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Op-ed: Two sides will battle for political supremacy in Mason City

Op-ed by Peter Children –

Today is Monday and we are all blessed with another offering of just how the Globe thinks through the musing of their lead writer the esteemed Mr. John Skipper.

Its no secret which direction the Globe leans, that has never been in question. What I find amusing is the delicacy in which John structures his words and phrases in order to give the appearance of impartially that any news outlet should do. Let’s start with that quote John attributes to Hickey; “you can’t fix stupid.” Well if anyone at that table has a working knowledge of stupid, I’d say John hit the bull’s-eye. Not one of those six wooden puppets knows more about that subject than does Travis Hickey.

If you’re the council representative representing a dozen homeowners in your district who are about to lose half of the equity value of their homes, and you sit mute…then vote to affirm….and now want these same people who live in this same district to let you do it again??? I’d say you could write the book on stupid. Jodie Draper is opposing Hickey, she is the mother of six children, works in finance and has a better understanding of just how families really work. I am certain Jodie would have stood with the homeowners in Forest Park in defending their homes against this rape that is still occurring. Travis put more effort in preserving his two garages than he did for the dozen homes that were discriminated by the hospital.

John goes on tho say the biggest contrast is between Bookmeyer and Weaver. Again John scores another bulls-eye. Once more he is 110% correct. While Bookmeyer stumbles around the city’s watering holes struggling to remain upright…Weaver does not drink alcohol. While Bookmeyer tried like hell to put two sheets of ice downtown so his friend’s kids could play hockey at the tune of $20,000,000 with the homeowners picking up the bill with property tax increases….Weaver only wanted a municipal center of much more modest means where ice hockey was not an issue because there is already a sheet of ice at the fairgrounds. Weaver voted against the failed economic program at NIACC were the city committed to subsidize the funding (at Bookeyer’s urging) to the tune of $150,000.00. Bookmeyer closed the Human Right offices claiming it was a financial burden on the city, and then blew some $70,000 to remodel City Hall so he could spy on his man-slave Brent Trout; something Weaver wouldn’t even consider. I could go in but the differences are never ending.

Then there is the vain egomaniac Tornquist, a case study in elitism, someone who is actually layered with more complex issues than are yet to be discovered by medical science. This is the guy who fell on the sword for his idol Bookmeyer; he lied on camera. His zeal was so compelling to close the 50 year old Human Rights office…this malefic at large councilperson who once said he brings Jesus to the table with him….looked straight into the lens and lied outright. His opponent Leonard Foster was once Second Ward council person. I saw him as one of the hardest working council persons ever to sit in those chairs. I am advise voting for him and I want to say he would be 100 times better seated at that table than anyone of the other six already there.

Solberg vs Marquardt; I see Marquardt walking away with this race. It was said Solberg really didn’t want to run for reelection but Bookmeyer talked her into it….it was further rumored that Bookmeyer tried hard to find someone else to run in her place but failed. No one wanted to go up against Matt Marquardt. Matt has attended 99% of all city and county meetings, he is well versed on all issues concerning both of these areas. The only sure bet with him is the fact that he is his own man….he does not want to drink with Bookmeyer after the meetings or before the meetings for that matter.

John says that there are two slates, the establishment and the anti-establishment. Lets pause here for a moment; how does that work? Exactly what defines the “establishment” as opposed to the anti-establishment? I see the establishment as those people who live and work in this community, people who are raising their families here, paying taxes here, supporting each other. I see the anti-establishment as those who ignore those I just described, they are the ones who are concerned with only what they want and the rest can take a flying “F” because they are calling the shots. Well that can all be changed soon. To change it all you have to do is vote, vote for complete change on the ballot, then when you do that, you get your city back. Not a bad deal when you think about it……

Peter Children

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