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4.5% “flat tax” bill passes Iowa House

State capitol of Iowa
State capitol of Iowa

DES MOINES – Iowans may soon have a choice when filing their tax returns.

Yesterday, on a vote of 53-47, the Iowa House passed HF478, a bill that would allow Iowans the choice of the current tax system or a 4.5% flat tax with zero deductions or credits when paying their income taxes.

Republicans said Thursday that the bill “leaves more money in Iowans’ pocketbooks and reduces Iowans’ income taxes” and “no one will pay higher income taxes under this plan. ”

As a further tax break, the bill raises the filing threshold so that the first $6,235 (or $12,450 for married couple) would not be taxed.

The bill now heads to the Democratically-controlled Senate.

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I also think Mason City is really bad and the local city government is a bad example of how a city should be run!

I think it’s the most intelligent council in years. They’re trying to improve the city as apposed to letting it rot away as past councils have done. Takes money to do that. Like it or not it’s a fact. What’s your suuggestion to bring MC into today and the future and keep it from being stagnent?

I moved to Texas so I don’t have to pay Iowa income taxes.

Also, what is wrong with the lower income paying at least some income tax? They use public services just like the rich and should pay their fair share.

I love the liberals in Iowa who complain all the time. Always wanting something for nothing. It is a hoot reading the bitching and complaining about paying taxes.

We got tired of paying and paying for all the knuckledraggers and got out of Iowa.


is Texas or any other state really that much different than Iowa. Most all states have some poverty, illegals, and under paid walmart workers.

Texas is much, much different than Iowa. Texas does not get involved in your life at every level like Iowa and liberal states do.

I would sum it up as having much more Freedom. Much less restrictive to build, get into your own business, and less intrusive into your personal life.

It all adds up to be less costly with more opportunities in everything from business to education.

Iowa on the other hand has a code, inspector, bureaucrat, law enforcement, or some government jerk telling you what to do all the time. In Texas, it is live and let live!

Now our whole family is migrating to Texas as a result of learning there is a difference how much government can destroy your quality of life. Big big difference!

@Watchdog-You are entirely correct about Texas. I lived there for over 10 years and then moved back here for family. I sure wish I was back in Texas but I am stuck here with this nasty damn white crap and the cold.

And in Texas without codes etc. there’s more chance of getting ripped off, help for the poor etc.. Those codes etc. are needed to keep a-holes at bay. Ever checked out the abuse in nursing homes in Texas compared to Iowa or the shabby work done by sleazy contractors, the greasy streets from car oils after rain storms because they don’t utilize taxes for sand and etc.. No thanks. I’ll take Iowa.

@myname-none of the southern states sand after a rain storm and all their roads are slippery when wet. (hence the signs). It is not just from oil (oil is the minimal part) but mostly from the rubber from tires and the fumes from diesel. If you think Texas is bad, go to California the land of all codes, rules, laws and taxes. See what you get there with the ghetto’s and slums. California is the biggest welfare state there is (well, maybe New York).

Let me tell you about Texas and why I’m so glad I got out of there.

First, South Texas has more poverty than ANY other state in the country. In fact, Hidalgo county (McAllen area) is the poorest county in the country.

Secondly, there are no building codes in South Texas. You might build a beautiful, expensive home and then someone comes along and puts a mobile home right next to it, soon to be surrounded by piles of junk.

Thirdly, try to find someone who actually speaks English in South Texas. You may as well be in Mexico because there’s not much difference. I was in the local Walmart (near McAllen) and had some questions about a certain item. The MANAGER of that department did not speak English and had to get someone else to translate. Kids learn English in school, but they don’t get to practice it enough because they go home to Mom & Dad, who only speak Spanish.

I say let Texas secede. Aside from all the poverty (and just plain ugliness) it produced just a few too many Bushes. And I’m not referring to plants.

@No Love-You picked absolutely the worst part of Texas to live in. You have to get away from the border to avoid the crime and poverty. The area around Austin and Dallas is gorgeous. Texas is trashy compared to Iowa but if you get into some areas of say Davenport or other large Iowa cities you will fined we have our share of poverty. If you ever move to Southern California you had better speak Spanish. It is much worse than Texas.

Hey, all that crap you are carping about is going on right here in Mason City. Codes and all. Don’t help a thing and makes it more expensive.

Way bad in Mason City for crime and bad neighborhoods.

As usual, LVS posts first and thinks later.

This bill not only gives the upper brackets a big fat break, it okays moving emergency funds into the general fund so Terry can give it away to companies from other countries.

