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Dames lose exciting roller derby match this weekend to Demolition Crew

by Jody Spear and Kelly Meyer –

MASON CITY – The River City Dames of Anarchy versus the Dakota City Demolition Crew Bout was played at the All Seasons Center at the North Iowa Events Center Saturday Night.

The Dames lost 75 to 189, but there was a lot of heat in the arena. Not only between the players, but the coaches and crowd too. There were many calls that were questionable, or perhaps “not called.” There were Dames flying here and there and no calls or penalties against the opposing team. The Dames’ coach lost his temper and was thrown out of the game. As he walked off, he said, “Oh, well, it’s their game anyway.”

Rachael Kobriger, recently voted in as new President of the Dames, wasn’t playing Saturday night because of previous plans. When she was texted by several team members, she “snuck out” to see what was up with the girls. Basically it was the difference between having half the officials from the Dames side and half from the Demolition side. Most officials Saturday night were from the Demolition side.

Cindy Kilby, mom of “Wells Angel” and as she puts it, “The Official Derby Mom to all these Beautiful Girls,” said, “The girls are very upset.”

The Saturday Bout “Wish Upon a Scar” cost $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door with 10% of the proceeds donated to Make a Wish, “The River City Dames of Anarchy are committed to helping our Community.”

They thank their sponsors, Harley Davidson of Mason City, Roller City, Budweiser, Mod Photography, Buffalo Wild Wings, Clarion Inn, Wayne’s Ski and Sports and Pepsi Beverage Company.  They also state in their program, “thanks to all of our fans, sponsors, volunteers, families, derby widows, artists, photographers and friends. Without you we’d be just a bunch of pushy brats with fancy roller skates. Thank you for all of your support! Sincerely, Your Dames.”

There next home bout is October 27, 2012 at 7 pm at the North Iowa Event Center in Mason City, Iowa. They will be battling the MedCity Mafia of Rochester.

Watch video:


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Sorry but I’ve played DcDc and they are not a nice team to play. As a jammer I got cheap shoted so badly that I ended up having spine surgery. Now I’m not complaining that I got hurt because it’s roller derby. But the fact that the opposing jammer threw a fit and said I needed to toughen up because it’s roller derby, she also threw a fit about wanting to know if her points still counted while I was on the floor. The dcdc team goes out to hurt player on purpose, excessive force was called on a few girls and they were ejected from the game.

If I were the writer of this article and after all these childish/rude comments including from “The Dames” I wouldn’t give them anymore “FREE” publicity. Shame on you. Most of you cant even skate anyway, your all just a bunch of roller derby wannabes. Lets get the old derby back then you might actually get a audience. What a joke. Cry baby’s!

Will this paper get some real sports writers. I would not urinate on this article if it were on fire. What a shame. Apologies are in order for the team you failed to get information from and to all the people who read this farce.

Don’t go away mad, just go away! If you dont like reading such articles as “Telling It Like It Is” then dont come here. NIT and staff do a wonderful job at reporting the truth.
Thanks NIT!

This article does not represent everyones opinion of the bout. As a dame myself, I had a great time and enjoyed playing DC/DC, win or lose. Losing is a big part of playing sports, and being a gracious winner is, too. Their is some history between the two teams, and that obviously came into play last weekend. I sincerely hope none of our fans were offended, and hope you will be back to support us! Thanks to all our fans and sponsors, and also to DC/DC for coming.

Please remember that if you want to all complain about the refs, they are NOT PAID ANYTHING for doing the bouts. I guess if you don’t like them or their callings then maybe you need to learn how to do it yourself….. They are here to try and keep this fair and safe NOT TO BE BABYSITTERS….

I have an out of the blue question. Would you write an article like this about a high school sport event. ALSO GOT ASKED TO POST THAT THE HEAD REF FOR THE NIGHT WAS NOT WITH DC/DC AS EVERYONE THINKS. HE IS WITH MIR OUT OF DES MOINES.

Just for the record…DCDC does not play fair (the
pictures show it)…the only referee that had ties
to the opposing team (once was their team ref…
and resides in Dakota City)… just happened to be the HEAD ref
for the night! Thank you to
for speaking on the dames’ behalf! And for those of you
that were offended by the foul language…take into
consideration the fact that it’s a tough…brutal
sport…with many frustrations! And I’m sure a lot
of the dames aren’t proud of their actions!

Not sure where you are getting your info but there are no REFS that live in Dakota City. Please check your info before typing.

If DC/DC did not play fair then DOA did not as well…pictures don’t always so what is going on as they are a blink of a split second action. But thanks for your input and knowledge (which you clearly lack)!

Also the head ref was chosen by DOA.

Why cant we have a REAL sport like WWE wrestling?

Well being a memeber of the stands I CAN NOT believe how this bout went. I have always thought that these events are to be family events. How are we to take our kids to events when the home team that most people are there to support act the way they did here. I heard a lot of swearing from the home teams bench as well as their coach. I was VERY glad to see the Dames coach get kicked out and I AM VERY IMPRESSED with the way that the DC/DC players played and behaved in the sistuation at hand. I was looking into playing for the Dames but now there is NO WAY that I WOULD EVER play with a team like that. Yes it is hard to come up with the ref staff for these bouts. However knowing several of them I KNOW FOR A FACT that there was only 1 ref from DC/DC there. 1 or 2 from Des Moines 1 from IL and at least 1 from Dames. I think people need to get the story straight before doing the publishing and I DO BELIEVE THAT YOU OWE DC/DC A HUGE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really sad to see a team act this way because of losing.

No wonder the Dames’ home crowd is so rude. If they take the coach’s actions as an example on how to act and your reporting as solid fact, I would hate the away/opposing teams too! The response from “Curiousity” is true. The only participating official from the Demolition Crew was one outside pack referee. And that includes all the Dames’ family members keeping track of penalties and score. But you know, it was probably rigged…;)

I don’t know where you got your information, but the Demolition Crew only had 1 referee out of all the officials. The rest of the officials were a majority of the Dames people or from other affiliations.

Only thing I mentioned was alot of calls were being missed. That is it.

“Basically it was the difference between having half the officials from the Dames side and half from the Demolition side. Most officials Saturday night were from the Demolition side.”

No, that wasn’t all that you put! DER! Go reread the article that you mentioned a lot of incorrect information on…were you too busy to ask the Demolition side anything…blatant disregard! Talk about disrespect to a sport when you show your ignorance…YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY AS WELL!

in EVERY bout there are missed calls… and to be fair REFS can ONLY CALL WHAT THEY SEE.. not on the after effect of the hit.. so if someone gets knocked down by a back block and the ref only sees the downed player they CANNOT CALL anyone on a penalty unless the downed player at that time were to trip someone … then THAT DOWNED PLAYER would be responsible for TRIPPING the opposite player..

I love my ladies and I’m glad no body got hurt on either side. Have a good day!!!

DC/DC plays by the rules and nobody gets hurt! 😀

I read and reread the article. It appears that whh….And I quote-, misquoted. There are not quotations marks around any of those words in the article, meaning Rachael did not give that quote, or infact, any quote. It just mentions that she came to what was up with the girls. (a sign of a good President)

I believe it was directed to the two ladies who wrote the story, not to Rachel. It’s hard to tell who is who when we are all hiding behind an alias. Rachel is a great asset to the team and I’m glad she’s the president to push the team in the right direction.

Thank you!!!! You are correct on that!! I appreciate all your support!!

GO Rach!! Finally a president who cares more about the team then themselves.

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