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Man flees trooper during OWI stop and is killed in traffic

logo-iowa-state-patrolJASPER COUNTY – A male subject was killed today when he was run over on Interstate 80 as he fled a law enforcement officer who had stopped him for drunk driving.

According to a report from the Iowa State Patrol, an Iowa State Patrol trooper had 24-year-old Enrique Perez, of West Des Moines, pulled over and in custody due to drunk driving at about 5 AM. As the trooper conducted an investigation and searched the Perez’s vehicle, a male subject later identified as 36-year-old Matthew Lentzkow attempted to flee on foot and entered the traveled portion of Interstate 80, near the 161 mile marker in Jasper county. Lentzkow, whose hands were bound behind his back, entered the traveled portion of the eastbound lanes of the interstate and was struck by a vehicle. He came to rest in the median and was pronounced dead at the scene by the Jasper county sheriff.

The accident remains under investigation.

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A person is dead because the laws of the land ruin people’s lives and drive them to desperate measures. OWI’s are no easy thing. They never punish the establishments who serve the drinks, only the consumers of the drinks. This is further evidence of an ill designed, broken society. It should anger people that this world is set up to be as dysfunctional and unjust as it is. Most would say “oh well, he shouldn’t have ran”, but until you’ve had your life ruined by DUI, you don’t know

It is legal to own a gun but if you murder someone that is illegal. It is legal to own a car but if you speed that is illegal. Think about it peter and stop blaming everybody else for your mistakes. You drink and drive then you get what you deserve and I have NO pity for you.

I have never “had my life ruined by a DUI”. I know people who have had them though. Their lives weren’t ruined either. Personal responsibility isn’t easy. Someday you may get there.

Never had your life ruined by a DUI? Well then I guess you’ve never run for public office, tried to become a police officer or join the military, obtain numerous driving jobs, obtain government jobs. A life becomes relegated and ruined after having those asshole cops arrest you for DUI when you could have made it home just fine, or been offered the option to walk. I’ll never forgive this corrupt society for destroying people’s lives hypocritically, and for money.

The cops know the alcohol game is a bullshit money grabbing equation. BAC is a mysterious, shifty thing, and PBT’s aren’t sold at Target or Wal Mart are they?-yet Alcohol is. In fact Alcohol is found EVERYWHERE in this society; with no explanations or protections informing people THEY WILL IN FACT become inebriated upon the use of this product. With 2 drinks, how in the hell do you know what your blood alcohol content is? Thousands of people drive illegally every day.

All of this is just an excuse to get people inducted into the nanny state. The State wants to constantly monitor and control people, and placing cheap-ass, questionably “criminal” charges on their records is the perfect way to CONTROL. Show me the damn victim…show me the harm; Corpus Delecti. Unless you’ve caused real property damage or harm to life and limb the charge of DUI should be minimal…equated to a speeding ticket. You can’t convict upon the presumption of future damage

Going after alcohol users is tantamount to going after coffee drinkers;it’s a product that is found everywhere in society. Imagine if they developed a testing mechanism for caffeine in your bloodstream and began cracking down on motorists who consume too much? They would create a class of “criminals” based on a readily found commodity;how fair is that? Commodities should never place the consumer in illegal status. Real damage needs to occur before waging criminal complaints.

Automobiles having such prominence in your society…if a product is so egregious as to affect 100% unadulterated sober operation of motor vehicles, then ban products such as caffeine, sugar, energy drinks altogether, as they can and do influence users. Simple algebraic logistics tells you that X amount of drivers, + Y amount of alcohol establishments is going to create Z amount of impaired drivers. With no buses or alternative transpo home, the STATE is insured of convictions.

They pulled you over for a reason.

I was followed by a State Trooper on Highway 18 at 3 am in the morning for 5 miles before he finally pulled me over because I jerked the steering wheel for just a slight moment reaching for a lighter on the dashboard to light a cigarette. I was driving perfectly straight but for a brief moment. That’s harassment on his part, as he was riding my ass trying to make me nervous.

@Philamena-He probably knew it was you and the chances were very good that you were either drunk again or high on drugs. It is called probable cause.

So you were minding your own business (while driving over the legal limit), at 3am (sounds like a common time to be out), down a main highway (couldn’t get accepted to ninja school I see), and then tried to do something that would have gotten you pulled over in broad daylight while stone sober. Gee peter, I can’t see what went wrong.

The issue of serving alcohol in a free society weighed with the heavy reliance on the automobile for transportation has created a conundrum. Of course I don’t want drunks driving;they put our lives in danger. However, the fun of alcohol is drinking it and having a good time. You can’t have a good time needing to worry about the cops. The laws should get severe for those who cause accidents, but let up on those who don’t cause any tangible harm to property or limb.

“However, the fun of alcohol is drinking it and having a good time.”

Almost there. The “fun” of drinking alcohol has been equated to getting drunk. That is the problem, not the Police enforcing the law. Instead of teaching or young adults to drink responsibly we’ve taught them that “fun” is getting “wasted” .

I’ve drunk responsibly and had”fun” since I was 18, never worried about Law Enforcement.

Yeah? And can you be certain 100% of the time you never drove over the legal limit? Do you carry a blood alcohol monitoring device like a PBT (Preliminary Breath Tester)? You’re full of shit Joao, cuz I can smell you thru my display screen. You’re a sanctimonious self righteous douche bag who comes on here to badger me trying to get a piece of my action. Whether it’s loud tailpipes or the alcohol hypocrisy, I’ve called out your beloved society, and it pisses you off that I have.

That’s right Phil, I never drove drunk, or even under the slightly under the influence. I do not imbibe (even one drink) and drive, because I can’t know how it will effect my ability to operate a vehicle. I AM RESPONSIBLY FOR MY ACTIONS, unlike you who has continually blamed EVERYONE else for you own short comings. And no you haven’t called out our society, you just blamed everyone else because your a petulant little child.

Now what kind of justice is that, dumbass…

@Allen-You need to understand that Philamena is a person with zero personal responsibility. That is why he does not understand the concept of “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY”. With him it is always someone else’s fault that he has failed.

LVS you need to know how the comment threads work. Allen wasn’t responding to my post, he posted before me. LOL. Nice sentiment though, but I’m sure Allen doesn’t care about Philamena. Why don’t you call me Phyllis instead? Phyllis Diller.

I wasn’t commenting about Phils post, he has enough people that beat him up. I was commenting about the dumbass DUI driver that got stopped, ran across the interstate and got snuffed. What kind of justice is that, dumbass. He gave his life for a Bud-wiser…

@Allen-sorry, I misread your comment. However, mine on Philamena stands. He brings it all on himself.

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