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Impeachment inquiry over President Trump’s actions underway in House Intelligence Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry at this time in the House of Representatives.

The House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff of the 28th District of California, is holding hearings to decide whether there are grounds for impeachment of President Trump. There have been a parade of witnesses so far, some of whom have offered testimony regarding whether or not Trump and his associates held up vital military aid to Ukraine in exchange for promises from officials there to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden (a so-called “quid-pro-quo” which the President has denied).  The Ukrainians, reportedly, were desperate for military aid for defense against Russian aggression.  The normal aid that was to be delivered to Ukraine was put on hold by President Trump and its president was asked to make a public announcement that Biden was under investigation.  Ultimately, the president of Ukraine after saying he would make the announcement relented and did not do so, saying he did not want to be a pawn in a U.S. election, documents released Tuesday show.

Adam Schiff

There are Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee meetings, but the hearings are closed to the public, similar to a grand jury investigation.  The testimony is kept secret for a number of reasons, but one is so that those called to testify cannot hear what others who testify say during their testimony and thus adjust or alter what they tell the committee.  Supporters of President Trump have railed against the “process” mainly, but have said less about the testimony. Some staunch right-wing Trump supporters in Congress stormed into the meetings – called a Secure Classified Information Facility (SCIF) – Wednesday with recording devices and were blocked and ejected; the fallout from that incident is still unfolding.

President Trump

The House Intelligence Committee members will draw up articles of impeachment and present them to the full House for a vote if they find grounds to do so. If this vote passes, the Senate tries the case in public view – if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allows a trial. It would take a two-thirds majority of the Senators present to convict the President, who cannot pardon himself.

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I’m surprised that we don’t hear anything about Biden’s past plagiarizing kerfuffle. Ah….those were the days and the end of Biden’s past run.

Well, SOB, he got fired!

HEY HILLARY: please join the race again, you couldn’t beat Trump with your voting machine before, wait till all the IG investigations point right at you, please announce, please.

America is seeing the real Demo/Soc Party in action. Behind the doors politics.

It is what happens when you have an investigation. Do you think police conduct their investigations in front of cameras and reporters? To show your hypocrisy, read this

so vote or move on scum bags

What a total waste of time. I could care less that any President wanted to investigate and talk to another country about looking into corruption. So what? This whole notion about election meddling is a farce, everyone meddles with everyone in politics. It’s more concerning that there are dead people voting, ballot tampering, and illegals voting. We know this goes on!

We live in a global society and voters see through all the smoke and mirrors.

This all much to-do about nothing and a total waste of time and tax money.

The bad part is that there are to many sheeple who can’t see through all the smoke and mirrors.

It all is starting to come out how dishonest the Obama Administration actually was, the real question is WHO was controlling Obama….My suspicions are with Soros.

DEMOCRATS….As WEAK as Your Nominee’s ARE!..Handing Hillary the Nomination would be like Turning Your Underwear Inside Out to Wear them for a 2nd Day…

Obama got the race card rolling. So doggone sick of all this crap. Sick of having to pay for something that happened years ago so pull yourselves up and do as Hillary said, get over it. If this ever happens it will be fueled by the Democrats, illegals, and muslims.

* I was a life long Democrat. I left the party in 2010 when Obama said “those manufacturing jobs are not coming back”. The Democrat Party has abandoned the American working class men and women.

*That is so funny. Biden is delusional and just wished he knew how to keep economy going strong. Obama and him had so many regulations it strangled the economy and was never going to get better than it was. Not to mention cutting taxes for Americans and bringing back manufacturing jobs. They said manufacturing was never coming back and get used to it.

The economy was in the toilet under Biden and Obama! The country was going to pot! So Biden you must be dreaming, Trump is trying to fix the problems that you and your partner created you and the Clintons, Bush and Kerry all need to be in prison!

Re-writing history? Sure, you are.

Biden is such a phony lying hypocrite. Inall of his years in Washington he’s achieve nothing and now has the audacity to criticize the current president who has achieved many of the promises he’s made (in only three years). He followed in the shadow of a corrupt former president and has the audacity To claim Obama created the economy that we currently experiencing!! Not only is he a hypocrite he’s delusional!

I see only Conservative posts get deleted around here . Keep up the Fake news …

Most of you on here should try reading books, not burning them… just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean they should be in jail. And if you bitching about tax dollars, tell your president to stop flying to Florida every weekend to play golf at a private club.

I assume you would want to first approve which books I read?

When are they going to lock this piece of crap Schiff up? He belongs in prison along with the rest of the conspirators for committing treason.