Good grief, man. Don’t you read? The current rate is anywhere from .36% to 8.98% – depending on income. Of course with this NEW brilliant plan, the people with the LOWER incomes pay MORE and the ones with the higher incomes pay LESS.

And all the money we need to repair flood and storm damaged areas is now going into Terrible Terry’s corporation tax break pot.

Thank god the senate is there to throw this crap in the garbage.

And of course it has NOTHING to do with welfare, so that was a stupid thing to say. But unless you’re one of the 1 percenters LVS, this is going to cost YOU more.

@Sicka-not me it won’t but I told you the democrats would try to shoot it down. Damn, I’m good.

Good at what? Shooting yourself in the foot?

Because unless you’re in the one percentile, you’ll pay more. If you’re on disability or social security, YOU PAY MORE. If you’re in middle or low income, YOU PAY MORE.

Does any of that matter to you?

@Sicka-Just good at knowing you would have something snappy to say about the whole thing. I knew you would because the Republicans were in favor of it. That means you are not in favor of it. It was a given. Just RELAX and take it easy. It’ll all be over soon.

That’s why you have no empathy for the working man & woman. No matter what happens you’ll still get your monthly SS stipend, energy assist, food stamps, prescript help etc.. While the people working and trying to feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads would get screwed. The working poor don’t mind paying taxes. They just want a fair shake.

Nobody else post anymore comments. It seems that sickandstupid has it all figured out all the way up there on that pedestal.

I’m sorry facts are so terrifying to you. Try to read a little each day so the shock isn’t so great.

ok let’s play house. You be Joe the plumber making $20,000/yr. and I’ll be CEO of the company you work for making $150,000/yr. and we’ll use this bill’s calculations. Guess who’ll have a greater part of their gross income left for take home pay? Please use a calculator and not your political association for your answer.

sickastupd you are so right. I know it is hard for some here to figure that out but give them time, they might get it.

“Good grief, man. Don’t you read? The current rate is anywhere from .36% to 8.98% – depending on income. Of course with this NEW brilliant plan, the people with the LOWER incomes pay MORE and the ones with the higher incomes pay LESS.”

Better re-read the article. It allows a choice: the old system or a flat 4.5% without deductions. Of course EVERYONE will choose the one that thay pay the least with.

@Joao-you see she only reads that parts that interest her and that she thinks she can make a point out of. Everyone interprets a little differently. She is like so many in the country today, she can only see one side and makes no attempt to even look at the other.

The article? I read the bill. Apparently neither one of you did.

How does this sound to you:

A taxpayer making the election (the flat rate) under subsection 2 shall be subject to an alternative cumulative income surtax as provided in section 298.14.

And then the caveats begin…

And you say I only read the parts I like?

“How does this sound to you:

A taxpayer making the election (the flat rate) under subsection 2 shall be subject to an alternative cumulative income surtax as provided in section 298.14.”

Did you bother to read the bill, particularly sect. 298.14? It deals in School District Income Surtax.

@Joao, it is clearly marked school surtax so if stupid is trying to use this to proove her point she CONVIENTLY left out the most important part, weither it was on purpose or by accident. I am not a lawyer so some of it doesn’t make sense to me but most of it does and a flat tax sounds like the way to go for me, that way everybody pays their share.

@Joao: I suggest you read the ENTIRE section. Then you can come back and apologize.

Actually stupid is looking at this with her eyes closed and her bigotry wide open. The article said that the the first 6000 or so is untaxed so us middle class goes a while before we start paying taxes. According to stupid the UPEER CLASS gets a big break but the way I see it, the upper class make much more money than I do. Lets say I make 6000 in 6 months and the upper class make 6000 in 1 month. That would mean they would be paying taxes on a whole lot more money than I do. Tell me stupid how this helps them?

Maybe, you’re just too damn dumb.

Ok stupid, you say I am dumb? I never heard of this bill till I read the article, tell me where you read the bill so I can be as smart as you.

@maybe-you must have struck a nerve with her. Instead of her usual snappy comeback she resorted to name calling (which she never does) and called you a dummy.

EXACTLY! Anyone who can do simple math would see the “working poor” will get the shaft again. Esp. with no deductions! My calculator doesn’t make mistakes. Pardon the pun but this idea “makes me sick sicka”.

Great Idea by the Republicans. Now watch the Democrats shoot it down because it does nothing for welfare.

Well if the cons are the ones working and making oodles of money…… and the libs are the “working poor” (as cons claim they make the most money) and would pay more in taxes, what the heck would you expect them to say. OK?!!!! It’s not about WELFARE! It’s about WORKING PEOPLE. People on welfare DON”T PAY TAXES. duuuuuuuuuh.

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