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Hobos Make Pit Stop in Mason City

Hobos Nomad, Bridge and Jace passing through Mason City on Monday with final destination of New Orleans.

by Jody Spear and Kelly Meyer –

MASON CITY – They missed Hobo Days in Britt, but hobo life goes on for Nomad, Bridge and Jace. Monday afternoon the hobos made a stop in Mason City, near Wal-Mart, on their journey to New Orleans.

Nomad (from South Carolina), Bridge (from New York state) and Jace (from Florida) met up about a month or two ago on the road and have been traveling together ever since.

“We stopped off here to get some canned goods for the road,” said Nomad. “We’re on our way to Little Rock, Arkansas.”

Bridge, who was named that because that’s her favorite place to sleep, said, “It’s warmer there and we’re hoping to see some friends.”

“We would like to make it to New Orleans by Halloween. They have work there around that time,” said Jace. “If we get there too early, the police mess with us.”

They we’re hoping there was a cheap enough motel in town for them to stay, “To catch a shower and sleep in a bed for a spell,” said Nomad. “If not, we’ll being leaving tonight.”

Jace added, “Mason City has been good, average. Every place is different. Some place we don’t make anything and others, we make enough where we don’t have to do this (ask for change) for weeks.”

A Mason City man noticed the 3 hobos hanging around Monday and sent this to NIT: “Three people begging for spare change by Murphy USA in front of Walmart. One of them is sitting on the ground playing with a nice cellphone looks like a smartphone to me. Begging for change, but has enough money for a smartphone.”

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nomad and bridge
11 years ago

id just like to add that we dont just beg for change we work also. sometimes though our funds run out before we can find more work. also because we dont have permanent address local resources wont help us most of the time. thanks to all that helped us while we were in town. try offering a hobo a job and see if he doesnt take it before you judge. also jaces mom pays his cell phone bill in case he needs help. its not a friendly world on the rails all the time but its a better way of life than living in a box. peace love and happiness to all

Sugar daddie's girl
11 years ago

Atleast they are moving on and not moving to the north end. LOL yuck, yuck, yuck.

11 years ago

Maybe its a government phone!

Bobby G
11 years ago

You never know maybe a relative gave him the phone. I case he was hurt or needed help.

Buzz Crumcutter
11 years ago

I suppose they have already voted too.

Reply to  Buzz Crumcutter
11 years ago

They MUST have! They are part of the 47%!

11 years ago

Not many of them around anymore. When I was young (a while ago) they used to come through on the railroad and would work for food. Now it seems they just beg. When I lived in Texas there were quite a few because the weather was warmer. Used to find them dead in the mornings once in awhile. Snake bit from sleeping under the overpasses.

11 years ago

Bums with smartphones. What a world!

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