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More trouble for son of Brent Trout: Pile of dead, burned deer at Lime Creek leads to charge from DNR conservation officer

Lime Creek Nature Center
Lime Creek Nature Center

NIT – A news tip was received by the newsroom on April 12 regarding a charge brought against Tyler Trout of Mason City – the son of City Administrator Brent Trout – by an Iowa conservation officer involving a pile of burned, mutilated deer carcasses found at the Lime Creek Nature Center.

The news tip stated:

The son of Mason City’s city administrator, Brent Trout, was investigated for poaching deer at Lime Creek Nature Center, adjoining Mason City on the north. I think it was the 18 year old son, Tyler Trout. A lime Creek conservation officer found a pile of five deer carcasses. Apparently, someone had tried to set them on fire. Tyler Trout’s partially burned car registration was found at the scene, having apparently been used as tinder. Nothing has been published in the Globe-Gazette about this.

Court records show that Tyler Trout, age 18, was charged with – and pled guilty to, in January of 2014 – a violation of Iowa code 481A.38-F (ATTEMPT,PURSUE,KILL,TRAP,BUY,SELL, (GAME/FUR ANIMALS)). sought more explanation from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on the incident described in the above news tip and subsequent charge.

This is the explanation from the Iowa Conservation Officer, Benjamin K. Bergman, who brought the charge against Trout and another man:

Mr. Marquardt:

I am responding to an information request that you have asked for pertaining to – State of Iowa vs Trout –

On January 10, 2014, I received a tip from Cerro Gordo County Conservation in regards to a pile of deer (2 carcasses and 3 deer heads) that were dumped and partially burned in the parking lot of Kingfisher Hollow on or about January 9, 2014.  County Conservation Employees were able to clean up the carcasses, but also discovered some burned mail items with a partial names and addresses on them.

I was able to obtain these burned mail items to aid in my investigation.  Upon further investigation of where the burned pile of carcasses were, I was able to obtain some more mail items with more of a complete address on it, as well as names.

The addresses on the mail items led me to 545 8th Street SE, Mason City, Iowa.  I was able to speak with the owner of the residence and explained what led me to the address.  After showing the owner of the residence a couple of items I had found, he explained that he believed his son, Kyle Peterson (DOB 06/06/1982), would more than likely be able to get me the answers.  I was able to meet with Kyle and after showing him the evidence, he said that he and a friend, Tyler Trout, were getting rid of some deer carcasses and thought it would be ok to try and burn them in the parking lot.

I had Kyle get in touch with Tyler to let him know that I would be getting in communication with him.    Tyler and I were able to communicate over the phone and we discussed the matter.  Tyler was very cooperative and said that he and Kyle had placed the deer carcasses there and tried to burn them.

After speaking with both Kyle and Tyler, both had harvested a deer within Iowa’s Shotgun 2 season, however, neither of the 2 men reported their harvest, which by Iowa Law, all successful Deer and Turkey hunters must report their harvest by midnight of the day after tagging it, before taking it to a locker or taxidermist, before processing it for consumption or before transporting out of state, whichever comes first.  Neither men said they knew they were supposed to harvest report their deer.

The 3 other deer heads, small antlered bucks, were allegedly given to Kyle and Tyler by 3 other hunters who didn’t want them.  However, neither men knew the names of these 3 other hunters.

With Kyle and Tyler both being very cooperative in this investigation, I charged them both with 1 count of  “unlawful possession of deer (failure to report harvest).”

Furthermore, it should be noted that the dumping of deer or any animal carcass on public property (county or state ground, public road ditches) is an illegal act and that successful hunters must report their deer or turkey to ensure proper management of the state of Iowa’s resources.

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Tricked out teen, Tyler Trout tagged for Tag less pile of burning deer today. Tisk, tisk.

He was probably disposing of them for his daddy. They also probably used to have pictures of you, Marquardt, stuck to them…when he used them for target practice.

A few things: One,this did not happen at lime creek or even near it. Two,they were charged with not reporting the harvest of an animal.They probably just dumped the carcases and burned some everyday trash next to them. Wild animals would eat the carcases. Also, why is this being reported three months after it happened? Sounds like someone is trying to put Brent in the doghouse. If this was going to be reported it should of been done a long time ago.

good question Anonymous why wasnt this reported 3 months ago. I agree with you that someone was trying to cover it up.

