or unable to accurately identify the culprit?

As we watch these preposterous bailout hearings on Capitol Hill today, the phrase “the inmates are running the asylum” has never seemed so germane.

Most of this is about the color of skin; especially here were it’s 96% white outside.

Why is it only the Democrats that are bringing up Obama’s race?

Conservatives rarely, if ever say anything about his race.

The race card is a poor tactic to use when you’re arguing from a weak side with little defense.

NO DAVE! In the words of the ultimate wisdom of one Peter J. Children, that’s a cheap excuse by someone (or party) with no spine. Lol.

Pete Children and some of you are just jealous that you aren’t rich enough to hide money overseas. We all are. All kinds of politicians do it and have done it in the past. It just wasn’t known because it was hush-hush and the media didn’t talk about that stuff and the Internet didn’t exist. It may not be right or legal, but it has been done for years.If you cast stones at him, audit every single person in government!
Mitt Romney is a generous, altruistic person who is a proven manager. He turned the 2002 Olympics around, did the job without pay, and contributed $1,000,000 to the Games. He also turned Massachusetts around by balancing their budget without increasing taxes, decreasing unemployment by 1.7%, and trimming a lot of waste from their bureaucracy. He gave his entire inheritance from his father to BYU. I would expect anyone who has his wealth to use all the tax advantages available to all of us to reduce his tax bill. I bet we would be astounded at the dollar amount he contributes to charity every year. His management skills are exactly what this country needs right now. Obama certainly didn’t follow through with his line-by-line cutting the fat from the budget. He added trillions of dollars MORE.
Maybe Mitt can get the unions to understand that they are the ones who caused all the outsourcing. They can’t get so greedy that employers want nothing to do with them or their workers and that consumers can’t afford to buy the products their plants were producing. Face it. We want cheap goods & services (tech support) made with cheap labor. We caused the outsourcing, not Mitt.

HAHAHAHHA hows the kool-aide tasting today? Did the GOP charge you copyright fee for using that material?

Just what part do you dispute?

Katie, do you even know WHY people like Mitt contribute so much to charity? If you think it’s because he’s such a nice guy, think again. I’ll bet you can figure it out.

We can start with the “everybody does it” mentality that makes it seem OK to hide wealth offshore. That SHOULD seem reprehensible to somewhere around 99% of the voting public.

Wake up. He is using every advantage he can legally but not morally to get and stay as absolutely wealthy as possible. He is literally making you pay for what he does not care to and you still defend him.

The US government is not a business, it never has been. We don’t need a businessman president.

It would be handy of him to keep his critical mouth shut when overseas as though not to embarrass the entire country.

Well said! But maybe it’s better if he DOESN’T keep his mouth shut. He’ll just dig himself in deeper (if that’s possible).

There were no more immoral presidents in this country than JFK and Bill Clinton so don’t talk to me about morals. JFK’s father was a crook, bought a warehouse full of his son’s books to make it the #1 best seller in the country. JFK flaunted his affairs with no fear of the press, who are no more moral than the liberals they coddle. Clinton should have been removed from office for what he did in the Oval Office . Hillary lost the respect of millions for staying with him. And the US budget SHOULD be run like a business. There is no excuse for deficit spending. People are sick and tired of it. Congress won’t stop it, so we need a president who WILL put a stop to it. We cannot afford the crap that has been going on in Washington for the past 4 years and before with the Democratic majorities.

I thought this site was supposed to be different from the Globe. The more I read it I see it’s just a typical liberal media site.

Did you care that Kennedy was mega rich?
Roosevelt had plenty of money.
We can elect rich, rich democrats but not republicans?
That makes no sense.

It’s not that he’s rich, it’s that he is a jerk about it. He can afford to pay as much as the middle class does but fails to see the need to have it equal.

Just read a report on the Internet saying Romney paid NO taxes for ten years. Stay tuned. We shall see.

The report of Romney’s taxes is sourced from DEMOCRAT Majority Leader Harry Reid. He’s using it to bash Romney, without being able to say who with direct knowledge told him.

Ironically, Harry Reid has NEVER released any of his tax records! Neither has Democratic Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz, who by the way also has many Caymen Island and over-seas accounts… once that fact hit the media, she’s been silent.

Quote a source that’s believable, then we can believe it. Otherwise, don’t spread libel and slanderous statements. Romney could sue you and force Matt to reveal who posted those statements.

Trucker Dave, your “scare tactics” aren’t working. Do you really think Romney would sue little ol’ me? I’m going way out on a limb here (not!) and am going to guess he would probably go after the author of the article first. And then there would be several million people ahead of me that he would need to litigate against before he ever got to me. Sounds like he might be a tad bit too busy filing lawsuits to even be president, wouldn’t you say?

You did give me my smile for the day. Thank you for that.

To anonymous

The hallmark of believably is standing behind what you say; without that basic principle it all make believe. No one is coming to your door, that is only a cheap excuse by someone with no spine.

I would rather read the truth rather than something that is merely believable.

And YOU are the Hallmark of believably with your conspiracy theory that NIACC is the drug devil of North Iowa and the root of all it’s evil is spawned from it’s campus? LMAO. You’re right…we should ALL believe YOU. lol. Oh, and that spine comment is killin me comin from senility and dementia. 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH for the laugh today. I needed it!

Geeeeeeze…. Do you or L ever wake up in the morning and say, “I have nothing to bitch about?”

