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Peter Children: This City Council must change


It’s never easy to speak ill of another, at least that is my personal feelings. There are however times when you have to bite the bullet and get on with it. Whatever I say does come from a personal Plato but rather from a closely studied observation of countless council meetings and fortified by local media outlets that cover the council and it’s doings.

The absence of Nelson, Marsters and Weaver is glaring, more like blinding in the face of what they contributed to this city. The first move was to instigate the Micro- Enterprise program from NIACC. After 18 months they have only garnered 5 prospects….some of which exploited the intent by stretching or violating the rules. The entire display was a study in ineptness that was a mistake from the start. It will never bear fruit, it was set up entirely wrong. All it ever was was an excuse to exploit the taxpayers who funded it. They passed it without one no vote.

Then there was the Human Rights department. For 50 years it served the needs of this community….and now we find that every member of the council voted to close it. Why? They said the reasons were economically driven. Then they OK a 70K expenditure to move Bookmeyer’s desk, then bought statutes and gave the museum $265,000.00 knowing they (the museum) are sitting on slightly over $800,000.00 in the bank. But no money for those who could benefit from the HR office. They all voted to close it, there was not one no vote.

Then there was the “burning facility” that Bookmeyer and the entire council fought for. There was no “due diligence” preformed on this company; was purely an act of desperation on the part of Bookmeyer who was searching for a legacy he might tie to his term….which by the way remains vacant. Everyone of the council members voted for this concept even though it could have been extremely dangerous to everyone living here. To this day this Colorado based firm has yet to find a community it’s that will except them. Bookmeyer replaced Weaver on the landfill board with Turnquist, his own personal hit man in hopes of bullying the landfill board into accepting the proposed concept….didn’t work. Turnquist got his lunch handed to him by the landfill membership with Clear Lake casting the deciding no vote.

Now Hickey, Solberg and Turnquist…along with their leader Bookmeyer have landed on a strategy they feel will propel them back into office. I think they are thinking of labeling it the “dream team.” We’ll they are on the right track, that’s for sure, only it is more like a nightmare team. As far as I know there is no excelsior invented that will erase the memory of an entire community. Just close your eyes for a moment….then pick a council person…any of them, and place them back in those chairs for another chance to keep screwing you over and over again. Think of the Second Ward and the Mercy Hospital fiasco where their representative Travis Hickey sat mute….it’s on tape, go back and watch. It was a horrible thing to witness, seeing a dozen citizens, homeowners being squashed by this medical facility and their council representative threw them to the wolves. Now he wants back in? He states he is a member of the EDC; if I were on that board I would change my name and shop at night. That’s a zero

I remind you now of the Forth Ward, my ward. As hard as it might be to be actually worse than Hickey, Solberg has managed to achieve that. She once proposed that all renters be required to buy insurance, you think it might have something to do with the fact she sells insurance? She went after some church in her neighborhood, tried to shut it down…failed. I would like someone post something she can point to that can be attributed directly to her….anything. Her only function during her entire term was to comply with whatever Bookmeyer wanted, and that is exactly what she did. You want more of that?

Now comes the real gestapo….Turnquist. I can just see this guy with a swagger stick in his hands….maybe a pair of high top black boots. This is a complex case, something that needs more than the paragraph or two I might give it. We are looking at what could easily be conceived to be the most egotistical schmuck ever to sit a that table. He is a lair, a blatant liar, lied on camera….we could stop here, that alone disqualifies him. He made a gigantic fool of himself at the landfill board meeting thinking the members would be in awe of him because he carried the largest block of votes….it turned out the board viewed him for exactly what he was worth….nothing. Can this man point to one thing that he was responsible for in this community that can be viewed as something that benefited this city? Go find it…and good luck.

Comes now Eric Bookmeyer, the mayor from hell. I have written extensively about the mayor. I have even invited him to lunch….I’ll pay, he can eat and drink until his hearts content. He can bring his best friend…who can either act as his second or maybe could act as his driver in case that is needed. He must know that the lunch will be filmed and recorded so there will be no mistake in the answers he gives to my questions. My questions certainly won’t be hard, he will easily understand them.

Now these three councilpersons along with Bookmeyer want to erect billboards featuring their pictures and bill themselves as the dream team. I say go for it, remind people what you really look like.

Peter Children

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