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Op-ed: TAXES! When is enough, enough?

(by Otis Lewis)


They say they will cut taxes, but never do.  They say they will cut spending, but never do.  They say they will get us off our dependency on foreign oil, but they never do.

With over $15,000,000,000,000 (I repeat, dollars) of debt, President Obama is going to ask for another $1,200,000,000,000 because he is going to run out of the last increase in the debt level.

Remember while running for President, Obama said Bush raised the debt 4 trillion dollars over his 8 years as President and put us all in debt another $30,000 each.  He said he was going to stop the spending and borrowing money from China

Well, President Obama has raised the debt 4,000,000,000,000 dollars in only 3 years.  Something wrong with this picture here, folks.  This President now wants more!

Remember, last July the big fight over raising the Debt Ceiling when President Obama threatened Social Security Checks would be halted!  Well, here we go again!

At Christmas the President and Congress caused a big stir over not letting a temporary tax cut expire.  They voted not to pay the bills and instead extend the temporary tax cut for Social Security.  How stupid is that?   The Government has now put an already cash strapped program in more financial peril.

Our Federal Government has become dysfunctional.   The voters have no voice in what the elected officials do once in office.  We have had months of debate by Republican candidates and not a single question asked of them about how much is enough?

We are all paying somewhere around the 50% level of our income for taxes now.  I recall John Kerry and Al Gore AGREEING while debating in their Democratic Primary in 1998 that 67% taxation should be the level of taxation the American people should pay.  It’s clear to me that the Democrats are pushing us toward that level, without saying a word about it.

In working terms, that means we all go to work for 5 ½ hours a day for someone else before we start earning money for ourselves.  How insane is that?

The Tea Party is speaking out.

Occupy while foolish in their approach is trying to speak out.

The voters are trying to speak out by showing up and listening to the candidates and going to their respective caucuses or voting places.

Before I go vote in the Iowa caucus, I have a question for the candidates running for President:

How much are you going to expect the taxpayers to cough up to bail our country out?   How much are you willing to cut spending and keep your word on it? 

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