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Obama to push for easier voting

U.S President Barack Obama
U.S President Barack Obama

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 (UPI) — Democrats, with President Obama among those leading the way, will push to make it easier to register to vote and cast ballots, White House officials say.

Democrats have said long waiting times at the polls in some heavily Democratic areas cost the party hundreds of thousands of votes in November. The most notorious example was in Florida where some polling stations in Miami stayed open for hours to accommodate everyone waiting in line.

Some studies have suggested waiting times tended to be significantly longer in areas with concentrations of black and Hispanic voters, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Obama has notified Democratic leaders in Congress he will talk about making voting easier in his State of the Union message next week. Bills have already been introduced to mandate at least 15 days of early voting and on-line registration.

Republicans in many states passed legislation before the 2012 election requiring voters to show identification. The bills were described as measures to prevent voter fraud, but Democrats charged their real aim was to keep poor and minority voters from the polls.

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He wants the musslemums to take our country over he should have never got back in office.

What kind of family tree – bananna ?

It shouldn’t be easier to buy a gun than it is to vote. No one should have to stand in line for hours in-order to vote.

@happy guy-once more I agree with you on something. However, I could be wrong here, but I always thought the states were in charge of monitoring and setting up the voting. If that is correct then the states should be the ones taking action to reduce the wait time. I do not agree with all the early voting and think that people who do are taking a chance that they can not change. Things happen that influence your thinking and that can happen on the vote day.

unfortunately in many area’s of the US you have to stand in line for hours in order to vote. Quite often these area’s are in very poor minority neighborhoods. I believe it is very unfair to ask a person who has worked 8 or 10 hours in a day to go stand in line for hours more in order to vote. Sometimes a person just can’t physically be at a polling place on election day. Early voting is a very good way to remedy this. Not all states make voting as easy as Iowa does, but all states could take a lesson from us. The longest I have ever waited to cast my ballot was 15 minutes. I also believe that national elections should all be governed by the same rules and same forms of voting, ie early voting, mail in ballots, and the same voting machines. Standardized voting would help eliminate the fiasco we had in 2000.

You don’t have to stand in line to vote, you now can vote early.
You don’t have to stand in line to vote , you can vote by mail.
You should have to pay taxes to vote a novel idea.
A flat tax ,then everyone could vote and put something in the kitty.

Why can’t we have easier voting and voting identification. It would help voter fraud and give more people a chance to vote. A win win for both parties and what Obama said he was going to do in 2008. If I remember it was to be transparent and get rid of so much bipartinship.

I don’t know if this is true or not but I heard Vegas started a line on the duration of his second term.

Here’s another term you Osama Obama fans will never understand. PRIDE. You get that by knowing you worked and earned everything you have and didn’t sit around with your hand out leeching off others. But don’t worry you have at least four more years of a free ride unless the working class finally has enough and revolts.

This is absolutely insane. Voters should first be requried to answer 10 questions about each candidate before being allowed to vote. This is NOT a popularity contest as it was when he was first elected. Good God Americans, get your s*%t together and make this guy accountable.

The new Osama Obama Democratic party slogan.

Leech. A hanger-on who seeks advantage or gain.

blog you do realize that only 2% of American’s are on true welfare don’t you. The vast majority of people who get other assistance are the working poor, the people that do all those great minimum wage jobs the republicans seem to love. Also About $59 billion is spent on traditional social welfare programs. $92 billion is spent on corporate subsidies. So the real leaches are big business. The good friends of the republicans. The top 5 oil companies receive between 10 and 52 billion dollars per year while their net profits have climbed more than 35 billion dollars per year.

So before you go showing off you ignorance again you might want to do some fact checking first.

One thing that never changes is stupid is as stupid speaks.

Yes, blog of many names, I agree. And you, along with your other screen names are just a few of the “stupids” that my name indicates I am sick of.

I see your knuckles are starting to heal up, so don’t let me keep you. Your village is calling.

If you look beyond the ape years it all started with DNA in the ocean, then fish. It just could be people on the left stopped there to develop the freedom and dream like world of the ocean. So a lot of the people on the left need to get out of the ocean and use the fish lips to orally fix the problems going on. Doesn’t matter the blow fish lips or the sucker fish or the man eating great white.

You can’t win this one, Buck. Especially with your brain tied behind your back.

I don’t need to win, I’m content with my life.

Did you really go to the doctor and have an anal exam , because your wife , girlfriend or boyfriend ask that great question. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass. CBS did report this, but who would trust a network that Dan Rather worked for.

I read today that a company in California pays it’s workers with Mexican pesos. They might as well the Mexicans out number the whites now. And I bet most are Illegals.

I read somewhere that they’re making everybody say “Seig Heil!”

I also read somewhere that people in Alabama just voted to be paid in bullets!

