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MC sculpture vandalized Saturday night

MASON CITY – An apparent vandal has struck a $12,000 sculpture located in downtown Mason City.

The Frisbee Dog sculpture was reported to be vandalized after Arian Schuessler, co-owner of Mason City Brewing, called police around midnight.  He reported that the sculpture was damaged and that he had removed it from the area where it was knocked off it’s limestone pedestal.

There was no immediate word on the extent of the damage. Police were on their way to the area of 26 East State Street, where the sculpture was located, to assess the situation.  At the scene, the sculpture was gone and all that remained was the pedestal.

The sculpture is being offered for sale for $12,000 and was created by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Anyone with information should call Mason City police at 641-421-3636.

26 East State Street, and the empty pedestal
Empty pedestal, sculpture is gone



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Of the 28 comments under this article (29 including this one) 18 of them are from Philosophis. Of Phils 18 comments he really has nothing to say about the sculpture or the article. What is wrong with this picture?

Ain’t that a shame….jim

Money should HAVE GONE to the animal shelter in the first place. WOOF WOOOOF !

$12,000. This amount alone should be enough, but it’s not. Adherents of capitalism will explain away and justify…but there is none. People like Arian are uncreative lackeys who fill established slots. One more round of patronizarion: Glob job, house, play time brewery, sculpture. They never created new wealth…they sucked off established, and called it “being gainfully employed”.

I don’t mean to be mean to Arian. For the most part on the surface, in person, he’s a nice enough guy. But behind the scenes he’s kinda messed up. Arian if you’re reading this understand there’s 3 major issues with me where the END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS : 1. Quieting down the streets to protect citizens from experiencing loud exhaust harassment 2. Exposing and Ending Authoritarian Double Standard Hypocrisy. 3. Liberating all souls from oppression and bondage.

Wow, unfortunately your off again. Are you aware that Arian is an entrepreneur and started this business with a grassroots effort to bring a local brewery to the fine folks of Mason City that would go elsewhere for micro=brew??? He also works for the Globe Gazette and has a wife that is a Registered Nurse and several children… They are wonderful people. I think people would try to understand you if you were not so mean, hateful, and disrespectful. U have nice parents– what happened?

In Arian’s capacity as online editor he chastised me and suggest my comments were blameful and incendiary. He was wrong and overlooked multiple vulgar attacks against myself and others. It was reminiscent of a conformed societal lackey who goes along with Jim crow status quo. As a result I strike back. Mason city has a problem with clear thinking, and his predecessor Buttweiler was no different. What happened? 13 member jury…that’s what.

And Arian needs to understand how it makes me feel after an entire room of people gangs up on me; only to have the editor side with the mob. That hurts. Standing up for the truth hurts. What I rely on are clear minded and fair editirs/ arbitrators. Free speech depends on it.


I realize you lost a very young son when he was about 18 months old. I also realize you’ve had a very difficult time accepting the jury’s decision of “not guilty” in regard to the first degree murder charge against Chris D.

This had to be extremely painful. I’m sure it still is. Your anger over this comes out in almost every comment you make, and also in your lifestyle. You must have given up on life after this happened. It’s never too late to get help. Never.

@JMO-what Philospus is referring to is some off the wall post he made on the Globe’s facebook. People took exception to his rant and let him know it. The editor finally cut him off when he went off about loud mufflers again. It really had nothing to do with his son being killed. By the way, there is more to that then he lets on.

It’s not that I actively experience emotional pain and loss on a daily basis. There are times of course when I’ll reflect and emotions will well up inside me. Now it’s more like an active commitment to PUNISH the wrongdoers for the rest of my life. My very presence serves as a constant reminder to those who were culpable. Not only the meth head ex girlfriend who was charged with his care, but the killer she dated, and the 12 jurors who set the killer free with impunity.

