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Chris Watts announces he will seek re-election to Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors, District 3

Chris Watts, District 3 Cerro Gordo County Supervisor

MASON CITY – Chris Watts has announced he will seek re-election to Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors, District 3.

Chris Watts was first elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2016, defeating
Democrat Phil Dougherty. Dougherty had served for 16 years in that role until Watts defeated him after previous attempts. Mr. Watts spoke of the achievements of the Board of Supervisors over the past 3 years. He mentioned:

● Savings of over $4 million to county taxpayers on reforms to county employee
retirement and health insurance package, passed in 2019. The former plan, which the current board changed, was passed years ago by a board consisting of Phil Dougherty, Jay Urdahl and Bob Amosson. It is estimated, according to county budget director Heather Mathre, that this plan has cost county taxpayers $881,504 in health insurance premiums since it went into effect back in 1998.

● Sorely needed updates to deteriorating county infrastructure such as bridges, roads, equipment and facilities. Examples are road graters, trucks, and a new county engineering building project beginning soon. Consolidating 3 locations.

● Opened up board vacancies to a more formal public application process.

● Lowered the county tax levy 3 straight years

● Refused a recommended pay raise 4 straight years. Never been done before

● Lowered the county social services tax levy, saving taxpayers over $50,000

Watts thanked county citizens and their support and trust since 2016.

“I’m excited about and looking forward to the next four years in the courthouse and what this board can accomplish together with our citizens and county employees. Consolidating and streamlining county operations and services while still serving citizens and saving them money is a top priority for me.”

Future endeavors at the courthouse could include: Expansion of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, putting property back on the county tax roll (example: former Iowa State Patrol office on Highway 122), and other business opportunities, continuing to hold steady or lower county tax levy, continuing the new tradition of the Board of Supervisors turning down recommended pay raise, and much more.

I’m all about “Delivering on My promises”

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Thanks Chris for all you have done for Cerro Gordo county! about time someone does something for the taxpayers, further more he stuck to his campaign promises! We should all be proud of his accomplishments! Thanks again Mr. Watts!

Or take the time to call Supervisor Watts as I did.
No other County had a program on the backs of the taxpayers like Urdahl & Dougherty put in place. Costing you big dollars.
He was elected to represent all of us, not a select few. And I’d say he’s doing a great job.
I heard Jay is still so bitter on losing that he’s trying hard to find another puppet to put in office.
We all know it won’t be him again after everything he’s done.

Thanks for checking the facts!
Watts is a great representative for the office

I suggest you ask any county employee what they think of Watts.

Why don’t you put your name on the ballot?

I’m one of the employees and have to say he is responsive and better at the job than the long timers that were in before.

Keep up the good work

Dumb Ass!

So he’s proud of screwing his long term employees out of health insurance they were promised. I bet that helped morale with employees and then he wouldn’t let any of them speak at the meeting when it was brought up. Hopefully someone runs against him.


He is a terrible micro-manager and all he has really done was give himself a big raise.

Look at his accomplishments. May appear dumb to you, but he listens to the voters and follows through.
Something that hasn’t happened in along time at the Supervisor level.

Nice enough guy, but dumb as dirt. Can’t we do better?

Why don’t you put your name on the ballot?

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