It’s true, ‘cuz I read it on the internets!

This guy must east bullshxt for breakfast.

He is sure full of it!

Are u drinking the kook-aid for lunch then, sick?

I dunno. What’s kook-aid?

Kook-aid must be something like east bullish.t,.

I think I want to drop to your demeaning ways of posting slams instead of opinions. Did you grow up or grow into being a vaginal blood fart? Hey that is kind of fun, from your kook-aid friend.

@Bobby G-There are a lot of people that cross the border legally to work every day. They could pay them in Peso’s but if they are they are cheating them as the peso devalues every day so they really want to get paid in dollars. Although, if we keep printing money like we have been it won’t be long and our money will have no value either.

The company is called Bloom Energy out of the Silicon Valley. They were paying them $2.66 a hour. They came in on visitor work visas and were givin motels to live in. They were building energy generator for companys like Wal-Mart. Anyway now the company has to pay them $30.000 in back wages. Plus pay a $ civil penalty. They were depositing the money in a Mexican account.

@Bobby G.-Yes-they had to be doing it illegally. California has a very high minimum wage that they would have had to pay. I would bet they didn’t pay the S.S. or California Medicaid either. The minimum used to be $8.75 p/ hr. but that was in the late 90’s. I am sure it is higher now. There are thousands of people that cross every day on work visa’s to work in the U.S. You wouldn’t believe the traffic jams at the TiJauna border. 15 lanes of solid traffic all day long. Almost all of the border city’s are that way. Most of the Mexicans I knew were excellent workers who would do what ever was asked of them with no whining or complaining. They just wanted a job.

@Bobby G.-here is a little something I found on the Internet so you know it is true. “The problem with the world is that the Intelligent People are full of Doubts, while the SICK and STUPID People are full of Confidence. She found her old trig book and did a copy and paste and now she thinks she is smart.

Unlike LVS, who still doesn’t get it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Guess Oenema didn’t figure into his grand plan of getting votes, a lot of illegals are staying illegal . Maybe because all of the benefits but me no pay taxes man.

Just read article on CBS and that’s what they are reporting. Now remember they don’t have the best record on being honest, Dan Rather ring a bell.

Just watch out America by the end of Obama’s term this time our America will be ruined and our country will be run by the musselums. I really believe that is his goal.

it wouldn’t suprise me if something major happened and he declared martial law, suspended the constitution and declared himself supreme leader.

The musselums are coming!

@Sick – Musselums. You know. Add onions, cook at 340 degrees for 20 minutes, season to taste, add tarter sauce. They taste great.

If a musselum appears a little off, or has an odd color, DO NOT EAT. THIS WOULD BE A BAD MUSSELUM AND COULD MAKE YOU ILL.

Otherwise, they are indeed a tasty little bivalve!

@Sick – Thank you for the warning. I noticed the FDA did not mandate that warning to be posted on the bag of musselums that I purchased.

Look at the last election where easier voting was. This is just a cover for lets have voter fraud. When you have places in Florida the had 141% of eligible voters vote, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin. Obuma and the Democrats won every state that did not have any vote id laws or same day registration. That is why he wants to change to easier voting.

I don’t blame obama for trying to make voting easier, if I was as crooked as him I would want it easier for illegals and dead people to vote too.

He makes Nixon look like a angle. Slow but sure he going to get rid of the white people in this country. We will be moving farther north to Canada for work. The U.S will be another Mexico.

Equilateral, isosceles or scalene?

I can’t wait for this answer.

@STUPID-another irrational comment.

Apparently you’ve never attended a math class either, LVS.


@STUPID-it must be P.M.S. on your part but I never heard of it running this long before.

LOL. Loved your comeback!

@Stupid That was your comeback I loved about the angles.

@Katie: I couldn’t resist! What’s even better is the fact that these two chumps STILL don’t get it!


@Sick – Where is that trig book when you need it???

and LVS told me just yesterday that he attended college. Must have been basket weaving classes.

Great, a person whose family tree could be a straight line knows angles.

As Jack Nickelson said in a movie -YOU WOULD’NT KNOW THE TRUTH IF IT HIT YOU IN THE FACE !

After 5 years this guy is still running for president. Is he hoping they will make him king. So were stuck with him forever. Or is he going to change that law to. He thinks he is above the law. Yikes

If Muhamad Osama Obama has his way whats left of the employed people will have to take off work to hand deliver ballots to his deadbeat nation so they don’t have to ever leave their homes. Theres no end to what this looser will do to get votes.

Learn to spell.

You should not correct people in a public forum, it’s not polite . Just like a court of law you opened up this issue by the way you replied to blog. Since you like correcting people to make yourself feel superior, I want to try that too. Learn to spell is not a complete sentence. Learn to spell the words you use in your post,Now that would be a complete sentence, in any format

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