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MCPD says autopsies completed on homicide victims

MASON CITY – Mason City police say that autopsies have been completed on the two murder victims who died last week, allegedly at the hands of a Lake Mills man.

According to police, on Monday, November 21, the Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office conducted autopsies and determined that 54-year-old Melinda Kavars died of a single gunshot wound to the neck and chest. Her manner of death has been officials classified as classified as a homicide.

Also, 37-year-old Caleb Christensen was found to have died of multiple sharp force injuries. His manner of death was classified as a homicide.

Based on the investigation, police say there is no ongoing threat to the community, as Peter Veal remains held in the Cerro Gordo county jail on $1 million cash bond on two counts of first-degree murder. The crime took place early November 17 at 1620 North Hampshire Avenue. Both victims were found deceased inside the house, and Veal was apprehended by police that morning.

Veal, Peter Leroy
Veal, Peter Leroy

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There was a fourth person there. My understanding is that person could of been shot but the gun jammed. Which makes sense when you think about the other person being stabbed. I have heard the fourth person was hit on the head with the pistol and bolted out the door and called 911.

That must be where the attempted murder charge came from. Makes sense now.

The problem is that monster thugs are treated with dignity and respect within the criminal justice system. There needs to be a system in place that tortures and dismembers convicted violent thugs instead of offering them hot food, movies, television and work opportunities in prison.

And you shouldn’t be allowed on this site cuz you’re ruining it.

African Americans shouldn’t be allowed in white neighborhoods because they are “ruining” them. African Americans shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they are “ruining” America. Jews are “ruining” the German economy and shouldn’t be allowed to live.

The idea that someone you don’t like shouldn’t be allowed to participate is an idea your type has propagated many times before.

Take your Cubs hat off…loser. You’re giving the Cubs a bad name.

STFU and stop embarassing your poor mother!!!

OK Peter, what are your suggestions for treatment of other people that are a bane on society?

Say, oh perhaps, a mid 40’s man-boy & psychologically deranged loser that has never held a job for more than a couple of weeks his entire life.
And still sponges off of his parents and Taxpayers.
What would you do with that type of guy?
The type of guy that lies, thinks that he is smarter than everyone else yet can’t even support himself.
What would you do with that type of guy?

“man-boy”, “psychologically deranged loser”, “type of guy that lies”

As besmirching as your words are to me, attempting to equate my life and circumstances to that of a violent felon who murders people is beyond the margin for error. It is by definition contemptible.

It’s too bad the corrupt ass-kissing media forced Clinton to backpedal on her assertion that half of Donald Trump’s followers are deplorable, because she was right. This entire election process has been about normalizing the alt-right’s ass backwards thinking and viewpoints.

As a white man, you’ve enjoyed your privilege of being “right” even when you are so insidiously, arrogantly, deplorably wrong.

What makes you think that I was talking about you?

STFU and stop embarassing your poor mother!!!!

That would be a good system. Could we also include sterilization in that plan as well. We would need to ensure, that if Peter L ever became sexually active, he could not reproduce.

No seriously though. Upon conviction and exhaustion of appeals (with clear incontrovertible evidence showing your guilt) violent criminals should immediately have their legs amputated below the knee. What’s this shit about them being able to walk and possess all their faculties? When they are crawling around, or confined to wheel chairs, automatically their threat level to prison officials and society will be greatly diminished. They murdered someone and took their life. The least society can repay them with is to remove their limbs and force them into a handicap situation. These are the types of proposals were Donald Trump to issue them, I would be in FULL support of.

STFU and stop embarassing your poor mother!!!!!!

Matt should reform NIT and stop embarrassing his poor mother. You are correct.

I have heard rumors that there was a fourth person at the house that night, not sure which side they were involved on though.

Was veal injured? – rumor has it they followed a blood trail for more than a block to catch up with him. Too bad a pack of wolves could’nt have feasted on him.

Stabbing people is a family tradition!

Man this was put out by KIMT, the radio stations and by NIT. Who cares it’s public information. Get a life you gooooons.

I am glad NIT and other News affiliates reported on how these 2 were killed in graphic detail. People in this community need to WAKE UP and realize that obviously there is monsters among us that are capable of these horrendous type of killings. Did this POS not go to house and shoot a 54 year old woman at 2am in the morning? A 54 year old woman is no competition, no threat, and not sure if she would even be strong enough to defend herself against a 30 year old, beefed up thug, high on drugs with a gun. You can slice this a million ways, but this POS willfully shot and killed a 54 year old woman and stabbed to death a 37 year old man-PLAIN AND SIMPLE. And in the past year, if you haven’t read about all the crime thats going on in this community. I can’t believe that somebody other than a harmless 54 year old woman has not been murdered. You people better start paying more attention to your surrounding environment and realize that shit is getting real in this town and you better start looking out your windows and doors and doing your part to protect your neighbor, friends, and family. Or your gonna see more people that live right in your neighborhoods ending up just like these 2 did. Because drugs and violence are rampant in this town, and its because a lot of residents are turning a blind eye to it, not calling the cops about what they see. And therefore a lot of it is going unnoticed and running under the radar. Obviously Veal is a career criminal in this community, and a lot of his family and friends just let his career get the gold star of Murder on his resume. WHAT A POS

NIT you should be ashamed of yourselves , Malinda and Caleab deserve the respect to keep it keep how they died out of the publics eye , Now everyone is goign to talk about it and put there own two sense in ,

Two sense? Smell and taste? Or touch and sight? Duh

OK, you did not spell either of the victims names correctly and you talk respect?
You used an incorrect word for “cents”.
And the same information presented here was given in the GG and KIMT.

This man is a monster.

Caleb was 37

Yes, there are a lot of mistakes with this article. Some proofreading would have been helpful before posting.

Looks to me like the article does say he is 37

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