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Insider: Dem’s blast Blodgett for bombastic blogs

CERRO GORDO COUNTY – A Democratic insider has revealed to NIT that a fiery local blogger and “political guru” has gotten under the skin of the left-wingers and the party is now discussing what to do about his antics.

Todd Blodgett is son of Clear Lake political king-maker and former legislator Dr. Gary B. Blodgett – a former Iowa Legislator and retired Bush administration official – and is known by many as a Globe Gazette pot-stirrer whom they maliciously bring on board from time to time stoke the embers of debate and roil the masses on any number of hot-button topics.

Comment posted to the blog website by Todd Blodgett
Comment posted to the blog website by Todd Blodgett (click graphic to view larger)

Among Blodgett’s favorite targets when he writes and blogs on the Globe’s website or even submits a blog topic for publication are guns, drugs, and politics, and he has made no secret that he has little time for Democratic sentiments. He regularly engages in edgy and sometimes ferocious debate with nameless fellow-bloggers. In fact, just last year, Blodgett posted a series of incendiary comments on the blog-tabloid website, where he made fun of liberals and even the God of Islam, Allah.  Blodgett said that liberals will “destroy America” and said “Alah SHMALA” among other provocative phrases.

Left-wingers seem to have had all they can stand of Dr. Blodgett’s son Todd.  One Democrat told NIT that “Blodgett packs a gun, and with some of the stuff he writes, we’re not sure if he’d use it or not; it’s so far out there.  We just want him to go away.”

Mostly, though, the Dem’s have taken very personally Blodgett’s Globe blogs, especially his laser-like rebuttals and snappy comebacks to anything a liberal might dare to type, and NIT has been clued in that they seek to do something about it.

Days ago, a Democratic party insider emailed to a lengthy, detailed description of a discussion Democrats had about Blodgett at last week’s Democratic Party Central Committee meeting.  Several big names were mentioned that joined in the discussion, which centered on Todd Blodgett and how they feel that the Globe Gazette is enabling his rants which punish lefties.

According to a Democratic insider who was present for what was described as a “heated exchange”, Mr. Chris Petersen of Clear Lake was recognized to speak by party chairman John Stone. Petersen, our source tells us, “was very upset, and angry. He didn’t mince any words.” Petersen expressed concerns about Todd Blodgett, who is no run-of-the-mill Republican whose right-wing views irk Democrats.  He served as a White House aide to President Ronald Reagan, and on the staff of President George H. W. Bush.  Mr. Blodgett also was a protege of the late Lee Atwater, who was the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  According to the Associated Press and numerous other media sources, Blodgett also worked for the FBI as a full-time, professional informant, whom the bureau paid to infiltrate and surveil neo-Nazis, the KKK, the Aryan Nations, and leaders of the White Supremacy movement.

The source from the meeting, who willfully supplied NIT with a detailed description of the Dem’s discussion of Blodgett, claimed that Petersen said Democrats, “must do something about this Todd Blodgett.” The source said that Petersen then elaborated, claiming that Blodgett’s frequent blog columns in the Globe-Gazette, and the Globe Gazette, itself, are “a real problem for us.  We’ve got to start counter-acting Blodgett’s outrageous stuff.”

“Chris [Petersen] was about as adamant as I’ve ever seen him get, about anything.”

The source described reaction from several persons in attendance as “immediate,” and Joann Hardy, a party official, expressed agreement with Petersen. The source claimed that Mrs. Hardy said it was her understanding that Blodgett is paid by the Globe Gazette “to stir things up with readers.” Not so, chimed in yet another Central Committee member, Alan Steckman. Mr. Steckman is married to State Representative Sharon Steckman, who represents Mason City in the Iowa Legislature – the same seat that Todd Blodgett’s father, Dr. Gary B. Blodgett, held from 1992 to 2001. Steckman said he “doesn’t think Blodgett is paid,” but he was in complete agreement with Peterson and others present who believe that local Democrats need to “counteract” Blodgett’s opinion-style blog columns, and look into pursuing other media venues for getting the party’s message out to the public.

NIT did reach out to several Democratic party sources, who confirmed that Todd Blodgett was, indeed, discussed at-length during the left-wing pow-wow and strategy session. In fact, NIT received a number of email confirmations admitting to the discussion, although none would substantiate nor confirm exact quotes that the original source supplied.

