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Liberal group blasts Joni Ernst after sexual harassment lawsuit is filed

Joni Ernst
Joni Ernst

DES MOINES – A liberal political group punished Joni Ernst for her inclusion in a sexual harassment lawsuit and says doubts are now raised about her leadership and priorities.

A lawsuit filed Thursday by a former Iowa Republican Senate caucus employee alleges she was fired last year after she repeatedly complained of sexual harassment by her male colleagues against female Senate staff members.

The suit includes an allegation that Republican state Sens. Joni Ernst of Red Oak and Sandra Greiner of Keota witnessed sexual innuendo and inappropriate behavior exhibited by their male colleagues, but said nothing while female staffers stood by unable object.

Bonnie Campbell, former Iowa Attorney General, issued the following statement questioning Ernst’s judgment and criticizing her failure to act:

“Joni Ernst and her campaign should stop trying to impugn the motives of the victim and come forward with the details of what she saw, and why she didn’t stop it if she saw something. The facts are clear — either Joni Ernst is accusing the victim of lying, or Joni Ernst is refusing to tell us the truth about the facts of this case. If true, this is an outrageous and troubling fact we have just learned about Ernst.”

“The more we know about Joni Ernst, the more it raises serious questions about who she is, and who she will stand up for in the U.S. Senate. This puts into question her judgment, her background, and who she would actually fight for in the Senate — because if it is anything like we have learned today, it won’t be the everyday Iowans who sometimes need a voice to speak up for them.”



Des Moines Register: Iowa Senate GOP Accused of Sexual Harassment

“The suit includes an allegation that Republican state Sens. Joni Ernst of Red Oak and Sandra Greiner of Keota witnessed sexual innuendo and inappropriate behavior exhibited by their male colleagues but said nothing while female staffers stood by unable object.”

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Philly…I hope you get cooked when your day comes and some beautiful blonde pours your ashes out on the coffee table and gives you a really big blow job!!!

Hey phill – any gays in your unit -group?

She has my vote and you mud sucking demorats are going to lose the Senate – SO THERE!

Liberal thumb suckers offer the real war on women. They want to take your right away to carry guns for protection, they try to smear you with negative adds over and over again, they could care less about women in Islam culture being treated like a door mat. Wake up Iowa and especially the women of Iowa!! Vote Ernst !!

No intelligent woman in their right mind would vote for Joni Ernst. She wants the government to control their health decisions. Small government from the right my ass.

@Left and we are glad-Are you really that much of a idiot that you believe those attack ads that are made up. Braley is a Obama communist all the way and we have had more than enough of that crap. The Democrats are the ones that are down on women and women are getting tired of being played the fool by Obama and company.

I have seen the commercials and I have seen the whole video and they did cut it up to make it sound like she was saying something different, and only people of weak mind would believe everything they see on TV, especially anything that comes from the mouth of a politician.

@maybe-Doesn’t it make you sick to know that so many stupid , liberal people are allowed to vote?

Not just vote but even to drive a car of heaven forbid buy a gun.

@LVS and your lame joke-Are you really that much of a idiot that you believe those attack ads that are made up. Joni is a Koch Brother puppet all the way and we have had more than enough of that crap. The Republicans are the ones that are down on women and women are getting tired of being played the fool by the Bible thumping conservatives and company.

The attack ads were not made up but they were edited to make it sound like she was saying something she wasn’t. I understand that when the party you worship tells you something you believe it without a thought, just once try to open your mind and do research on what anybody is saying.

@maybe are you trying to convince me that the Republican Party is now pro-choice and and wants to make sure that women now have access to all of the birth control options available to them via their insurance plans? Is that their stance now?

No it’s not. Whether Joni’s comments were hacked up or not, that doesn’t change the stance of the Republican party. You idiots sit there and blindly follow the republicans and Faux news while laughing at the “other side for doing the same”…

You say I blindly follow FOX News and the Republican party and yet you believe every word the democratic party says like it comes from God himself and you call me an idiot!

Exactly. Take a look in the mirror for once. You are doing the exact thing that you are accusing me and the rest of the “left” of doing.

You and LVS are just as much “sheeple” as those whom you disagree with.

I hear what they say and I double check to see if it is true, I don’t believe anything anybody tells me as gospel, I check it out and if you don’t, if you believe every word that is told to you then you are the problem not me. Actually to the democratic party you are not a problem, you are the answer to their problem, votes.

And where exactly do you go to “fact check” what Faux News is telling you? Some other right wing echo chamber on the internet? Your buddies at the country club?

First of all the way you spell FOX tells me that you have lost your faculties. No I don’t get my facts from Fox News, I do searches online and look for other websites that has either the same or different stories. I do NOT use Fox News website.

@Left MC and we are glad-I know they are made up. I heard the originals and they took parts of what she said and used that for their attack ads. just to set the record straight, I am not a Republican, I am an Independent who can think and do research for himself. I am on record as disagreeing with “maybe” on abortion and do not think anyone has the right to tell another person what they can or can not do with their body. I am also not a religious person, but different from you I respect the

Cont.-rights of other to believe what they want. You people who voted for Obama should be ashamed of what you did to this country, and a lot of the more intelligent Democrats are waking up to that. Only the sheeple refuse to admit they were wrong and made a mistake. Where does that leave you. I am really happy you left MC as we have enough freaks and idiots still in this town with out you.