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano…… “As frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors … they are consistent with the rules. … When were the rules written last? In January of 2015. And who signed them? John Boehner. And who enacted them? A Republican majority.”

The Republicans should file ethics charges against Schiff and the democratic house for operating behind closed doors to prevent the American people from knowing what they are doing…reminiscent of Soviet Russia and the communist party!

Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin
Steve Chabot, Ohio
Louie Gohmert, Texas
Jim Jordan, Ohio
Ken Buck, Colorado
John Ratcliffe, Texas
Martha Roby, Alabama
Matt Gaetz, Florida
Mike Johnson, Louisiana
Andy Biggs, Arizona
Tom McClintock, California
Debbie Lesko, Arizona
Guy Reschen
Devin Nunes, California, Ranking Member
Mike Conaway, Texas
Mike Turner, Ohio
Brad Wenstrup, Ohio
Chris Stewart, Utah
Rick Crawford, Arkansas
Elise Stefanik, New York
Will Hurd, Texas
John Ratcliffe, Texas
Jim Jordan, Ohio, Ranking Member
Paul Gosar, Arizona
Virginia Foxx, North Carolina
Thomas Massie, Kentucky
Mark Meadows, North Carolina
Jody Hice, Georgia
Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin
James Comer, Kentucky
Michael Cloud, Texas
Bob Gibbs, Ohio
Clay Higgins, Louisiana
Ralph Norman, South Carolina
Chip Roy, Texas
Carol Miller, West Virginia
Mark E. Green, Tennessee
Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota
Greg Steube, Florida
Fred Keller, Pennsylvania

Re: Anonymous,
You need to WTF up and stop using all caps. (Capitalizing every letter tells the reader you are yelling at them.)

The people in those committees you listed are outraged because they are not allowed in their secret meetings. Not allowed a copy of the transcripts nor to even view them. The Democrats are circumventing rules of the House. It’s outrageous and no matter what political party you affiliate with. If they can get away doing this to the President of the United States, what will they do to the average Joe? You should be worried & scared that our constitutional rights are being trampled on left & right.

So WTF up!

I yell so maybe you will listen. How many times do you have to be told before it sticks? Some of those thugs who rushed the committee meetings were on those committees.That should be a good indication of why they did it – to distract from the real story which is Trump’s corruption. Trump’s family has benefitted more from his 2 1/2 years in the WH more than Biden’s son did in his time at Burishma. But, that isn’t what the impeachment is about. Using his office to influence other nations to help him win elections. He withheld military aid until Ukraine’s President publicly announced an investigation into specificall, Beau Biden. Not resume the old investigation into Burishma, but start a new one into again specifically, Beau Biden. That is soliciting foreign help with an election. and you can’t do that. It is illegal. There are no “secret meetings” of deals. All committee members listen to the testimony of witnesses and all, even Republicans, can ask questions of the witness. they had the same kind of closed door meetings during the Benghazi investigation.

Listen here you delusional liberal DemocRAT, I recall the Benghazi hearings being televised. How the heck do you think the world learned of corrupt Hillary’s stand of “what difference does it make”. It’s nothing but a shit show.
Secondly, the trump family are actually working earning their pay checks vs. Quid Pro Creepy Joe’s son. Who has been appointed to boards he knows absolutely nothing about. There’s a big difference. Maybe if you got a job and moved out of your parents basement, you might understand what work is from what is given to you unethically.
Third, it is legal to have foreign help investigate. Furthermore, how can Trump be interfering with the election when creepy quid pro Joe hasn’t even been given the Democratic nomination. And, it was for crimes that Creepy Joe did in 2016. Let that sink in Lemming.

1 of the 10 Benghazi hearings was televised. Soliciting foreign help in an American election is a crime. One example of Trump kids profiting – Ivanka and her father meet with Chinese leaders about trade. 2 days later, China grants Ivanka 6 patents in China. Coincidence? She works in the WH as an advisor. She did not divest herself of any of her businesses after taking office. Her husband got $500 million in loans after meeting with officials of the companies in the WH.
You don’t know jack. Buy another beer and don’t fall off the stool again. Your head has taken too many hits.

What I do know if that everything this President has did has been on the up-n-up. He can’t claim the sky is blue without people getting in an uproar over the shade he claims it to be. Getting a patent is way different than being handed $50,000 monthly for doing jack squat. Get it Lemming? Another example, President Obama gave a publishing company 360 million to create a educational book of standards from the federal government. In return, he has taken a 36 million dollar book deal. So many examples of corruption from our government from both sides. I don’t hear you saying jack shit about what the Democrats have done that’s worthy of anyone’s vote. Why do you think they are after Trump? Because he is hindering their cash flow.

Drain the swamp.

