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Does Eric Bookmeyer know the difference between nonsense and common sense?

Editorial by Matt Marquardt –

Mason City Mayor Eric Bookmeyer claims to know the difference between common sense and nonsense, he told the Globe Gazette Monday, as he announced he is running for re-election.

In Mr. Bookmeyer’s world, just exactly how is “common sense” defined?  How is “nonsense” defined by Mr. Bookmeyer?

I wonder if the elderly folks in Mason City thought it was nonsense when Mr. Bookmeyer told an aged 50-something woman that he prefers “younger people” with “fresh ideas” for his appointments to boards? Mr. Bookmeyer, would it be nonsense to think this woman’s feelings were hurt when you then left her off the board to which she had volunteered for and been a member of for years?

Chamber of Commerce invoice for Eric Bookmeyer's trip to Washington.
Chamber of Commerce invoice for Eric Bookmeyer’s trip to Washington, paid for by Mason City citizens.
(Click to view larger)

I wonder if it is nonsense that Mr. Bookmeyer has made four trips to Washington D.C. while stuffing his body with lavish meals and sleeping in expensive hotel rooms? I wonder if it is common sense to expect a return on that investment? Mr. Bookmeyer, is it common sense to think that when you wear your red Chamber of Commerce scarf in Washington, you are working for them and not the people of Mason City?  Or is that all just nonsense?

Mr. Bookmeyer claims that he and the City Council have lowered the tax levy for two straight years. Would it have been nonsense for Mr. Bookmeyer to mention that the Council spent “cash balances not budgeted or considered in this current budget” (quote from City Finance Director Kevin Jacobson) in order to balance this year’s budget, thereby allowing the Mayor and Council to sidestep raising taxes in an election year?

Mr. Bookmeyer, was it nonsense when you admitted that you pilfered stamps and other stationary from City Hall and then commandeered City Staff to perform your personal tasks for a private party? “The invitations came out of the credenza in the Mayor’s Office,” you said, and “the deputy clerk physically dropped the invitations in the mailbox and the City of Mason City paid for the postage.”

Mr. Bookmeyer, it looks like you will be Mayor for another 4 years.  Perhaps it is nonsense that you seem to be the only person in town that wants the job.  If you posses any common sense at all, you will stop filling the people of Mason City full of nonsense and start telling the whole truth.

Common sense or nonsense: Bookmeyer does the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce or the people of Mason City while in Washington?
Common sense or nonsense: Bookmeyer does the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce or the people of Mason City while in Washington?

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Bookmeyer is the only senseable mayor mason city has had in the last 50 years. Before Bookmeyer, any nut could call up the mayor, or the council members and demand a set down. Or show up at council meetings and dominate the agenda…

This has Robin Anderson’s fingerprints all over it. Gravy training free trips in the guise of making business connections….that wannabe socialite is shameless


Perhaps we forgot why Max LOST in the last election. If you truly want change, you need to give people better options.

Max Weaver on the campaign trail:
“if we don’t do this (pay him), one of us might get a bullet in the head.” “If I get you the $1,000, I want a yard sign in your yard.”

Max Weaver on our children’s well-being:
“Max Weaver cast the lone dissenting vote Tuesday night when the City Council authorized submission of a grant application for improved security in schools and on school grounds.” In discussing security in general, Weaver said no one is safe. If someone wants to harm somebody, they can, he said.”

So Max help us understand this, if someone wants to harms somebody they can and therefore we shouldn’t lock our doors at night or for that matter employ police officers?

Max with recruiting business to downtown (strip club):
“No, I am not a pervert; yes, I love my children,” he said. “It’s big business; I’ve had support calls, too. It’s alive and well. It’s not illegal,” and cited protection of adult businesses under the U.S. Constitution.

Max talking out both sides of his mouth:
“Weaver said he didn’t like the deal anyway because it was doing business with people who wanted something in return for what they were proposing. But Councilman Travis Hickey reminded Weaver that earlier this year he said he would vote for the proposed MicroEnterprise program if Mayor Eric Bookmeyer appointed Weaver’s choice — Sandy Servantez — to the Human Rights Commission.”

Were there not some recent articles on how BAD the ME program is? But Max would support it in trade of a favor?

Max Weaver on the idea of downtown spending that most people complain about:
Max Weaver said a center would be “frosting on the cake” — a $20 million cake baked up for the downtown area.

That comment make me wanna throw up!! max is the last one d wanna see as mayor! Right along with Bookmeyer!

Yeah Max run run run~~~~~~ faraway from Mason City!! Take Bookmeyer with ya!

I think what irks many 50 somethings here is that here is a young upstart at what age? 34

And Bookie already gets to use intimidation to get what he wants. He seems like a simple redneck college football fan and beer drinker who lucked out and married someone capable of making real money. Then in itself is not bad and more power to him, but a guy like this is UNABLE to envision himself as someone less fortunate for any reason. He has no compassion for those he sees beneath him.

Seriously, it’s now or never for Mason City. Please declare your candidacy for Mayor now so people have the chance to make their decision with discernment and common sense. I trust if you declare your candidacy, you will bring what’s best to this city for All!! This is about every single person, not just a select group. Stay true to a strong work ethic, economic development, education, and a commitment to progress! Don’t fall for the weakness of argument, senselessness, or those that despise the ” common folk.”. The time for serious change is now!

We need to get Bookmeyer out and improve our city and impeach Obama and God help our country.

What kind of lala land statement is that. Book IS GOP.

Talk to any city employee: They would do just about anything if Mayor Bookmeyer would not run. They don’t like him, don’t want him around, have started recording conversations. Here is what I was told and can’t believe it has not been addressed or asked about: Jodi Draper announced and the council meeting after her announcement (for at large) The Mayor met her at the back of the room all smiles and said Be careful of who you associate with, and that he likes his council just the way it is. Two major errors in ethics here. 1. The Mayor issued a warning. Passive aggressive but a warning non the less Exactly what people can she not associate with? The part of the community that this council appears to have forgotten about??
2. The council members do not belong to the MAYOR! They are elected by the citizens. Something each person running this term: the incumbents and the candidates need to remember and get in their morale fiber. You are not at that table to represent or make The Mayor happy. You are at that table elected by the citizens of this community. They are your only worry and your concern for 4 years, just not at election time. Jodi Draper will you please confirm if this story is accurate.

Mayor Bookie is a typical politician. He manipulates his statement to say what he wants. In other words, he flat out lies. The problem is there are a lot of brain dead people out there who will believe him.

I am waiting to see who else runs. We need someone to run against the mayor. Someone creditable.

What is Max waiting for? I think that would be a good referendum on the direction the city should go. Keep going the way we are or go back to the Max stirring the pot days.

I would say. If you don’t like how the last four years have went better step up and run. Quit complaining and get out there and help your community. There is still plenty of time to do it. Food for thought. Most people don’t want to put themselves out there because a news site like this. One because you can never make everyone happy and two because why would you? People who are generally good people and lets be honest everyone has a past doesn’t want or need to be raked over the coals.

I don’t think any other incumbents in the history of mason city have been as controversial as our current mayor. That being said, his gaffe does beg the question of what he means exactly. There is another candidate and by bookmeyers own volition would be a good pick in his opinion.

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