The article states NIT received the tip on April 12.

My family has to accept consequences for any bad behavior. I would expect that the upper class, blow hards of the town should have consequences too. Dumping the remains where they did,is illegal. Not reporting their harvest, is illegal. With remains of 5 different deer, I say poaching. Had an everyday trash fire next to the remains? Come on!!

The average guy would have had no less than a handful of charges lodged against them. These guys all drink from the same trough.

Anonymous-Did you read the article?? Both kids admitted they tried to burn the carcasses.Doesnt sound like just burning trash. Here is a quote from the article:
” I was able to meet with Kyle and after showing him the evidence, he said that he and a friend, Tyler Trout, were getting rid of some deer carcasses and thought it would be ok to try and burn them in the parking lot… Tyler was very cooperative and said that he and Kyle had placed the deer carcasses there and tried to burn them.”

Who are we kidding, these kids are our future leaders. They’ll go to a good school and then be our overlords just like his dad is. These are the types of kids that eventually run all of us.

In the past, yes, but with NIT…these “leaders” can be stemmed before they get any further. That is unless the people remain deliberately obstinate or stupid, which is of course possible. I’ll never erase that image of Dr. Lala and his son carrying shotguns out of his car to his dentist office, a week after his son was just exonerated from liability in killing his friend with a Shotgun in Floyd County. Guess Doc Lala wanted to get his kid back on the horse quick.

@Philly-the kid was killed with a 22 not a shotgun and he was probably trying to get all guns away from his home where they wouldn’t be around the boy.

Yes I will NIT staff! LVS, you are wrong. It was Dr. Lala and the son carrying shotguns from his car to his Dentistry practice. It struck me as odd because it was literally just a few days after the article came out that said the kid wouldn’t be charged in the shooting. I thought to myself “wow, maybe that kid shouldn’t be around guns as part of a judicial ruling”. I thought it odd that he was already handling guns so soon. Dr. Lala is welcome to explain that if he wants.

I will concede it’s possible he has more than one son, but the kid looked around 16, and they were unloading shotguns from an SUV I believe, into the side door of Central Park Dentistry, along 1st Street. At the time I remember thinking it looked like they had just come back from hunting or shooting. I would have thought at the minimal, the court would have ordered the boy away from guns until he’s 21 or something.

Yes. It was definitely Dr. Lala. I’m just not certain on who the boy was with him unloading guns from his vehicle to the side door of his office. He was young about 16 or so. The guns were out of their cases, which was what I found odd I remember. If you have information about how many teenage boy sons he has could help to narrow down who the young lad was with him. I was driving west down 1st street. The story was so fresh, which is why it was odd to see him with guns in public.

@Philly-wake up and read before you comment. I didn’t say it wasn’t doctor Lala or his kid. I said the other kid was killed with a 22 not a shotgun and just possibly Lala was taking the guns to his office to get them away from the kid so he wouldn’t have access to them.

@Matt-Look there, he is trying to tell you that you are number one in his book. Real classy guy isn’t he?

Philosophus….I find it odd that you are allowed to be around computers, so what’s your point?
Did it ever once occur to you that maybe, just maybe there wasn’t enough evidence to show the kid was guilty? I’m not defending the kid or what happened because I don’t know. What I’m saying is you are the first one to cry foul about due process, but in this case you seem to think because you say so, the kid is guilty no matter what.

Well Buzz, probably because 2 + 1 = 3 in most people’s world. Guns, teenagers and one of them is dead. I’d say it’s a little more serious than messing around on a computer wouldn’t ya think? I’d also say that if a teenager ends up dead, regardless of what the others say, they should be stripped of their ability to be around guns for a period of time. But not Dr. Lala’s kid. Apparently he and the old man were back at it, coming back from a pa and son shooting outing perhaps?

Maybe Lala finally got around to giving his kid a gun safety course (after the fact). “You know son, if anymore of your friends end up dead, I’m going to get suspicious of what you say…so no more dead friends.” “Okay Dad.” “And what the hell’s wrong with you anyway? Even though I’m a respected doctor in this community, I won’t be able to get you out of EVERY knuckle head thing you do…so try and be more careful next time…would ya?” “Ok dad.” “I’m proud of you still son.”…

As always, you know it all. Plus, with your last ignorant comment, you just totally showed your ass to the world….again.