That source described more of the discussion during the meeting:

“Chairman Stone, realizing that members of his organization were ramped up over the exchange, glanced towards Cerro Gordo county Supervisor Jay Urdahl, who is known to be a close friend of Mr. Blodgett. Urdahl is also heavily indebted politically to Gary Blodget, who has been his major financial backer since Urdahl first ran for the BOS, back in 1988.  In fact, Urdahl sometimes goes to Texas to stay at a Blodgett-owned bungalow and regularly leeches free lunches off of Todd, not to mention stiffs a lot of us on tabs and tips when we go out.”

Democratic source says Jay Urdahl was a mess as his left-wing pals cut up his friend Todd Blodgett
Democratic source says Jay Urdahl was a mess as his left-wing pals cut up his friend Todd Blodgett

“You should have seen it,” said another source, speaking on condition of anonymity. “John Stone and [state Senator] Amanda Ragan both kept glancing over at Jay, for at least half the time that they were bitching about his buddy, Blodgett. And this went on for quite awhile. I looked over at Jay a couple times, and you could just see he was worried sick that somebody would ask him about his recovering-addict right-wing friend who creates misery for us, with all that crap he writes.”

The source supplied more of the highly animated discussion:

“Another person at the meeting said that Todd Blodgett is a drug addict who was, basically, run out of Washington, D.C. At that point, Steckman jumped back in, and told the 30 or so people in attendance that he had recently sent a letter to the editor to the Globe-Gazette and he was disappointed in the Globe, because, he said, ‘my letter went nowhere, until I called the Globe, and complained that they keep running Todd Blodgett’s Op-Ed columns. And if they can publish Blodgett’s columns, then why can’t they run my letter to the editor?’ He said it was only after he called out the Globe-Gazette that his letter appeared in that newspaper.”

Todd Blodgett
Todd Blodgett

Upon receiving the detailed news tip from the Democratic insider, NIT reached out to Mr. Blodgett as well as other Democrats. He expressed bemusement that his political enemies “would even bother wasting time” on him.

“What was their purpose in all this?” Blodgett asked. “Why am I even on their radar? Don’t these Democrats realize that if they work hard, they just might be able to get Braley’s vote up to 48 percent?”

When informed that a Democrat at last week’s meeting alleged that Blodgett was “run out of Washington, D.C.” Blodgett laughed. “I left D.C. nearly seven years ago of my own accord. George W. Bush was still the President of the United States. At that time, my dad was serving in his administration, and my mom worked for Laura Bush in the White House,” Blodgett told NIT. “I’m not a felon, never been to prison, and no one ran me out. If anyone outside of the law had even tried to do that, it wouldn’t have gone well for them.”

Blodgett said he was “flabbergasted that anyone would even possibly believe this ridiculous allegation”, adding, “Now, you tell me, just who was supposed to have ‘run’ me ‘out’ of Washington? Do these Democrats think this was like Marshal Matt Dillon on ‘Gunsmoke’,” Blodgett added, referring to the long-running TV Western. “You know, where Marshal Dillon just tells people to get the Hell out of Dodge?”

Blodgett then said, “If this skirmish at the Central Committee meeting actually occurred, it proves that some Democrats are actually dumber, and waste even more time, than even I’d previously thought.” shared with Blodgett the names of four of the participants who took part in the heated exchange which erupted at the mention of his name. He told us that he’d never met Mr. Petersen, but knows of him.

“He’s a heavily subsidized farmer, and idolizes Obama. I’m not pleased that my taxes support him, and, effectively, provide him with enough of a living to waste time at political meetings. He apparently knows that he can’t make it as a farmer without OPM,” Blodgett told NIT, referencing “other people’s money.”

Blodgett said he does know Joann Hardy, John Stone, and Alan Steckman. “Mrs. Hardy was my neighbor for many years, and her husband, Russ, was my shop teacher, at John Adams. I like and respect them both, despite our political differences.”

When asked about Steckman, Blodgett said, “I’ve only met Al a few times, and I like him. He’s smart, and very interesting to talk with.” As to Mr. Stone, Blodgett said that “John’s family and mine have been friends since LBJ was President. My brother and I went to elementary school and to MCHS with his brother. I like John, and he’s always been courteous and respectful to me. I just ran into him Friday, at the Courthouse. I was there to vote, and John and I walked in together. We had a nice chat.”


Editor’s note: NIT has been sent fresh information from the Republican camp as well, and will report on those developments as soon as possible.

