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North Iowa lobbying team arrives in D.C.

by Matt Marquardt –

A team of North Iowa lobbyists arrived in Washington, D.C. Wednesday.

The lobbyists, (pictured in U.S. Representative Tom Latham’s office on Capitol Hill) include Mason City City Administrator Brent Trout, Mason City Mayor Eric Bookmeyer, EDC Director Brent Willett, Robin Anderson of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce, and others.

The trip is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, now said to be the largest lobbying organization in the country.  A source close to the situation told that red scarves are required to be worn by everyone who takes the trip to Washington.  (Rep. Latham is only person in the above photo not wearing the scarf.)

“The chamber is going to Washington to promote their agenda,” another source told NIT.  “They are using the clout of local elected officials to gain access to higher ranking politicians in Washington.”

According to a page at Rep. Latham’s office, the lobbyists’ meeting with Latham focused on jobs issues, the uncertainty on tax structure and burden on small businesses.  They also discussed completed projects like the Ventura marsh dredging.

The group is in Washington lobbying for federal dollars for North Iowa.  They will be meeting with other politicians.

NIT will report on what, if any, dollars the group procures from the trip, which ends Friday.


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The country is going to hell in a handbasket…and here are these clowns holding out their tin cups. And we have a city sitting on $5 million plus begging for the bandrupt feds to give them a handout!

HA…good move…we did the same…Temp today was 80, property taxes last year were $312.00 and the people actually smile and greet you! What a life!

He making sure no one takes his beer.

what’s bookmeyer staring at? Is there a beer sitting in that chair?

They look like idiots!!! hahhaa where did they get those ridiculous things???

Did you read the article? You must be a Playboy reader.

I dont believe the mayor or a employee of mason city should be attending a lobbying trip for a group that does not represent the majority of our concerns. The chamber is only worried about issue that will give them more of our money. City officials are not suppose to be fair and impartial how can they be when the chamber is wining and dining these two guys. I just wonder if this is the only pay off these guys get from the chamber.

I think they make this trip every year and so do most other communities seeking funds. I think they got a bunch of money several years ago for the water treatment plant.

” City officials are not suppose to be fair and impartial ” Really? I think they most certainly are! Review what you wrote. I really think you didn’t say what you meant.

u r correct it suppose to say city officials should be fair and impartial. I dont believe Bookmeyer or Trout should be accepting anything from any lobby group.

I moved away to avoid paying for a town that is doomed. Real fair to try and make the rest of America have to sink more tax dollars into a hopeless community.

Worry about your “new” community and leave us alone as we are doing just fine without people like you.

And people like you are why MC’s population is declining.

I feel sorry for Latham having to be surrounded by all those creeps!

Publius, Latham is one of the biggest creeps in the picture!!!

Nice Scarves

Creepy! Will NIT report also on how much money they spent out there?

Sounds like the Chamber covers the trip, I’m not sure if the city, county are kicking in. I will try to find out. Thanks for asking.

In past years, each entity has paid for their people. Pretty sure the City will cover Trout’s expenses. Dunno about Bookmeyer.

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