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Steve King on DACA: “We either have a country or we don’t.”

Column by Representative Steve King of Iowa, September 1, 2017

Congressman Steve King
News outlets are reporting that President Donald Trump is considering ending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The unconstitutional Obama-era executive action granted amnesty and work permits to approximately 800,000 illegal aliens on the condition they attest they illegally entered the United States as minors. This potential action to end DACA is welcome news, and if it happens, it would represent the fulfillment of another of President Trump’s campaign promises to the American people. I encourage the President to keep his promise by ending President Obama’s illegal “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) program immediately.

During the campaign, President Trump made an unforgettable appearance in Des Moines, Iowa. Many Americans will remember his appearance at the Iowa State Fair as a day hallmarked by then-candidate Donald Trump’s use of his personal helicopter to give rides to many lucky children in attendance. However, I remember his trip to Iowa primarily for another reason.

What I remember was a solemn promise that then-candidate Donald Trump made to the American people. When asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd what he would do about illegal aliens amnestied under the DACA program, Donald Trump minced no words: “They have to go,” he said. “Chuck, we either have a country or we don’t have a country.”

With this one phrase, Candidate Trump distilled the crux of the matter into an argument everyone understands. “We either have a country or we don’t have a country” is exactly right. We are either a nation defined by its borders, its culture, and its adherence to the Rule of Law or we aren’t. We either recognize that United States citizenship is intrinsically meaningful, or it isn’t. We either place America and Americans First, or we don’t.

I stand alongside Americans who want their laws respected, who want their borders enforced against those who would make breaking our law their very first act, and who want the economic interests of American citizens prioritized over those of illegal aliens. I believe that President Trump does too, and that ending DACA works hand-in-glove with his promise to build a border wall: both acts would stand as monuments (one intangible and one physical) to the Rule of Law.

President Obama, by his own admission, violated the Constitution when he suspended deportations of illegal aliens with his DACA executive action. As documented by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, on 22 separate occasions former President Obama stated that he couldn’t grant the kind of amnesty that DACA recipients later received from Obama. Here is a typical Obama quote on the subject: “With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive orders, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed . . . Congress passes the law. The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws. And then the judiciary has to interpret the laws.” And, yet, the lawless Obama suspended deportations of illegal aliens under the guise of ‘prosecutorial discretion.’

To add insult to injury, Obama’s DACA executive action even lawlessly gives the executive branch the ability to issue work permits to illegal aliens, too. Like most liberals, President Obama thought nothing of degrading the value of American citizenship in furtherance of his global vision of a world without borders. Not only did Obama grant an amnesty which serves to embolden and encourage others who might come here illegally, but he even rewarded those who did break our laws with a work permit so they can compete with American workers for American jobs.

Allowing 800,000 illegal aliens to stay and compete with our citizens for jobs can be called a lot of things, but it cannot be called a policy which places America First. If the President fails to act, his hand may be forced anyway: States have lined up to challenge DACA in court and they will very likely prevail. President Trump should keep the promise he made in Iowa. Doing so would restore respect for the Rule of Law, and would serve as a reminder to all that, under President Trump, the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, will be honored and the security and economic interests of American citizens will be protected.

Congressman Steve King represents Iowa’s 4th District. He is a member of the House Judiciary, House Agriculture, and House Small Business committees.

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Well, Well, Well, guess I should respond. Been gone for a couple of days.

First to Rick: I too am a Viet Nam Vet and I don’t consider that to be a factor one way or another regarding the weight of my opinion or yours. So there!

To answer bodacious’ question, where do I see the hate in Rick’s comments?

Rick’s comment offers nothing to the discussion other than tearing down PEOPLE OR A PERSON PERSONALLY. I consider that as hatred toward the individual and used for the purpose of destroying the messenger. They HATE what the other person believes in so they want to hurt them. At that point I lose respect and turn a deaf ear. If you have something important to add to the issue or a rebuttal to someones belief, I am all ears.

With that said, I call Rick out on his comments because I have recognized a trend in the “blogging” world where folks like Rick use that “hatred” in their nasty commenting. This trend of NEGATIVE blogging has become what I believe be a huge factor that is dividing the whole country.

Love or Hate? I see it as this simple. Loving people move towards one another and they listen. Hating people move away from each other and can’t hear.

I wasn’t looking for you to justify disliking Rick’s comments, all I wanted to know is where his comments showed that he “hates this country”. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they hate this country. I believe it means they don’t agree with the direction this country is heading. Nothing wrong with that.

You must be some kind of dike.
Stupid troll.

21 responses? I see only 12. Where are the others?

I delete comments that offend me. What’s it to you?

Carly-that was not my comment. It was the copycat, chickenshit troll. who is afraid to use his own name.

