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How to build an online presence for your business

Having an online presence is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business in 2021. 

With most people turning to search engines to find products or services they require; you can literally appear invisible if you don’t have a strong online presence.

It might seem strange, especially if you have run a successful company for years, but if a potential customer can’t find you when they search online, you may as well never have existed at all.

The reasons for this aren’t simply because most people use the internet to find businesses they want to buy from. 

Many people get a flavor of how successful or trustworthy a company is purely from their website’s quality and social channels. The result is that your prospects, especially young people who have grown up in a digital world, will avoid giving you their business altogether if your online presence is not up to scratch.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to build an online presence for your business to adapt to a changing commercial landscape.

Here is what you need to know:

Your website needs to show up in search engine rankings

One of the most key reasons you should have an online presence is to show up in search rankings when your target market searches for industry-specific terms. 

If you run a garage in Iowa, for example, then you will want to show up if someone searches for ‘car mechanic Iowa’ or suchlike. Almost everyone uses the internet to solve their problems and find products or services they need, so you should be there to take advantage of it. 

In order to show up highly in search engine rankings, you need to use search engine optimization (or SEO for short). 

With SEO, the clue is in the name. It is the optimization of keywords that your target market is searching for regularly. 

Usually, you do this by starting a blog on your website or guest posting on other people’s sites. You then regularly write articles that include these keywords and are about topics your customers would find useful.

To use the garage analogy, you might want to write articles about how to change a tire, check your oil, or other basic mechanical tips your audience would both search for and find interesting.

To help with your SEO, it might be worth working with an SEO specialist like SEO Ibérica

Make sure your website looks clean, is easy to use, and reliable

If you want your prospects to send business your way, then you need to make your website look good and be easy to use. Think of your website as your digital shop window, earning you sales mostly through appearance and a positive customer experience.

Invest in making your website as clean and attractive as possible to attract the right kind of customers.

Maintain a steady stream of content

The trick with building a strong online presence is to keep posting content regularly. This content could be blog posts, YouTube videos (perhaps sharing your expertise), podcasts, or social media posts. 

When you post new content consistently, the search engine algorithms will push you higher up the rankings, hopefully rewarding you with growing audience numbers. 

It is also worth remembering that content doesn’t stop pulling in visitors after a certain point. They will continue to attract an audience, so the more pieces of content you have, the more you can grow your online presence.

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