Trump is bringing big back jobs and I can list a lot of the accomplishments he has done for our country. Is he perfect, hell no! None of us are.

What can you list that the Democrats have accomplished besides taking away women’s right to privacy in the bathroom. They have also taken away women’s
sports. Also, they care more about illegals then they do our own veterans and could careless about homeless problem.

You have to be a special kind of stupid to be a member of the Democratic Party now days where you don’t even have a vote for the nominee for the DNC. Not to mention their socialism platform. So it is you that truly doesn’t know Jack!

Wow. That’s a long list. Does it really lead to anything? Or, is it just another in a series of transparent, counterproductive, partisan, witch hunt failures?

The one and only criminal here is Adam Schiff !! America is so fed up with him !
Republicans should break down the door of his mini Gestapo and throw his punk ass in jail ! Why the Dems haven’t been arrested and charged with treason is beyond ridiculous. Keep doing this every single day Republicans like your very jobs depend on it ! . . . Because they do !!!

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano…… “As frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors … they are consistent with the rules. … When were the rules written last? In January of 2015. And who signed them? John Boehner. And who enacted them? A Republican majority.”

This witch hunt is criminal,they have been trying to destroy him since he won the election ,I swear it reminds me of the Wizard of oz ,The wicked witch and the flying monkeys ,or the Salem witch trials ,they have spent the last 3 and a half years trying to tear that man’s life to shreds and don’t forget Judge Kavanaugh.

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano…… “As frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors … they are consistent with the rules. … When were the rules written last? In January of 2015. And who signed them? John Boehner. And who enacted them? A Republican majority.”


Support Corruption and lies! Vote for trump!

When Dunny pounds Melly they play early 80s Eurythmics.

dumocrats don’t phase President Trump like he does them, he likes to give schiff and pelosi a wedgie every other day while he MAGA steam rolls to 8 more years.

What is going on in Congress since the Democrats have been given control is insane. The controlling party in Congress has done NOTHING but bitch and try to borrow trouble from tomorrow for the last 3 years. They just keep making up nonsense!

As an Independent and former DemocratI am disgusted at the lack of cooperation from the Democrats.

Trump has not been that bad to impeach him. Total stupidy!!

Are you totally serious… Trump admitted to treason on his part. From is own lips….. and you think Democrats are dumb. He is burying himself. They are not digging for crap on Trump…. they are just exposing and enlightening the American people of this mans continuous criminal activity. He is constantly putting America
At risk. My only question is what the hell else has this man done!!! We ALL should be concerned!!

We know Dumbocrats are dumb. Just exactly what did Trump confess to?

What? I can’t hear you!

First, we are glad you left. Second, the Democrats do not control Congress. They control the House of Representatives. The Republicans control the Senate. The President is Republican (well, he says he is anyway). The control was totally on the Republican side for 2 years. What did they do other than give their biggest donors a permanent tax cut and the rest of us, a couple years of more money in our checks, after 2020, we will see our taxes go up and our wages decrease. Then you will want to come back to the Democratic side.

Democrats are NOT in control of Congress! Democrats have a majority of representatives in the House, who were voted in by their respective districts, and Republicans have a majority in the Senate, under the same conditions. The two together comprise Congress, one of the three branches of our government, the other two being judicial (the court), and executive (the presidency). For somebody who spams this site daily, it’s disturbing that you clearly couldn’t, and didn’t, pass a 5th-grade government class.

All this because Donny Dump got caught on tape with Russian Girl giving him a golden shower. If only he would have grabbed them by the pussy we wouldn’t be in this mess.


TRUMP IS a disgrace to our great country and American citizens.

You think this is going to end well for Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff? There is disappointment in your future…again.

Pelosi is no longer effective and needs to retire. Half the world is saying she has lost her marbles, stumbles around like an alcoholic, does she have no shame? She can’t connect two words when making a sentence and often calls names of persons that are not part of the given conversation. For a leader she is really doing too much stumbling through trying to get across what she is intending to say. She is beyond pathetic, needs to go home and rock her grandchildren or fly somewhere and enjoy life, she seems to have a knack for that for sure.

She must be plenty effective, since this is happening, and you’re clearly freaking out about it.

Have you been paying attention at all? This impeachment frenzy is just the latest gasp from the ‘Hillary was Supposed to Win!’ crybabies.

5 more years. Who’s your daddy?

Sen. Chuck Grassley hasn’t seen any evidence President Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense, and continued his criticism of House Democrats’ secrecy in their impeachment inquiry.

He’s also obviously completely disgusted with Trump, and trying to convey that without collapsing the party altogether.

Even more news:

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