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@ anonymous, your right what you say, he does think it is funny how his enemies abscess on the crap he pulls. Todd says to us the same thing, laugh’s about it. Blodgett is republican but he really don’t give a fat rat’s one way or the other mostly. Look how him and Urdahl has been good friends for alot of years, other Dem’s to, I know. He was just like this in school, he did know how to get teacher’s so mad, principle’s to, now he does to these politicians. LOL

The Republican Calvary rides to the rescue!

Did you mean “cavalry”?

We think Mr. Blodgett is good, he speaks for us. He says cut back this welfare, get rid of criminals. These bad people in prison, Mr. Blodgett says get rid of them, we agree. Would love to see the county make him a deputy sheriff to make it legal, send Todd into our bad parts and get rid of all these drug dealers and lazy’s and the dumb baby makers from Detroit and Chicago and these other bad places. Either send them to Waterloo or St. Louis where they belong, or just get rid of them.

What Democrat done this, they made us more problems then any other thing anybody could of. Nobody now will think what gets talked talk about is safe it is suppose to be a sacred secret. Who gives a dang about this rich trouble maker black sheep, we just lost a good man to the Republitard’s, should of been helping Braley get in, not out bitching on Blodgett. Now we got us this Joni Ernest on count of not doing what were suppose to, elect our own not make our meetings about somebody else.

News flash to Chris Petersen: trying to get the party to refute Blodgett will only encourage him. He may be an embarassment to his parents and a potential threat to public safety, but he thrives on confrontation. How could you be so naive? Todd set the trap, and you took the bait. Knowing this arose at a central committee meeting amuses him, and now he knows his verbal bomb-throwing has you and others in the party in a snit. Mr. Blodgett aimed low, and with you, he hit his target.

Exactly, GG. He’s probably laughing his head off at how reliably they always play right into his hands. They wasted valuable time and energy worrying about him, distracting them from the work they really should have been doing, and it looks like it worked, doesn’t it?

@ ? … yes Stone, he knows how to run a meeting, his old man was the Judge, should of told Chris to STFU. Yes, your right on.

@9th-Braley was a lying,slime ball crook and the vast majority of the people knew it. only the sheeple voted for him. We are tired og people like Reid, Braley and especially Obama. Now it is our turn to straighten out the mess left by the Lunatic Fringe Demoocrats.

lulz i wadnt gonna say nuthin but i know Todd! he hit on me almost every night at RUmorz he ask me if i wan a come to his cottoj and pet his kiddie lulz! i said ‘hell no!’ lulz then he show me his gun it sure is shiny 😉

I shall attempt to correct two Neanderthals here, first, “MCHS ’81”: you can write all you wish about Mr. Blodgett allegedly being “alot of fun”. Incidentally, “alot” is not a word, Einstein. It should be two, repeat, two words, as in, “a lot”. But I doubt it was much fun for those at whom Toddy boy has aimed a loaded gun. @ LVS: If NIACC is afraid of Toddy boy, as you state, I cannot fault him. Only fools would be UNafraid of a spoiled rotten, neo-Nazi cocaine addict who carries guns.

@Laker for a Short Time-As you are a member of the Lunatic Fringe I will make this as simple as possible. You libs got your butts handed to you last night because people are tired of your liberal crap ad the way you are destroying our country. If you are afraid of Mr. Blodgett you better be terrified of some of the rest of us.

It sure sounds to me like Todd Blodgett is the only adult in the room. He certainly doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything they say or think they can do. The Democrats are the ones running scared and they are the ones who shoot off their mouth about him all the time on here. We still have first amendment rights and he can say anything he wishes. I would guess it to be true or they wouldn’t be protesting so much.

@ LVS, what concerns us isn’t so much Toddy Boy exercising his rights under the first amendment. We can live with that, disgusting as are his neo-Nazi columns in the pro-Blodgett Globb. What worries all of us is how he abuses his Second amendment rights. Any reasonable person understands the need to have this spoiled lunatic disarmed.