Peter Children in his obviously not very wise old age, paints the picture he wants you to believe. He doesn’t tell you that Romney’s company buys companies that are broken and brings in management teams to fix it. If it is a lost cause, the company is broken up and absorbed into other companies of his. The point is, the company was destined to close ANYWAY. He takes something broken and fixes it one way or another. Peter chastises his him for what is better known as the American Dream. Why shouldn’t Romney make money doing what obviously he is good at? Wouldn’t YOU do the same if you could. Don’t try to bullshit me Peter. You would. It’s funny how people that don’t have money like to bitch about those that do. You have a brain and two hands. Use them. Make money. If a kid can build an empire with a computer (facebook, and that internet yearbook thing), then what’s your excuse? Hmm….desire. The desire to do it YOURSELF. You’d rather someone just hand it to you? I have more pride than that. It’s a shame you don’t. But, you already have enough money don’t you Peter? So why do you care about Romney’s?

From what I’ve heard, Peter has plenty of money and has been very successful at what he does. And where does he say that it’s not okay for Mitt to make money? It’s definitely okay. This is, after all, America. What’s NOT okay is hiding it from us to avoid paying taxes. THIS is a man you would want for our president? Please!

If I can save on paying taxes, I do it.

Do any of the left wingers here pay more than they owe to the government,. It is ok to send in a bigger check than than the required amount.

Romney is a financial vulture that pays a lower percentage in taxes than his prey.


Worker A earns 40,000 a year and pays 15% tax = $6,000 in taxes.

Mythical Mitt earns 10,000,000 a year and pays 14% tax = $1,400,000 in taxes.

Hows does Mythical Mitt pay lower taxes than Worker A?

Well in that particular scenario, 14 is not as big of a number as 15, ergo, lower tax rate. The difference in that particular case is ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. That amount gets made up by the working class. Thanks Mitt! And lets just say for argument, Worker A is single with no dependents. and making that same 40k per year. Worker A now pays 25% of his income into taxes which is almost DOUBLE what “mythical mitt” pays.

I am Worker A (single no dependents) last year my reportable W2 income was 35k, I paid 3471 in tax ~10%. How is that 25% again?

My guess would be you paid the bank each and every month for a house that isn’t worth as much as you paid for it?

Point being 15 is still greater than 14.

Better Mitt than a guy whose main idea is to turn this great country into a socialist, welfare state that borders on communism. Obviously, Peter is one of these idiots who lives off everyone else and likes it. Up until now I somewhat enjoyed his ramblings and disjointed publications, but now I see he is just another damn liberal who wants everything without haveing to work for it. I am not 100% behind Mitt but I am 120% against the guy who is taking down our country.

I went into business for myself in 1953 and have been in business for 59 years. I was born in 1934 which makes me 78. How is that? You, well you schmuck, you won’t even write your real name because you are embarressed of who you are.

Well said. I’d rather EARN something than have it handed to me. I guess I have what the left doesn’t…pride.

You might want people to believe you have pride; but the real truth is you don’t have enough of it to write your real name.

There you go thinking you know everything again Petey. I don’t write my real name because i don’t want to have to bleach someone’s blood off of my doorstep after they show up pissed off about something that I said. I don’t fear it, I just don’t want to have to do it. Had a friend have this very thing happen to him. LVS had a GROUP of guys show up at his place over the same sort of thing. I have two young children. I am protecting them and the would be tuff guy showing up at my door. I don’t WANT to send ANYONE to the hospital. But I CAN and I WILL if i have to. Why don’t you comment on something you actually know something about? Is the anonymity thing truly all that you have an issue with? Me thinks it’s just the opinion that is opposite if your own that bothers you. I thank you for YOUR opinion even though it is flawed.

If what is said is the truth, does it matter who says it? Defend the point. Don’t attempt to lessen the counterpoints validity by declaring it invalid because you don’t know who said it. That is quite Childrenish, um I mean childish.

Tell me why we should listen to the bullshit ramblings of an 80+ year old man??

Besides, its Romney’s money. He has the right to do with it as he sees fit right?

No one cares what obmama does with the country’s money, why should it matter how Romney handles his?

Wow, are YOU out in left field!

Peter is not 80+. He’s 78, which in this day and age is more like 65. Apparently, you have no respect for your elders and you obviously don’t realize that wisdom comes with age. Do you get this? The older I become the more I learn. And yes, I definitely feel smarter than I did at 20, 30 & 40.

And your comment about not caring what Romney does with his money? Are you serious? In other words, you could not care less that he isn’t paying taxes to OUR GOVERNMENT on any of the funds he has invested overseas. He’s pulling a fast one on us and has no remorse about this whatsoever. In effect, he’s STEALING from us. Why can’t you understand that? And you actually want this CROOK to be our POTUS?

I normally urge everyone to be sure to vote. In your case I hope you’re very busy that day and forget to exercise this right.

Senility also comes with age. It doesn’t mean we should respect the ramblings of an opinionated self admitted adulterer.

As far as Romney doing anything illegal like stealing, it has yet to be proven. He has done plenty of crappy albeit legal things. That should be enough to tank his election, we shall see.

@JMO: I do have respect for elders, just not this one. I guess it’s hard to have respect for an admitted adulterer AND how very proud he is of it now isn’t it? Or how about the vicious names he calls some of the elected leaders of Mason City? Names like Beermeyer, Turncoat or others he disagrees with. Does that ring a bell to you? He planted those seeds, now it’s time to reap the harvest.

And, I don’t know how you figure that 78 is the new 65. 78 is still 78 not 65, get it right!

Besides, he opened the door on age time and time again. If wisdom does come with age, as the old saying goes, then I guess it must have passed Peter by a long time ago!

I have to agree with a previous commenter, that if this were my grandfather and he talked and wrote this way, he and I would have a very serious sit down chat and let him know how very ashamed I am of him!

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