Because Buzz is the only one with an associate’s degree in sarcasm right?

Someone’s kid died. Try to show some respect.

1. You’re telling me about someone’s kid dying?

2. Does “showing respect” mean we can’t ask questions as to why no one was charged, or why the person in question was seen with another weapon in his hand?

3. I’ll bet the Mafia would like “respect” for the hits they perform: “C’mon officer, quit asking me about my cousin Vinnie ending up in the dumpster behind the restaurant…show some respect would ya?”

I find it more troubling that 2 teens are running wild in the woods with guns. I bike and jog trails in the woods. I don’t trust these kids.

@Brosephus-Exactly. That is why there is no hunting with guns in that area. I think they might allow some bow hunting with a permit during season but that is all. This kid has shown disrespect for the law and would probably shoot at anything that moves.

Humans who wantonly destroy life in this manner have no place in civilized society. Maybe there’s an afterlife and the roles will be flipped? Trout will snort and puff like a deer, and run, and be at the end of some punk kid’s sights, then BOOM…falls dead for no reason. Think Afterlife Karma doesn’t exist? I’ve read that whatever you do in this life, gets done back to you in another. Imagine how many times pig farmers will get born and executed as pigs if this type of karma exists?

Philosophus….”I’ve read that whatever you do in this life, gets done back to you in another.”

Well, it looks like you are going to get a free pass then because you haven’t done anything in this life. Unless, you come back as a sponge.

This is the same kid throwing underage drinking parties. But don’t worry, City Attorney MARK YOUNG dropped most of those charges. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Maybe it’s a payback for the cover up of Youngs son wrecking his car while drunk and Young showing up at the scene and his son not getting charged.

another good example of Braindeads son.

Hey Reality Check, I heard about Mark Young showing up at his son’s accident/ticket/’situation’

My questions are simple and straight forward. Why wasn’t he charged with interference with official acts and who are law enforcement involved?

Enough of Police letting these people off the hook

Mark Young what a pathetic excuse of a man. Let alone an attorney. He probably didnt want to go to court again after he LOST 4 consecutive times against the county’s MIS Director. Last person to lose 4 times to the same person would re-think their profession. Oh wait what does he care he got paid! (probably the only reason the case kept getting delayed and tried

Burn animal carcasses? Deer heads provided by unknown hunters? Burn your car registration? There is some serious pathology going on here. Cult, drugs, psychosis or all of the above…. This is absolutely bizarre.

By the way, Kingfisher Hollow is a remote, primitive canoe access area north and west of town along the river, miles from LC.

And if he wasn’t Brent Trout’s kid, nobody would give two shits about any of this.

Exactly, just another witch hunt.

My thoughts exactly…

@Buzz-I am just as concerned about them shooting in that area. It is obvious that the kid has no respect for the law and would probably shoot at any thing that moves. Lots of people hike, bike and canoe in that area.

@ LVS…I agree with you as I wouldn’t want people shooting around where I was walking either. By the same token, people should probably not be walking in designated hunting areas during hunting season either without being careful. Also….I didn’t see in the story where these two guys were actually hunting where they dumped the deer at. I drag our deer carcasses to open fields (with permission) to let the eagles have something to eat on them after I’ve finished processing them.

I disagree. People would care about it. I know I would.

Buzzycrum, sure it matters. Especially because it is a public officials son. Trouts kid got special treatment. He received “only” one charge and a low fine.

The less exalted would have had a charge for each dear and many more dollars in fines.

This is clearly news because of the special treatment and the coverup!


This will look good on the college application.

this reminds me of the Governors son way back in the 80s. drunk driving etc. remember he ended up killing two innocent people before daddy sent him away to school. watch and learn with this one.

….and later worked for the Latham campaign.

The kid just isn’t to bright is he? I guess he thinks the laws are for everyone else but him.

“The pot calling the kettle black”

What a spoiled piece of crap.

Might want to double check the headline Chief.

It’s almost like this kid is Intentionally trying to embarrass his Father. Either that or he thinks he’s invincible, I bet that’s it!

What is wrong with that kid????? That is a early warning sign of most serial killers or pychopaths. that is really scary..

Even more news:

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