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Indecent exposure charge amended to harassment in plea bargain deal

MASON CITY – As part of a negotiated voluntary plea of guilt a Mason City man had a serious misdemeanor count of indecent exposure amended to a serious misdemeanor count of 2nd degree harassment.

Mason City Police Department had filed a criminal complaint following an incident on June 1st, 2012. The next day Mason City police officers took 51-year-old Daniel George Ames into custody at his residence listed as 812 South Harrison Avenue on one serious misdemeanor count of indecent exposure.

At an initial appearance from the Cerro Gordo County Jail, Magistrate Patrick B. Byrne raised the original bail requirement from $1,000 cash or 10% cash surety to $5,000 cash against Daniel Ames.

Ames remained in Cerro Gordo County Jail for 10 days until was let out of jail on supervised release following a bond review hearing requested by his lawyer Joel Yunek .

At a pre-trial conference between Gordo County Assistant County Attorney Rachel Ginbey and Ames’ lawyer a plea change hearing was set for October 15th.

At the scheduled plea change hearing on Monday, October 15th, presiding District Court Judge Gregg Rosenbladt approved an application and ordered the serious misdemeanor count of 709.9 indecent exposure amended to a serious misdemeanor count of 708.7(3) 2nd degree harassment to which Ames pleaded guilty to.

After Ames waived his right to await sentencing Judge Rosenbladt sentenced Ames to serve 7 days in jail with credit for the 10 days he had previously been held in jail and then suspended a $315 dollar fine in the case. Judge Rosenbladt did however extent a protective no contact order against Ames an additional 5 years.

Court records show Daniel Ames is no stranger to the court system particularly when it comes to harassment and plea bargains.

In 2000 Ames was convicted of simple assault.

In 2004 disorderly conduct charges were dropped at the recommendation of the county attorney.

In 2005 Ames pled guilty to interference with official acts causing bodily injury.

In 2005 charges of 3rd degree harassment and trespass were dismissed according to online records because Ames, “pled guilty to another charge”.

In 2006 Ames was charged with two counts of 3rd degree harassment and eight counts of violation of a protective no contact order in the case. Both harassment charges were dismissed along with six of the violation of protective no contact orders. Ames did pled guilty to two of the violations of the protective no contact order.

In 2006 Ames pled guilty to trespass.

In 2006 Ames had another trespass charge dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

In 2006 Ames had another assault charge dismissed at the request of the victim.

In 2006 Ames had another 3rd degree harassment charge dismissed according to online records because, “plea bargain on another case”.

In 2007 Ames had another 3rd degree harassment charge dismissed at the recommendation of the county attorney.

In 2007 Ames was convicted on a Class D felony false reports charge. After violating probation he was sentenced to serve up to 5 years in prison.

In 2008 an interference with official acts charge was dismissed according to online records, “defendant in prison”.

Upon Ames release from prison he was charged in 2011 with two more counts of 3rd degree harassment but was found not guilty at trial.

In 2011 Ames was found guilty by the court of two charges of harassment by communication and contempt of court. He pled guilty to a probation violation on those charges in August of this year.

Daniel George Ames

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Leave the guy alone, let him rest in peace, he passed away several yrs ago.

what he did isn’t right and im not defending him. there is a reason for his behavior, years ago he was at a car wash at 2am cleaning his car, two guys came in and robbed him of his billfold and hit him in the head with a pipe,. He hasn’t been right since, his fault or societys??

Seven days and a suspended fine for this jerk is a absolute farce. The judge should be put in jail for this.

This guy has been harassing my girlfriend for some time.. I never knew who he was till now and believe I’m going to have an eye out now. Pos like this is who waste tax dollars by constantly getting in trouble and we the people paying for jail time judge time and attorney time. If cerro Gordo had their heads out of their asses this woulda been taken care of. Just remember people.. this guy is the reason why we have the right to defend ourselves if need be!

If he would have been convicted of the original charge at least the public would have known he is a sex offender and needs put on the list.

Way to go Cerro Gordo County Attorney’s Office, you let another sex offender get away to reduce your work load.

What are the chances of this freak doing it again? 7 days in jail, credit for the 10 days served??? Suspended the fine??? Protective order??? ( yeah, those work ). Guys like this perv need serious jail time. Judge Rosenbaldt should be held responsible for his next offense and there will be one. Unbelievable.

Don’t forget about ACA Rachel Ginbey. She had to bend over and let Ames’ attorney slip it to her. All she did was spread “em and say “yes sir, yes sir” and let this person loose on society one more time.

Yes, he has 3 days saved up in advance for his next offense.

Wow-how many chances does this guy get. Are they going to turn him loose until he kills someone?

The loser lives on South Harrison sadly in my neighborhood. Wouldnt doubt if it was a child. A few years ago he approached one of the neighborhood kids to tell the child about a non exisitant garage sale around the corner with many toys-luckily the mother was near by. Many, many years ago he tried to run two children off the road. Major dirtbag. Will rot in hell. Should rot in prison.

Whoa! If this was a baseball game this guy is the strike out king. This guy is a menace to society. Can’t believe that our judges and attorneys keep allowing this guy to cut deals. He has earned the right and honor to serve serious prison time. C’mon man.

I’d like to know who this loser exposed himself to? Is there a way to find out? If it was a child he needs the book thrown at him and NOT a plea bargain!

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