@NIACC-You don’t read so well for someone who supposedly retired from NIACC. He has never been convicted of a felony and that means he has the “RIGHT” to own and carry a gun. Didn’t they teach you the constitution in college? Or, do you just pick out the sections you like. I think you are afraid of Mr. Blodgett and like most cowards will attack anonymously but never in person. Go stick your head in the sand and shake with fear like cowards do. Blodgett stands behind his views and in the…

So, I was gonna dress up for Halloween as a Politician, but I couldn’t get my head far enough up my ass….hahahahhaa

@ Wanda, I hope your right, young Blodgett should of got his along time ago. No 2 way’s about it, his daddy-O got him off on them drug charges, guns, the whole 9 yds. Just it goes to show, your rich its a-Ok, your poor, it is lock up time. If I was Chris P. I would get me a gun or least talk to the cops, no telling what might happen now. The Google, says Toddy boy knows alot of skinhead’s they hate on people, kill, he is friends with them that has killed. Scarry to think here in Iowa.

@ Lehigh, Toddy boy is use to getting his way, it is how Republitard’s do. When you got money know the powers-to-be you got it made. So this Republitard Sherrif we got & Jay Turd-all, all them, they won’t never do nothing don’t matter how bad this little Hitler does. Money also get’s you the best lawyer’s if Adolf jr needs. You seen his picture here well I bet Hitler II has a gun on him, look at the booze, beer in front of his Nazi face. It is not legal have booze & guns in a…

“Little Hitler”, “Adolf, Jr.”, “Republitard’s” (sic)? Come on, people. I’m not a fan of Todd Blodgett’s politics (or his old man’s, for that matter), but these comments are far worse than anything I’ve seen in the Glob columns by the man you call Toddy Boy. Maybe Blodgett is correct about how dumb some of his enemies really are. If you want to take issue with TB’s political opinions, that is fair game. But at least do us enlightened liberals justice. Some of you make us all look…

@Lehigh-I would be real careful if I had a mouth like yours. If what you say about him is true I am sure he has the resources to find out who you are.

So how is Todd not a felon? He was in possession of crack cocaine. Oh yeah, his daddy got him off.

@JMO-Get off it. You are smarter than that. You know damn well if you commit yourself because you recognize you have a problem it is not a felony. Get back on your meds. It will be OK after the shock wears off.

Look at LVS who is quick to bash every drug user as a loser and waste of space defending Blodgett.

@Left-Get off it Philamena. Post under your own name and quit being a coward.

LVS, it sure didn’t take you long to go back to your old self. I guess trying to be nice was too much of a strain for you.

@JMO-what was wrong with my comment? I didn’t call you any names and even gave you a comment. Do not expect me to bend over and kiss it when you are being obnoxious.

Does the actions of the Dem’s central committee surprise anyone else? Look at the cluster *&%$ that occurred with the Supervisor ordeal- they picked a 3 time loser who got the least votes and is most likely getting crushed in today’s election.

I will say, if you ask me Blodgett come off pretty good here, he wants to know why am I on that radar? He said some nice words on Miss Hardee and Stone and Steckman, and them. He don’t sound like no power-mad sicko to me, just a man on the other side of the fence he is being nice on this.

You are correct, Todd did come out of this looking good. That is because NIT offered him a chance to give his side and he chose to respond and did so. Hat’s off to him. A lot of local politicians could learn a lesson here rather than hiding or running away everytime they see Matt with a camera.

I think people run from Matt because of his self earned reputation for being rude, vengeful, jealous, and overwhelmingly biased when he reports. As far as Todd, anyone who knows him personally knows 99% of his enemies stories are inaccurate or completely fabricated, a fact that he tells me shows his surprising influence, a side effect of his activism he very much enjoys.

Vengeful. Spite filled. Jealous ridden. Unprofessional. Even for a blogger.

So now he was a paid informant for the FBI infiltrating the KKK White Supremacists? That’s not what the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote about him or his father Dr. Blodgett. They put them both right in line with prominent racist speakers and ideology. This is new information that if true would seemingly exonerate Todd. It sounds like a fabricated bit of information designed to cover for his past mistakes. And I’ve NEVER heard anything of the sort until this article.

That is well known news. He was also addicted to crack and blames it on marijuana I think, I dunno. Todd is a messed up individual with a long history of being so.

He even admits his “addiction” problems in this globe editorial

@ Philosophus, Mr. Symonds is correct about it being well-known that Toddy boy worked for the FBI. He is also on a list of known FBI professional informants. Basically, the guy was paid to rat out the racists who made him rich, by purchasing CD’s, magazines, DVD’s, etc., from Resistance Records, Inc. No wonder this crypto-Fascist profiteer thinks he needs to carry a gun.

I’m as republican as it gets and actually lived in DC. It’s only Mason City Todd, powerful here? Uh, no.

A TRULY smart man would never carry on as this sicko cell does.