You are correct. The right has declared war on women and it makes me laugh to see the holier than thou right say “no no its the left who is attacking women!” Are you kidding me!? You say the government CANT take your guns but they CAN govern reproductive rights and who people can marry!? LEAVE YOUR DAMN BIBLE OUT OF THE STATEHOUSE! And before anyone one the right attacks me for it, I do not support gun legislation either. Both parties need to just let people lead their lives. (women…

You really have absolutely no clue do you!

You really have absolutely no clue do you!
ERNST: “Life begins at conception and in the [Iowa] Senate I joined either 20 or 21 of us who pushed an amendment to Article 1 of the state constitution. That joint resolution would’ve defined and defended life from conception and I’m trying to remember how we phrased it, but basically that there was an inalienable right to life of every person at any stage of development. We should protect that.”

Thank you for proving my point for me.

You’re an elderly white male aren’t you.

The republicans want to make it more difficult for women to make their own health choices when it comes to abortion and birth control. End of story, those are the facts.

This is both government overreach, something the right says they are against and the very front battle line of the war on women. Hypocrisy.

@maybe please explain how these facts make me an idiot.

The facts don’t make you an idiot, you believing every word that is said without checking to see if it is true, sheeple if you will, that makes you an idiot and NO I am not an elderly white male, I am a middle aged white male.

I know that you are going to say this is false because of the website but facts are facts, this nation is going to hell and we are being led by the democratic party.

The attack ads construing Joni’s words to the very platform of the republican party doesn’t need to be believed. She’s a tea party nut job, of course her stance on abortion and birth control are exactly what the attack ad said. Whether she said it or not she believes it. Why? Because she’s not a free thinker, she’s in the pocket of the right.

So what you are saying is that since she is a republican she is guilty as charged? I have 1 question for you then, where’s your white hood?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Whether her words were misrepresented in the attack ad or not, she is going to vote to restrict the health choices of women. Am I right or wrong there @maybe?


“Joni believes life begins at conception, that all innocent life is precious, and that we must cherish and protect the unborn.”

Let’s have a conversation about the Republican “big government” and their version of “freedom” in America.

Well since I am against abortion as a use for birth control, I did vote for her. Abortion isn’t the problem, it is the women that get pregnant knowing that they can’t afford the baby so they get an abortion. What is the difference between that and what hitler did?

You say it is the republicans that want big government? You are even more stupid than I thought.

All right, now we’re getting somewhere. If you hate abortion so much then why would you support a candidate that wants to also restrict women’s access to birth control? Studies have shown over and over that when affordable birth control and sex education are available to everyone the unplanned pregnancy and abortion rates plummet. Shocking isn’t it?

Is it possible for you to have a discussion on the issues without calling me stupid? It’s really making you and your beliefs look bad. Just saying…

Would you agree that the government concerning itself with the health care choices of all women in America is an example of “big government”? If you don’t agree with that, please explain your viewpoint as to why not.

Have you even researched what she actually said or are you just taking what is told to you as gospel? Watch this video and it should answer some questions,

So you’re dodging my questions and going back to that?


I’m going back to what she actually said, the truth.

All right buddy, I can see you just want to talk in circles and avoid my questions rather than actually have a discussion. You’re now wasting my time. Cheers

Your questions revolve around lies and mistruths, that would make your questions hypothetical which I refuse to debate that.

What an easy way to get out of an intelligent discussion. Just simply say the other person is lying and refuse to discuss it. LOL – you’re just too scared to keep the conversation going because deep down, you know I’m right. You guys keep moving forward with you conservative social agenda and you will continue to make yourselves irrelevant.

I posted the video on what she really said, which is different than what you are saying that she said. You watch the video and then we will talk about the truth.

Maybe – this shows your hypocrisy big time – “So what you are saying is that since she is a republican she is guilty as charged? I have 1 question for you then, where’s your white hood?”
You have stated over and over and over again that Democrats (liberals) are the cause of all the problems in this country. When someone tries the same on you, you make this statement? You are guilty as charged a hypocrite.

I made that statement because the original KKK’s were democrat, eventually they crossed party lines so it was both parties. I am not saying that it is all the democrats fault, most yes but now days there are quite a few republicans and independents that are at fault too.

The Democrats already control our health decisions, it’s called Obama Care!
‘Democrat is another word for Duplicitous, Your arguments aren’t working. The people really don’t want to live in your society of Baby killers, drug users, perverts, pocket pickers, law breakers, people who want to escape accountability for anything and everything they do bad. They don’t want to be found Wrong, or ashamed. They are jealous of the Right, they want to be equal to the Right, without having to be Right

I am afraid that I am going to have to disagree with you there, they don’t want to be equal to the right, they want to be superior to the right.

Well, who would have guessed, Bonnie Campbell, former attorney general & unsuccessful Democratic gubernatorial candidate; now a with a firm specializing in “government relations, reputation management and public relations” weighs in on a harassment lawsuit just ahead of the election.

Mere coincidence? – LOL!!

Well Joni Ernst was a soldier in Iraq was she not? I heard stories of how National Guard women would often perform fellatio on the guys in their unit. Maybe Joni was one of those “cool girls” who was down with the dudes? If so, and if this story is true, then it would explain why Joni wouldn’t do anything to punish male colleagues if they were getting sexual with the girls in her “unit”.

@Philly-that is a terrible thing to say about any woman. What in the hell is wrong with you making a statement like that?? You have no proof of anything and like all the liberals are just making up crap to try to discredit her.

Liberal political nonsense. Weeks before an election we here of this bro-ha-ha.


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