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Mason City school district calls for unity after students unleash racist social media video

MASON CITY – The Mason City school district called for unity after students unleashed a racist social media video that made the rounds, enraging viewers.

The Mason City Community School District learned Wednesday of a social media post having racial implications which was made outside of the school environment by two students enrolled in Mason City Community School District.

According to a statement, the school district said, “Our highest priority is to ensure the ongoing safety of students and staff at Mason City Schools and to be responsive to and supportive of all of our students’ needs. We encourage parents to talk with your children about their use of social media and the implications it can have on their family, friends, classmates and their community. We are working with the Mason City Police Department in this matter and we ask for everyone’s help in building positive relationships to help our community move forward together.”

NIT was alerted to the social media post earlier Wednesday. It involved two young ladies discussing the use of the “N” word. There was a local uproar and viral effect once the video began being shared locally.  One of the youngsters is a child of a police officer.  The name of the officer will not be reported here.  NIT will not be sharing the video, as it deals with children and a word that should never be used.

The Mason City police department’s response to the matter can be read here.

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Just another future Republican

This story, and some of the responses to it, just proves that there are too many ignorant people in our Community.

While the rest of the world has grown up, some have remained under a rock sporting warped perceptions. Making stupid comments such as there are too many blacks in Mason City, are a perfect example of those perceptions.

What one person who commented here failed to observe, is that we have quite a few drug users, people who drink and drive, and woman beaters.

How come all I see are whites dumpster diving, digging through trash cans downtown, or riding bikes all hours of the day or night with trailers full of junk behind them? How come none of the neer-do-wells that hang out at the Bus Depot downtown after hours are black? Why is it that most of the people banned from retail establishments are not black?

Take off those rose coloured glasses, and climb out from under your rock.

How ’bout this…Anybody read about the 12 year-old black girl in Virginia that claims she was attacked by three white boys on the playground and they cut her dreadlocks???

NEVER in the history of this country has 3 white boys attacked a black girl on a playground without such a deafening racket that would wake the dead being heard. Chances are, the 3 white boys would all have broken bones too. Instead, this girl kept silent until her grandmother “discovered” her hair was uneven and asked her about it.


I have news for you…this is another Jussie-like HOAX, designed to gain victimhood status and probably a GoFundMe windfall.

Watch and see.

NEVER in the history of this country has 3 white boys attacked a black girl on a playground without such a deafening racket

just how would you know that?

How would I know that? You’re joking. You know there’s no chance of this girl being assaulted like she described without a LOT of noise. What make-believe world do you play in?

Stay tuned and pay attention. HOAX.

All this is going to do is get the kids to pick sides. You crybaby’s just made it worse.

It was two girls doing what young girls do. They didn’t break any laws. They are entitled to think and say what ever they want. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Snowflakes melting over nothing.

Does your sentiment also apply to the students speaking out in favor of climate change and our immigration policies?

I didn’t think it did. You are a hypocrite.

Many people say racism is learned, and blame the parents for it. Consider, perhaps, that racism is learned from the interaction with blacks. With the arrogance that the world owes black people a living, an education, housing. Maybe if black people started living and acting like decent citizens, the racism problem might go away. I have heard that at the high school, blacks feel that the rules don’t apply to them, and the staff is afraid to do anything about it. For someone from NIACC, this might be a good idea for an investigative thesis.

While this post makes a point, it would have been a lot better had it qualified its blanket statement about an entire race. Most blacks are good, upstanding people. Alas, there is a minority – a too large minority – that do fit that sad stereotype, but holding all blacks accountable is just as asinine as blaming all whites for slavery 150 years ago – including those who fought and died to end the practice.

youre wrong. the majority of blacks in mc are involved in the drug game. having real world experience partying in mc for years and years is my source. too many blacks around more drugs and violence came with them. smart people stopped partying there when section 8 got out of control. most blacks in mason are trash. they are loud unruly violent and/or disrespectful. stop virtue signaling and be honest. we didnt have all this gun play or heroin til we got these worthless nigs. i see little blacks playing with white kids and it makes me sick knowing that they will go down the wrong path in life just because they associate with black kids. black kids are not raised well and they lack values as well as morals or ethics. mason city has way to many blacks esp. black males. be nice if the pd would put the nigs back in prison.

I just read your comment, and I am stunned that it was even allowed. And, surprised that it didn’t have some angry responses.

I suspect that you are like me, and wish that what you wrote wasn’t true, but your life experiences tell you that it is true.

Racism is rife in River City. Stop the presses! Send these girls to reform school before it’s too late.

Then why are these naggers allowed to use that word?

not the point, moron

It the point. Either everyone is allowed to use the word, or no one is allowed to use it. I have heard black people use the word many times, and have wondered why they can use it with impunity while White people are condemned.

It’s the Snowflake Culture. Oh my God, they said “NAGGER” I am offended. Blacks aren’t but Snowflakes are.

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