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Obamas, Biden plan gun control push

President Obama fires a gun in this White House photo.
President Obama fires a gun in this White House photo.

WASHINGTON, April 5 (UPI) — U.S. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will campaign next week for gun-control legislation, the White House said.

Lawmakers return to Washington from their Easter recess Monday.

Obama will visit Hartford, Conn., where he will meet with families affected by the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday during the daily briefing with reports.

The president will give a speech “reminding members of Congress that those who have been most affected by tragic gun violence deserve a vote on the measures currently being considered,” Carney said.

The first lady will visit her hometown of Chicago, where she will speak about providing young people with opportunities to achieve their potential, including “allowing them to grow up in safe, violence-free communities,” Carney said.

Biden will lead an event with law enforcement officials at the White House and will participate in a roundtable discussion on MSNBC.

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the new gun control laws trying to be passed would not had any ability to stop Newtown. another scare move from Washington

the thing is they know that and they have said that in public but they don’t care.

That says it all, they don’t care.

when they see the end of a barrel they will care

They should be ashamed of themselves using those people from Newton like they have. But hell, they don’t care. There is no one who isn’t sad over the killing of little children like that. Putting in MORE laws won’t do one thing to stop a crazy person from doing something like that. Look at the idiot in Texas that used a knife on all those people. He was probably another liberal. They seem to be the ones that are always doing the killing. The sheriff’s in Colorado are filing a suit against their new laws as unenforceable.

They have NO morals therefore they are not ashamed of themselves, and we elected them. When I say we I am definetly NOT talking about myself but other mislead people out there.

somebody has issues

@maybe-do you think it might be happy guy?

That would explain a lot. He said they are coming to take me away with their straight white jackets, maybe he lost his?

@maybe-you just can’t pay much attention to what a deranged liberal has to say. He is all alone now you know.

When the war starts we the Americans need to vote and put Obama and his crew on the front line and see how they plan on fighting the war without guns. He hasn’t done anything for our country but spend our money for him.

None of us liked it when we had to wait for Matt to approve our comments. Posts like this will bring those times back whe we have to wait.

OK chickenshit, put your name one here and lets see if you are as brave face to face as you are behind your keyboard.

I don’t particularly like what I know of LVS or his way of thinking and communicating, but this kind of comment is totally uncalled for.

There is 2 things that obama is very good at, 1. Raising money for his causes. 2. Dividing our country between the parties. I can see a civil war coming but until I saw the conversations in this posting I never thought it would be between the republicans and the democrats.

Obama and his people better hope there’s not no Civil War. None his people did the fighting last time, it was all on count of setting them folks free. If Obama and Jessie Jackson and Sharpton and them thinks they got a chance, they can ask the Indians how fighting us worked out. Go ahead Barry boy make our day.

PEE WEE the Indians weren’t fighting people like you. They were fighting the same federal government that you would be fighting in a civil war. and you and your people would be no match for the federal government just as the Indians were no match for them.

that’s why they want gun control…..

If there was to be a war it would start with gun confisgation which would take the military out of the hands of the government. U.N. forces would be brought in and our military would be on our side. This war would be totally different that the indian wars.

maybe do you lay awake at night thinking this stuff up? IMO it would be pure hell going through life as afraid of our government as you seem to be.

Happy, I have 3 words for you. Watch and see.

Well, Republicans better figure out how to heal their OWN party you can start singing Happy Days Are Here Again when it’s Hillary ’16.

I’d take Hillary any day over what we have now. She’s far more moderate.

@Katie-I agree. Better advisers too.

Know your enemies…..

Dems are for gay rights, so I would say you suck cock

Hey MATT-are you seeing this name???

sounds like something you would come up with.

@happy guy-Deranged Guy-This sure looks like another one of your cheap tricks. Always sneaking around posting under another name.

LVS give it a break. All you are doing is proving to others here just how childish you are. Grow up.

@happy guy-more than willing to stop if you are.

Your man Obama is cutting social security….

Never said I supported Paul Ryan… You have NO idea how other people think.. You assume. That is your nature. Hate as much as you want but you are WRONG.. You will only hear and understand what you want to. THINK……. What if your “side” isn’t telling the truth? Every conservative has already went through this process…

I read an article today about social security. They say it is going broke but how many people have put money into it and have died before collecting 1 dime? If it is going broke where is all that money going?

the US Government owes SS over 2 billion dollars. SS isn’t going broke it just made some very stupid loans. All that needs to be done to keep it solvent for another 75 plus years is to eliminate the cap on which someone pays into SS. But then the republicans don’t think that is fair to make the people earning over 120,000 per year to pay their fair share.

Why should people making over $120,000 pay more? There is a cap to what you can get from SS. Then when you start drawing, 85% is taxable if you have any other income. Really torques me. No more than 50% should be taxable – that would be on the share the employer paid in.

Because they can afford it? Just a guess.

@maybe-over the years congress has “borrowed” trillions of dollars from Social Security and never repaid it. Also, there are a lot of people now on disability and social security who have not paid into it but are drawing on it just like they had paid until age 65. It is being used as welfare and was never intended to do that and is just not funded for it.

@maybe-It should have been billions, not trillions. Anyway, they borrowed a lot of money. I heard somewhere that if the money was repaid S.S. would be solvent for 20 more years.

grow up. It’s people like you that give bullies a bad name.

Is it just me or did alot of posts just dissapear?

Phoney pos’s

This pride of clowns are continually running around the country blowing about more gun control and more laws, in an effort to take the focus off of our rapidly failing economy and the debt crisis.

@Buzz-you are absolutely correct and then we have the local left wing, socialist, communist pukes like happy guy who are everything that is wrong with this country today. They are sneaks and cowards and worst of all they are traitors to the country.

Roger that…

We hit a nerve huh? Matt please keep these posts up. It shows the flaws of the liberal mind…

…and that goes for both parties. Unemployment rose last month, we borrowed more from China and there was a secret lunch at the libarary paid for by the Mayor Of Mason City!

@Buzz-You are correct and it is working. The media lets them get away with it.

Please you 2 -take a vacation and let the little people solve our problems .

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