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Todd Blodgett Opinion: The Real-life ‘Manchurian Candidate’?

Todd Blodgett of Clear Lake Iowa is an accomplished writer and political strategist. He has been the most-popular writer in the history of the Globe Gazette, been published in numerous news publications, and has written a book, “Republican Crackhead.”

A popular FaceBook meme is: “You Can’t Mess Up a Country this Bad in Nine months Unless it’s On Purpose”.

The botched exit from Afghanistan, in which President Biden ordered the military out while leaving Americans stranded, was astonishing. His flippant, disrespectful mistreatment of US Border Patrol officers –and impetuously disallowing their use of horses, to do their job – indicated, to many Americans, that he prioritizes foreign lawbreakers over law-abiding US citizens. He’s allowed Covid-positive illegal aliens onto US soil, while mandating vaccines for Americans. Among those for whom he hasn’t mandated vaccinees are welfare recipients. US Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents, joined by Sheriffs and other Texas law enforcement officers are suing Biden, claiming that his deporta- tion rollback has increased costs, impeded criminal investigations, and significantly reduced timely police responses. Worse, prohibiting ICE from taking most arrested illegals into custody for deportation causes “extremely dangerous illegal aliens” to be released into the streets, these plaintiffs contend.

While some Americans blame Biden’s naïvete for the magnitude of his self-induced border crisis, his appointees comprehend the damage they’re causing. This anti-cop, ersatz President knows that he can’t NOT enforce US law, so, WHY is he deliberately undermining national security, burdening the Economy with record debt, and unlawfully allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to crash our gates and remain? The movie, ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, offers some compelling clues. That 1962 thriller (remade in 2004), is about Chinese communists scheming to install, as US President, a China-controlled US Senator. Has life imitated art? The flick even features a dupe son of a prominent political family, to help deliver the goods. Creating internal chaos within an administration, and between federal and lower-level governmental entities – as Biden is doing – is an oft-used tactic of conniving, progressive revolutionaries to topple governments since 1917. The Biden-Harris administration seems to be modeled on Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, which includes making unsustainable numbers of citizens welfare-dependent. After all, Biden and his conniving Vice President, Kamala Harris, ARE importing poverty. Then there’s the reality that President Biden’s personal financial interests also seem, to many, to be incompatible with US national security and the economic interests of his employers. Squandering tax money to fund US reinstatement in the pro-UN, scandalous, Chi-Com-controlled WHO (World Health Organization) further raises legitimate suspicions regarding his true motives. Worse, yet: despite ample warnings from reputable, esteemed economists that raising capital gains tax rates, and the corporate tax rate, is, effectively, a gift to China, that’s precisely what the Biden administration proposes to do.

Via his dereliction of duty and decimating long-held cultural norms, and sabotaging our constitutional protections, Biden and his comrades are handing to America’s foes the opportunity that Joe Stalin craved. Many Democrats believe that equality of opportunity is insufficient: restitution and reparations are owed, with equality of rewards supplanting equality of rights. They oppose meritocracy; some even want schools to cease with grades, test scores and other measurements of ability. Instead, they favor mandating societal winners, to reflect the ethnic composition of their communities. They’ve under-mined incentives to be productive and, indirectly, caused businesses to permanently close. Many Leftists view Western civilization, largely, as five centuries of genocide, slavery and segregation, which subjugated red, black and brown people. Such contentious Liberals favor redistributing America’s wealth to those whose ancestors were subjected to Western rapacity; they detest our history, and want the USA’s students to be indoctrinated with the Marxist-inspired, Critical Race Theory.

Biden’s shameless minions are working closely with such calculating subversives to make it all happen. However, Joe Biden wasn’t elected to destroy our culture, doom the US Economy, or transform America into a Third World Nation. But is he the real-life ‘Manchurian Candidate’?
To some Americans, it sure looks that way.

Todd Blodgett, the author of ‘Republican Crackhead’, served on the White House staff during the Reagan-Bush administrations. He also worked for the Republican National Committee and the FBI. Mr. Blodgett lives in Clear Lake and can be reached via his website: www.ToddBlodgett.US.

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