Not my comment!

We didn’t think it was.

Ask the troll.

Hey Rick – Infro Wars – 2000+ of them are in prison for felonies – not everyone will be pleased – but hey – just because a shoe shine expert from chitcago tried to ruin America does not mean the patriots have to dance to the kenyon conspiracy.

Info Wars? You are using that as your basis for truth? The same site that says Sandy Hook never happened? You are no patriot. A patsy maybe but not a patriot.

There are 535 people we do NOT want to see behind a microphone because that means they aren’t working and haven’t been lately. Get to work and do something rather than tell us how you feel. We The People feel like we need representation. We’ll gauge your accomplishments by the number of laws you pass. So far you’re on course for an F this November, all of you! Bye bye.

Hey Rick, your comments do nothing but make people turn a deaf ear to you. What comes through from your comments is, you hate this country. Why do you care more about illegals then American citizens?

Don’t give me that crap Watchdog.
I served 4 years in the Marine Corps with two tours in the Sandbox with a partularly nasty time in Fallujah.
One of the guys I served with was a guy named Rafael Peralta.
He was born in Mexico & joined the Corps when he got his green card, he was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.
He finally gained US citizenship in the Corps, but came to the US with his parents….as a child.
Rafael was more of an American patriot than either you or that ass-clown “anonymight”.
That is why I stick up for them, for Rafael, twice the man that you are and way more than that numbnuts “anonymight” will ever be.

Watchdog-That sure sounds like a made up story to me by Rick. He has claimed to be a veteran before but the people I know who served over there never brag about it. I have read that line before. Give it the credit it is due.

Anonymous-you should mind your own business. Watchdog doesn’t need any advice or help from a big mouth pissant like you.

And just what personal information to you have about military service LVS. Enlighten us please.

And, just what information do you have about anything?

LVS know something about the military?
You have to be a man to be in the military and LVS has proven over and over again that he does not have the capability of manning up about deleting comments let alone manning up enough to actually defend his country. LVS is just a child in an adult body.

bodaciousReply Report comment
September 6, 2017 at 8:20 am
I used a far right website to verify Rick’s statement just so you wouldn’t cry fake news.
September 6, 2017 at 8:53 am
That’s what I said. What Rick said was a made up story. Part of it may be true but his part of it is probably made up. For all we know Bodie is Rick. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. We all know Bodie for the left wing bullshitter she is.

bodaciousReply Report comment
September 6, 2017 at 8:20 am
I used a far right website to verify Rick’s statement just so you wouldn’t cry fake news.
September 6, 2017 at 8:53 am
That’s what I said. What Rick said was a made up story. Part of it may be true but his part of it is probably made up. For all we know Bodie is Rick. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. We all know Bodie for the left wing bullshitter she is.

I am wondering what in Rick’s post shows that he “hates this country”? It seems to me that he is exercising his rights to express his opinion which is totally American. As for LVS, I know how much you hate to Google facts, so I went ahead and googled it for you. Peralta was a hero.

I used a far right website to verify Rick’s statement just so you wouldn’t cry fake news.

That’s what I said. What Rick said was a made up story. Part of it may be true but his part of it is probably made up. For all we know Bodie is Rick. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. We all know Bodie for the left wing bullshitter she is.

What a feeble attempt to refute a difference of opinion.

The only thing feeble here is your mind.

LVS your entire life experiences are all made up. Your credibility is zero on anything that you say on this site.

So says the coward copying my name.

^^^ Copying your name?
What are you dyslexic or something?

I did not realize your name is SVL

Simply put, LVS is a pussy.
He comments about the someone that actually served in the military while he sat home during Vietnam rubbing his pathetic little pecker against some flat chested bimbo while real men were serving our country.
What say you, LVS you old piece of shit?
Asshole coward.

What I did or didn’t do in my life is none of your business. At least I amounted to something which is a lot more than a piece of trash like you can say. Only cowards post using someone else’s name. Are you ashamed of your own name? I guess no one can blame you for that. Someone like you who has a permanent room assigned at 5 east.

Hey LVS I don’t see anyone that used your name.

What true “Americans and Patriots” are Steve King & Donald Trump.
America first & MAGA!
Well not quite, little buckaroos.
Good old Steve King dropped out of Northwest Missouri State University after 3 years…once he was safe from the Vietnam draft.
Why was that Steve?….chicken-hawk pussy.
Donald Trump, 4 college deferments and lastly a fifth one for so-called “bone spurs” even though he had just participated in rigorous sports.
Why was that Donald?….chicken-hawk pussy.

It is a toss up as to which one of them is the biggest embarrassment.

Your comment is what is embarrassing. Do you have anything to say in regard to the topic of the article? I didn’t think so.


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