Eyes are the window to the soul…take a look. ewww shivers. Little red rat.

Todd don’t care about power, been around it all his life, money to. He has always like to stir shit up, like to get a rise out of people. Look’s like he did, LOL. I know him, your wrong he is not a sicko, he is just Todd. Can get under somebody’s skin like nobody you ever seen.

Most accurate post here! I believe you actually know Todd!

Yes I do, my wife to, I have known him since we went to John Adams this was 40 year’s ago. Todd is not crazy, no way. Some blog’s here are tho. He and I do not see eye to eye on lot’s of things, but he is one of the funniest most honest guys I ever have known. He is real serioius when it comes to helping people get over the drug’s, some times when he comes to NA meetings here in Mason he stops over to our house after. Blodgett is a hoot, to Republican for us yes, but just alot of fun.

I’ve known Todd and his family since we were children. We are friends. He is extremely conservative, no doubt about that, but I certainly have never felt in danger in his presence. Quite the opposite actually. He does relish driving the left crazy, which isn’t hard to do, He is very intelligent and well-educated with the memory of an elephant, and I’ve never seen him come out on the short end of a debate, which is why he draws the wrath of the liberals.

He is right about one thing…the destruction of America will be at the hands of Liberals from within…after 6 years of being in control, look at where we are at.

I CANNOT wait for the CHANGE tonight.

Please cite specific examples as to how America is more “destroyed” now than it was before Obama took office.

The debt, the border, ISIS, muslim brotherhood, and there are at least a dozen others. Then again since you have your head up obamas butt so much that you can’t see whats actually happening.

How has ISIS “destroyed America?” And we already covered ISIS remember? We left Iraq too early, exactly when Bush signed the agreement saying we would. But you have your head so far to the right that somehow that is still Obama’s fault. Bush increased the debt 20.7% during 2005-2009 while Obama increased it 18.5% from 2009 – 2013. Also this on border control

Glad you asked!!

1. A MUCH larger Entitlement mentality in this country
2. More porous southern border allowing illegals and terrorists into our country
3. IRS Scandal
4. Benghazi Scandal
5. Fast and Furious
6. OH BOY…can’t forget Obamacare!!
7. Commoncore
8. NSA Scandal
9. Associated Press Scandal
11. Weaker Military
12. Poor relations with Israel
13. Putin running wild
14. VA Scandal.
15. Solyndra
16. ISIS
17. Ebola
18. Greater Political Division

19. Added 6.4 Trillion to the National Debt
20. Increased racial tensions
21. Devaluation of the dollar by printing more money
22. Media Bias

I could go on and on. BUT, a question like yours doesn’t surprise me at all as only thru the eyes of a Liberal could things be looking better now than before.

And ISIS is destroying America and HE is letting it happen by having done nothing about it and letting it get out of control…

Wow, it’s like a Fox News Playlist here. Ebola is Obama’s fault? Please explain how Obama created the Ebola Virus and is infecting people with it. And nice job believing all of the manufactured “controversies” that Fox News tells you to believe.

And how is the media bias of Fox News Obama’s fault?

Ebola is not obamas fault, it is soros and gates fault, but obama is leaving the gate wide open for those that are infected or could be infected to come here to the states and allow it to be spread. Your biased towards obama is blinding you to the fact that our nation is ready to implode and all you see is sunshine.

Nope, I don’t see sunshine, but I also don’t see all the doom and gloom that you Republitards see either. All of the things are truly wrong with this country, and all of the things you believe are wrong with the country are not the fault of a single person. They are the fault of the two party system and both sides being obstructionists. The repubs give a blanket “no” to anything the dems come up with, and vice versa. Stop blaming everything on one person and open your eyes at bigger…

Well said “Maybe” but this one will never get it.

Tonight, we take our country back!!!

That’s right, I’ll never get ebola because it isn’t as big of a threat as the right wing fear machine would have you believe. You’re also not going to be beheaded by ISIS either. Quit believing the hype.

When I look at the senate or the house and see what kind of bills they want to pass, when I watch the news, headline news, and see all the things that are happening here I am a realist. I don’t close my eyes and hope everything goes away, I see it as it is and common sense tells me what is going to happen sometime in the future. You cal keep your eyes closed all you want but when things start happening and you start to panic remember 1 thing, all the signs were there.

Will the real Dave Hill please stand up?

Toddy boy will get his, should of got it alot of years ago. Jerk.

Even more news:

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