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Iowa school district forced to dispel rumor that litter boxes are in bathrooms for “individuals who are self-identifying as animals”

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CARROLL, IOWA – Schools in this small Iowa town are not placing litter boxes in their bathrooms for kids that claim to be “furries” and it is all a nasty rumor, the school Superintendent claims.

The Carroll Community School District Superintendent, Casey Burlau, sent a letter to concerned citizens in the hopes of “dispelling a damaging rumor” that there are children identifying as animals (some call them “furries”) and the district has tried to accommodate them with litter boxes.

“This is simply and emphatically not true,” Burlau wrote. “Staff members are not encouraging or accommodating anyone behaving or identifying as a cat or any other animal. It is very unfortunate that this rumor has been spread over the last several weeks.”

The rumors have been spread by certain individuals on social media in Iowa and other states and have mostly been de-bunked as right-wing attempts to curry outrage and attention and possibly to disparage certain students.

However, the furry phenomena is big for kids on social media. WikiHow offers a course on “How to Be a Furry” apparently for anyone.

“The furry fandom is a large, inclusive community based on a love of anthropomorphic animals,” according to WikiHow. “These are animals that talk, walk on 2 legs, and behave like humans.[1] If you want to celebrate your fanship and express yourself creatively as a furry, welcome aboard! Once you develop a fursona, start interacting with other furries online and in real life, through conventions and local meetup groups. Explore your creative interests and see how they tie into the furry community, whether it means creating fan art or fursuiting.”

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This annoys me because people actually think this is what furries are like when that’s no where close. For one furries as you said like or take interest in animals with human characteristiscs (we think it may be cute look cool or nice) not act like a fkin dog and take a sh** in a litterbox if anything >some< do a bark as a >joke< nothing at all serious and if you did any kind of research you would realize that there are people called therians that exactly match what this false rumor is (acting like animals barking thinking they are a animal etc…) Just saying all these rumors are about therians not furries and if they say they are a furry and they act like this(litterbox collar rumor) than there not a furry.

According to a new SSRS for CNN poll, a majority of Democrats do not want President Joe Biden to run again in 2024. The survey found that 51% of voters identifying themselves as either Democrat or Democratic-leaning don’t want Biden to run again.

Those wishing to demonize public schools will try anything to discredit the schools. The right starts rumors and hopes that people will b elieve them and be outraged.

The right sees evil everywhere and believe everything they hear.

I identify as a young female tabby kitten, I will hereby be popping a squat in the Carroll Middle School “girls” bathroom litterbox.

Please respect my choices and identity.

Also please do not point and laugh at my feminine ding-a-ling.

Remember to spay or neuter your furries.

The school should make them eat pet food if the want to get the full experience.

Woof! HaHaHa

You want to be a dumb dog go for it and poop in a litter box. That’s your right. They need to have a Furry rave at the surf ballroom. It would blow out the winter dance party. It’s huge across the US right now. Dress up like a furry animal and have sex. Or poop in a litter box.

There are so many fools in this country.

OMG, everyday has turned to April 1.

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