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Todd Blodgett Opinion: Amateur Staffers Undermine Biden

Todd Blodgett of Clear Lake Iowa is an accomplished writer and political strategist. He has been the most-popular writer in the history of the Globe Gazette, been published in numerous news publications, and has written a book, “Republican Crackhead.”

While Senator Joe Manchin’s refusal to support President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar ‘Build Back Better’ legislation apparently surprised only the White House, the shocker was the unprecedented vilification of the respected West Virginia Democrat by high-ranking Biden staffers.  Among others, Presidential press secretary Jen Psaki effectively called Manchin a liar, untrustworthy, and a two-faced traitor – despite the reality that, for months, the independent-minded Democrat consistently voiced adamant reservations over the bill’s excessive outlays, tax levels, questionable efficacy, potential to further ramp up inflation, blatant pork-barrel hand-outs and the increased power it would’ve provided the IRS.  Questioning his integrity and the personally attacking him was a MAJOR mistake.  After all, Manchin doesn’t need Biden, who is deeply unpopular in West Virginia – and which Donald Trump handily won, twice.  Moreover, in today’s 50-50 US Senate, Joe Manchin isn’t just ANY Senator; basically, he holds veto power, and proved he’ll use it.  From the outset, everyone KNEW that absent his vote, President Biden would get nothing.

Exacerbating matters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi forced Democrats, including vulnerable lawmakers in marginal districts, to go on record as supported this costly, controversial bill.  In six months, Republican candidates will transform those votes into an albatross around the neck of their Democratic opponents.  

After months of concessions to Senate Democrats, liberal House Democrats may have thought that Manchin was placated.  They know they were wrong, but have they learned?  House Democrats will NOT cede more ground; in their view, the version of the bill that Manchin rejected has already been watered down enough.  Democrats who castigate Manchin for having dealt Biden this blistering defeat can blame only themselves.  Meanwhile, Biden’s mismanagement has resulted in the worst inflation (now at 6.8%) since 1982.   The botched exit from Afghanistan, his self-inflicted border crisis, violent crime rapidly sky-rocketing out of control in numerous major American cities, job-killing Covid vaccine mandates, supply chain disasters, and other, unforced errors, seem central to his administration – despite Team Biden’s promises to restore “competence” to government.  But HOW was it competent for Biden’s advisors, congressional allies, appointees and high-level staffers, to viciously attack Senator Manchin?  The clueless Leftists who infest this polarizing administration have needlessly undermined The Big Guy.

As a low-level aide to Presidents Reagan and Bush, Sr., I learned the paramount importance of ALWAYS keeping peace within the party.  White House staffers should NEVER publicly condemn a lawmaker of the President’s party.  Why Biden retains such caustic amateurs is astounding, and calls into question his judgment.  In 10 months, Biden will be a further diminished 80-year-old, whose party – in my view – will have lost control of both houses of Congress.  Practically speaking, his legislative agenda will be dead.  Most likely, by mid-2023, he’ll be challenged for his party’s nomination.  Of the last six Presidents who faced such challenges (Taft, in 1912; Truman, in 1952; LBJ, in 1968; Gerald Ford, in 1976; Jimmy Carter, in 1980 and George H. W. Bush, in 1992) four managed to get nominated.  But they ALL then lost the general election.  Respected polls show that in a re-do of the 2020 election, Donald Trump would oust Biden.  A December poll by The Wall Street Journal showed that 59% disapproves of Biden, and likely voters approve of Donald Trump’s presidential performance, by seven percentage points more, than they approve of the job Biden is now doing.  In 2024, President Biden should probably fold, not fight.

  Todd Blodgett, the author of ‘REPUBLICAN CRACKHEAD’ is from Clear Lake, and Tyler, Texas.  He served on the Reagan and Bush White House staffs, and later worked for the Republican National Committee and the FBI.  Mr.  Blodgett can be reached via his website, at www.ToddBlodgett.US.

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I love watching the Dem’s implode upon themselves!!!

The premise that his staffers are undermining him is STUPID .
Biden has never been in charge to start with.

This illiterate druggie needs to break out the Strunk and White before he tries his hand at writing anything again.

Nice hack job on proper grammar, dope.

Try to do better…Little Joe

The Dump administration is the one that ran off anybody who knew what they were doing. As usual, the Democrats have to clean up the mess entitled rich Republipervs make of the economy and the White House. Happens over and over and over.

Not enough of then that thought they knew what they were doing,,,but they did knowing how to subvert America

Democraps aren’t cleaning anything up. They are the mess, the problem. Everytime one of these self righteous Dems is in the whitehouse, the whole country suffers. Inflation, cost of living, violence. Never get anything accomplished either except screw things up. And when they are questioned at all these hearings lately, only thing they accomplish is avoid the questions and avoid accountability. The whole democrat party and any idiot that supports them are a joke and waste of life.

Dems will find (and implement) any dirty tactic to keep their illegitimate power: NYC already making a mockery of local elections with 800,000 non-citizens allowed to vote. The start of a new trend. Ignoring and changing laws, making new rules…And they call this FAIR!

It is clear that this President and his crew want the voting to include all the thousands of people who entered our country through a wide opened border as well as all the prisoners who were released from jail to vote….they all have addresses now and ss numbers….

Democrats are against voter ID because they need all those illegals they’re allowing in this country to vote. It’s all about trying to make this country communist

druggie toad rants about dementia grandpa child mo lester

Didn’t vote for Sinema in AZ, however I’m very happy/surprised, with her stance.
She is still a take down force for the democrats.

Munchkin is a low-life, back-stabbing reprobate. He was part of the re-negotiated BBB deal and had given his ok. Then, he took back his ok. Why? Perhaps his campaign managers realized that it wouldn’t be prudent to piss off his constituents in what will be a tightly-contested re-election in 2025. Or perhaps his daughter told him big pharma wouldn’t support his re-election if he voted for the BBB. Or perhaps he decided it was best to wait until the Presidential candidate for 2024 for both parties is chosen so he knows who to suck up to.
You should have applied for a job in the Biden White House Todd.

IF you used your brain, you would also remember that his okay was contingent on the lie The Vegetable in Residence was spewing from his pie hole.

The Vegetable in Residence promised that his sweeping domestic agenda package will cost “nothing” because Democrats will pay for it through tax hikes on the wealthy and corporations. That was a lie that no sane person can possibly believe.

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