More to it? Let’s see: The girl told me to get the F*** out of her life, and I obliged by travelling 1000 miles away to enroll in community college and try and get my life together. 6 months later a call comes to the house saying he’s lying in hospital dying. We were laypeople who didn’t know crap;the Doctor was the one who recognized it for shaken baby syndrome, and notified Hennepin County Police. The rat bastard scurried away from the hospital and lawyered up with his parents $

But you see there’s a difference between an innocent child who is relying on his caregivers to insure his basic needs and safety, and a grown man who deliberately makes his tailpipes loud to harass the public and feel proud doing so. These are distinctive situations. One I have sympathy for, and the other very little to none.

OH yeah, and after the burial I worked a short gig as a dishwasher back East, and then took my check, bought a bus ticket to Los Angeles and embarked on a 10 year odyssey into spiritual seeking / homelessness. It was then that I realized society was a fraud, and that everything i was programmed with was a worthless lie. Buddhism, Yoga and a completely different mindset descended over me like a fine crystalline waterfall. My eyes and mind’s eye became opened and cleaned.

I had 3 distinct ‘awakenings’ which I equated to a glimpse of Nirvana (The Final Solution). The first one was “crossing the bridge” under the hot desert sun of Eastern Washington to die. The Second was along the Pacific Ocean at Devil’s Punchbowl by an oasis of sea water, and the third between 2 coconut trees on the beach of Key West. On the 3rd occasion, the mystery became deeply revealed to me, and if I had wanted to absorb into the moon, I could have and left the earth.

Got to stop doing those drugs man, they will mess you up.

No drugs maybe…just lots of fasting and sleep. Every heard of Edgar Cayce: the sleeping Prophet? I get all that. Remote Viewing too. Enlightenment isn’t something you strive for…it’s not like weight lifting. It’s something that dawns on you…usually when you’ve come to the end of your rope and you have nothing more. That’s when it strikes. And that’s when you become free.

For men to kill one another in war is beyond ludicrous. They have no idea what they’re doing; how much offense they are perpetrating. The karma on that is horrendous. Not sure if you’ve killed anyone, but from what I’ve experienced with demonology it doesn’t matter what flag you flew during this lifetime. When those demons come to tear you apart…it’s hideous.

And hey, I’m not saying drugs can’t bring you to Nirvana…I’m sure they can. But I never liked drugs much, and I wanted to get there the old school way: earning it. Yeah it took lots of trial and error, and I’m by no means fully emancipated, but I do have at least an understanding of what I’m trying to achieve, which was much better than groping around in the dark. To describe the first phase would be probably like being on Hydrocodone…pure awareness and no body misery.

But then there is the ‘deliverance by light’, pure blazing sun, zaps you fully…like laying out in the hot sun and having it mesmerize your consciousness (sorta like hot chicks out tanning). But having no body obstructions whatsoever…almost floating like light. “Wherever you go there you are” and “there is nothing further here”, and “free to roam in all the 10 directions”…these are buddhist awareness phrases which come to you when you’ve achieved the particular state.

But hey, like Buddha said “Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself…make an investigation for yourself.”

I’m glad we had this little discussion Maybe…but the 500 character limit is beyond annoying to me. I miss the days of VERY LONG COMMENTS. One of the benefits to allowing 3000 characters as opposed to a measly 480 is there would be less “Philosophus” on the Recent Comment Feed…think about it like that. 🙂

Only one more comment: I promise, as I sit and wait for Buzz to come tear down my wall. Buzz reminds me of Devadatta , the Buddha’s detractor (enemy). Of course I’m being figurative as I don’t think Buzz is nearly as vehement as Devadatta was towards Buddha, but I don’t doubt some have that level of animosity towards me out there. I hope not. I act with the best intentions of the world…

So no drugs for you then, you are just going to stick with the insanity bit huh?

#maybe I suppose to someone who associated with Christian ways of thinking, my way of thinking would appear as insanity to them. At the very least don’t you find it at all somewhat interesting how other people think?

