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Police respond to “large fight” on Monroe Avenue

MASON CITY – An area known for trouble had more of it Tuesday evening.

NIT received a tip that a large group of people had gathered near the 100 block of South Monroe Avenue Tuesday evening at around 4:30 PM, and yelling and screaming devolved into physical confrontation.

A Mason City police report indicated that police were called to 110 South Monroe Avenue at that time, reference what police described as a “large fight” taking place. About six officers responded to the scene, but all the subjects scattered before police arrived, and no arrests were made.

Anyone with information on this incident should call police at 641-421-3636.

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I USED to walk home from work, past this house. USED TO being the oprative words! I walked past that night just after it all happened, LOTS of white women and black men standing around in that alley. Loud and throwing up arms. I will take the long way around from now on. This is the first time in 10 years that I am now affraid to walk through that area town.

It is probably residents from Asbury and/or Briarstone. They go to that part of town to work out there differences. That way there neighboods keep their squeaky clean & upscale reputations. They should stay in their own neighborhoods and settle there disagreements.

Isn’t that kind of a (dark) area of town…I’m thinking that 2old2fat has a good idea.

“Anonymous” If the shoe fits wear it.

This has gotten to be a very rough area. It is part of what I call the central area of our town. It is full of druggers and imports from other area’s. They should all be run out of town.

Now how would all of your ‘Buddies’ get paid if they were all run out of town LVS?

@Anonymous-well hello there TROLL. How does it feel to be a low class, cowardly dumb ass.

You have no idea who I am isn’t that right LVS?

@Anonymous-It doesn’t matter because I know WHAT you are. A troll and a coward hiding behind the Anonymous name.

Still a troll and a a-hole.

Its obvious who you are LVS after my last comment was deleted.I see only one A hole here. One who sits behind his home made office on his pedestal and calls people names thinking he has people fooled. Grow up and get over yourself. You really should have a little more respect for those who deliver.

@Anonymous-I have respect for people that deserve it and you are obviously not one of those. You add nothing to the conversation and only come on here to snipe at people. My statement stands, you are a a-hole and a troll. You sure have an inflated opinion of yourself for a nothing.

You’re so full of yourself LVS what do you bring to this website other than flinging poo at almost everyone who tries to place their opinion. You would be surprised at what I have brought to this website.

@Anonymous-I j=know exactly what you bring and it is nothing positive and I only attack when someone attacks me first. You have continuously attacked me at every opportunity and that is why you are a coward and a troll. There are one or two others who do that as well but there are a lot more who agree with what I say.

“uneducated morans”

pot meet kettle!

Maybe he meant “maroon”

You stupid fools of course they had ran away most carry a scanner with them. Also why bother going to break it up, let these low life’s beat each other to death then all you cops got to do is come and pick up the carcasses. Stand back and enjoy the show. It might be fun watching a bunch of uneducated morans beat each other. You got that big ol riot cruiser. enjoy the show

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