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How to Care for Your Clothes Properly

Since you probably have a closet full of garments, knowing how to look after each and every one of them can feel like a minefield. However, it is important to learn how to put in the effort to look after your clothes, especially as with the right care they should last longer and maintain their appearance. So, getting started as soon as you can, and picking up tips and tricks here and there now is going to help you on your way to figuring out how best to care for individual items. 

Caring for your clothes should become second nature to you, and part of your routine of washing and drying the clothes you own. There’s more to caring for your clothes than just simply washing them less and paying close attention to washing instructions, so read over the following guide on more: 

Reject Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has an incredibly negative impact upon the environment, and it’s quite simply, best to avoid if you can. Instead, look online for second-hand pieces, and search through charity stores to find often brand new items for a fraction of the cost of new clothes and accessories. 

Further avoid the black hole that is fast fashion by buying clothes to last. This means, perhaps paying a little more money at the initial outlay, but ultimately saving money by purchasing clothes that are timeless, and classic, and can stand the test of time. These will see you through many seasons to come, and their longevity means you shouldn’t have to replace them often. Get your hands on staple pieces such as a little black dress, a denim jacket, a pea coat, luxurious cashmere from, and classic Chelsea boots. 

Follow The Washing Instructions 

It should go without saying, but you should wash your clothes in accordance to the washing instructions. This way, you should be able to avoid mishaps and accidentally shrinking or stretching your clothes. If you’re ever unsure as to how you should wash a particular piece of clothing, resolve to wash it by hand and without the use of extremely hot water. 

Wash Them Less  

Realistically, you should only wash your clothes when they’re actually dirty. So, instead of wearing an item once and then throwing it into the laundry, wear it at least once again. Think about how often you wear a jacket, or a coat without washing it and yet don’t think of it as dirty. Tell yourself that you’re going to make a real concentrated effort to wear your clothes a few more times before putting them into the washer, and sponge clean them if they’re only slightly marked or soiled. 

Invest In Sturdy Hangers 

Don’t cut corners when it comes to hanging your clothes correctly, and invest in some good quality hangers that are going to keep your clothes in place, and that won’t allow them to slip off easily and onto your closet floor. Opt for wooden ones, and don’t ever squeeze a garment on to fit a hanger, as this can stretch the shoulders of your clothes. 

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