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Man who aided sexual assault released from jail

NORTHWOOD – On Tuesday, January 8th, Zachary Michael Patterson was released from Worth County Jail after serving a 6 month sentence for aiding and abiding in a sexual assault on a woman.

Patterson was sentenced by Assistant Chief Judge, James M. Drew after he pled guilty to a lesser offense of assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse (aiding and abiding). Originally Patterson was charged with one class B felony count of 2nd degree sexual abuse, but entered into a plea bargain agreement with the prosecution after watching his two codefendants receive convictions to more serious charges.

According to the official press release following Patterson’s arrest he assisted his codefendants in taking batteries out of a TV remote and placing them in a battery operated sexual devise that his codefendants previously attempted and later used in their sexual assault on the victim.

Law enforcement was called to 327 East Elmore in Manly, Iowa hours after the sexual assault after the victim was found deceased. At this time no charges have been filed in the death of the victim.

In accordance with Iowa sentencing laws Patterson is required to register as a sex offender and will be on parole with the Iowa Department of Corrections for 10 years.
Patterson registered as a sex offender following his release from Worth County Jail, his current address is listed as 616 Southside Court Unit A, in Manly, Iowa.

Patterson’s codefendant, Tyler Randall Wirtjes, was sentenced up to 20 years in prison on for his two 3rd degree sexual assault convictions in the incident.

According to the Iowa Department of Corrections Wirtjes is currently in Fort Dodge Correctional Facility and scheduled to be released after 10 years on April 4th, 2020.
Patterson’s codefendant, Jason Robert Walker, was sentenced up to 10 years in prison on for his 3rd degree sexual assault conviction in the incident. According to the Iowa Department of Corrections Walker is currently in Fort Dodge Correctional Facility and scheduled to be released after 5 years on December20th, 2016.

Zachary Michael Patterson
Zachary Michael Patterson – Released from jail

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The husband should ROT IN HELL!

Makes no sense….if he didn’t leave, stop it or report it, then he’s just as guilty as the other guys. Now he’s out walking the streets & Manly was worried about Pitbulls & they have this POS out & about?! Sick @ss!!!!!

I believe he handed them batteries — he did not put them in the vibrator. Where did you get the information that he put them in the vibrator as you reported in your story?

First of all you are all commenting on a case that you know absolutely nothing about — only what the news media has reported and every time they have reported about this particular person it has been incorrect. I know this first hand. This person did not in anyway touch the person nor did he commit any sexual act with the person that died. He was at the home when it happened and used poor judgement by not leaving when he found out what was going on at that home that night. He did not AID in the assault — go to the court house and read the darn transcripts and then report the story corectly. You will find he did not AID in a sexual assault.
It is a terrible thing that she lost her life…however she lost her life at the hands of the other two – not because of this person. It has been so upsetting that the media (Globe & KIMT) has not ever gotten the facts correct about Zachary Patterson. They both were in the court house the day he was sentenced and STILL could not get the darn story correct — they only report what they want to report.

I read that he handed batteries to the other guy(s) for the sex device. The DA must have decided that was aiding in the sex abuse if he knew where the batteries were to be used. Whereas I understand that he may not have actually perpetrated the abuse upon the victim, he should have left or stopped it. I’m sure he will live with that bad decision for the rest of his life. However, I hope that he will be able to forgive himself, turn his life around, and become a great human being, knowing that right decisions will lead to a peaceful life path for him. I wish him the best.

He doesn’t deserve to have people making the comments they are making about him. He was young and did not know how to handle that type of situation… I am not sure anyone would really know what to do if faced with that….especially when two of them were married. It is just an unfortunate situation for everyone. However I do not think he should be registered as sex offender…just doesn’t make sense to me…however he had no other choice because that is all they offered him with the plea. I feel badly for everyone involved.

“He used poor judgement by not leaving when he found out what was going on at that home that night. He did not AID in the assault —”

Wrong-he used poor judgment by not calling the police when he found out what was going on. He didn’t AID the assaulted–and she’s dead.

Poor judgment has consequences.

I want to know why no charges have been filed for the death of the victim as it was irrevocably a result of the incident. Whether the death was a result of medical complications of the drugs used on the victim or due to suffocation, the suspects were obviously responsible.

The autopsy said her cause of death was undetermined so they couldn’t charge them with causing her death. Her blood alcohol level was 0.347, which is close to the lethal level. How very sad.

WOW! I believe some DUI convictions are more harsh!!

They ban pitbulls in Manly, yet allow convicted sex offenders. Where are the priorities?

Wow what a nasty pig! You should be beat!

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