The thing that scares me about how you think is that you just might be serious.

First, I apologize to everyone for getting Philosophus “started” again, but I just have to let him know about a program I watched on CNN last night.

Philosophus, go to the CNN website and find the Nov 3rd program “This is Life With Lisa Ling”. It’s just an hour long and I’m sure you can watch it online. It’s right up your alley. Have you ever heard of iyahuasca, made from the leaves of trees that grow in Peru? Apparently, it’s helping with PTSD, depression, etc. Very interesting.

Sorry, Philosophus, that should be the Nov 30th program, not 3rd.

JMO: Injustice has nothing to do with depression. Injustice is the ultimate impossible to rectify permanent depression. It’s in a class all it’s own, and until you’ve suffered one, you’ll know little about the affects it has on human physiology. Any substance used to ameliorate depression is just a “temporary stay of execution”, because life will always return to a depressed state based on life events, environmental climactic conditions, diet, and societal demands. Thanks though

And Mary you need to know some things to understand why I write as I do. I view those who keep loud exhaust systems on their trucks, cars or motorcycles as nothing short of terrorists because they harm peaceful communities and damage citizens’ right to not be audibly harassed. No matter who it is, if they suffer a fatal crash I will inquire as to their exhaust status. I’m a freedom fighter and representative for the voiceless: animals, children, the old and the sick.

The quickest way to a peaceful resolve is for citizens to return their exhaust systems to quiet, properly functioning street-legal status and /or law enforcement to resume enforcement of Iowa muffler laws. Out here in las Vegas loud exhausts are rare. It’s peaceful here because law enforcement cracks down on agitators. I can finally hear myself think and don’t suffer from exhaust anxiety. It’s beautiful.

you are not a freedom fighter, you are a complainer.

You don’t like Arian because he’s got your number just like everyone else has. You were wrong, he called you on it and now you’re mad and that’s why you’re crying about it.

Buzz…. He better hope and pray that the boyfriend of the gal killed in the accident down by Birchnal doesn’t find him after all those comments on Facebook. He’ll wish he lived in a Firestone Hut.

OMG, Polio, are you compromised in the head? Wait, don’t answer that, I know the answer. I made not one comment that should or would offend any family member of the deceased. In fact all I asked for was a thorough investigation of the agriculture truck operator, because I had had dangerous experiences with them driving very fast and hogging the center line road. A few times I was forced to the shoulder even. So get yer damn reading comprehension skills updated would ya?

And Mary my final message is to those who may keep loud exhausts on their vehicles: know that your exhaust is harming, and offensive to people, and that all victims of abuse and infringement have a right to be free from that infliction, so if by fate you suffer an accident which ,fatal or otherwise, removes from us one less agitator to our senses, I welcome it not as a personal blow to you, but as a person who enjoys when the mosquito is dead and not biting them anymore. OM.

@MaryBeth-Philospus can never understand Arian. You see Arian is everything Philospus isn’t. He is married, has a good job, has a wife that has a good job, has his own home and pays taxes. Whereas Philospus is nothing but a leech on society. All Philospus can do is try (unsuccessfully of course) to tear Arian down to his level of a miserable existence.

I’m not trying to be personal against Arian anymore, as I’ve said my peace to him…but to debate your points I’ll say this: Arian shows up to work in an established industry, and he fulfills a pre-established generational role, which after a learning period becomes like sleepwalking; thus he receives a stipend. Likewise society sleep walks with the morning newspaper. With his extra coin, Arian is able to have playtime…which comes in the form of alcoholic beverages.

@Philospus-You are a friggin IDIOT.

OK, I’ll retract the word “uncreative”, as my intentioned meaning with the term had little to do with artistic, subjective imagination, but more with a role-monger whipping the thoughts that don’t flow with the obvious, alpha ringleaders. I like the good Arian…not the hungover agitated one.

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