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Amanda Ragan says she sees opportunities to strengthen middle class in Iowa

Amanda Ragan
Amanda Ragan

MASON CITY – State senator Amanda Ragan says she sees opportunities to expand Iowa’s middle class and boost the economy through service on 2015 session’s legislative committees.

Ragan of Mason City will help shape the work of the 2015 session of the Iowa Legislature by serving on several Iowa Senate committees, where she will wield influence.

“Legislative committees are where much of the important work gets done in the Senate,” said Ragan. “Every day during the session, I’ll search for ways to strengthen Iowa’s economy and help more families reach a better future.”

Senator Ragan will continue as an Assistant Majority Leader, will become the Chair of the Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee and serve as the Vice Chair of the Agriculture and the Human Resources Committees. She will also serve on the Appropriations, Natural Resources & Environment, Rules & Administration, and Veterans Committees.

The 86th General Assembly of the Iowa Legislature will convene on Monday, January 12, 2015.

“I’m preparing by touching base with as many constituents as I can,” Ragan said. “Anyone with ideas and concerns are encouraged to share them with me.”

Reagan did not elaborate on specifics of how the committees she will serve on will go about strengthening the middle class.

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Want to strengthen the middle class? Stop prosecuting simple marijuana possessions that give people criminal records which forever stigmatize them. About tired of hearing of all these empty proposals which dodge the elephant in the room.

@Philly-here is a simple solution to your problem. QUIT BREAKING THE LAW and you won’t have any worries.

Philly…what’s stopping you from leading the charge on changing the draconian marijuana laws you continually harp about? What is it, a full time job, raising a family, a military service commitment or you’re already running a Fortune 500 company, is that what’s holding you back????

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