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Mason City schools looking to increase student meal fees; Micich contract to be discussed

by Matt Marquardt –

MASON CITY – The Mason City School Board and Superintendent Anita Micich will be meeting Monday afternoon.

Among the items on the agenda is a student lunch fee increase: “Executive Director of Business and Financial Services Ramona Jeffrey will present a recommendation to increase food service prices 10 cents a meal for lunch and breakfast meals for the 2012-2013 school year to meet Department of Education recommendations. Food service daily rate if approved: K-6 Breakfast $1.20, 7-12 breakfast $1.45, K-6 lunch $2.20, and 7-12 lunch $2.45. Approval is recommended.”

A number of change orders for the construction projects underway in the district will also be looked at.

The school board will go into closed session to discuss Superintendent Anita Micich’s contract:

“A closed session will be held to discuss the superintendent’s contract for the 2012-2013 year. The motion should be stated as follows:
“I move that we hold a closed session as provided in Section 21.5(1)(a) of the Open Meetings Law to review or discuss records which are required or authorized to be kept confidential.”

Micich (pictured) is paid over $170,000 each year to lead the Mason City and Clear Lake schools.

That sharing agreement will also be discussed:

“A one-year agreement for shared superintendent between the Mason City Community School District and the Clear Lake Community School District will be presented. Approval is recommended.”

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Does any one else find it disturbing that Iowa is one out of only 3 states in the US that decided to keep feeding our children “pink slime” during their so called “nutritional” school lunches? I have to admit that I am by far not educated on exactly what “pink slime” consists of, however I feel that if the other 47 states banned this from being used in their school lunches,,,, it is for a reason. Now they want to raise our prices for what barely fills our children’s bellies in the first place. Good job Mason City school system, and if it wasn’t up to them, Good job state of Iowa. Come on people.

This is what real journalism looks like—
Asking the questions that matter.
Not being intimidated by power sitting in front of you.
Seeking truth.
Educating the masses.
Thank you NIT—many, many people support you.
You are the best thing that has happened to this city in a long time.

I am a devoted volunteer for MCCSD. I know Anita Micich well. I find her to be a dedicated Superintendent to the Mason City Community, to the students and families she serves each and every day. She is highly organized and has an incredible team of administrators and staff, as well as School Board Members behind her. She is a vital part of our community,supports athletics and the arts and is most certainly interested in stretching our District to make the most of our educational capabilities for each student that comes through our Public School System. Thanks, Anita!

You are certifiable if you believe one word that you wrote in this response.

For her level of education and the amount time it would take to manage two medium to large districts…I would say she is under paid. What should we do hire a recent college graduate? Great leadership has a price and I will happily pay.

Hi, Anita!

The teachers I know say she is a paranoid control freak. No one can question any of her policies. She has taken the school system to new lows and is rolling in the dough doing it.

A good example of this would be the changing of the name of Roosevelt Middle School to Lincoln. Shouldn’t the public had a say in this, instead of an outsider? Why? What did this cost? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it… like our garbage pick up.

I am hoping that this closed meeting means they are considering getting rid of her. Maybe the school board is finally listening to the public that we don’t want her services. It’s time for her to go back to her rich little suburb in Des Moines. In fact, it’s long overdue.

Simple math shows she makes $18,888.89 every months for nine months.

P.S. Closed door session??? The probably know she would be tarred and feathered if the public were allowed to voice their opinion, but then what’s new about the school board or the Mason City council for that matter paying attention to what the taxpayers think is in the best interest of this town…?

P.S. a closed session…they probably know she would be tarred and feathered if the public were allowed to voice their opinion!

Seriously? She is not worth even half of what they are paying her. I am sorry, I have my children in the school system in Mason City and went through it myself and things have changed for the worse, especially since she took over. I won’t even enumerate the reasons why and some of the reasons have already been mentioned. She is a first-class dingbat and doesn’t care a thing about our kids…the caption under her picture ought be in a word balloon coming from her mouth that says “nyah nyah…I’m in charge and you are all idiots in North Iowa because I’m ripping you off and I could care less about your kids educational, music, and athletic programs as long as am becoming rich off you.”

I suppose the school figures most of the kids are already on a state paid reduced rate. Let the taxpayers make up the higher rates.

I pay full price for my child’s meals, and I don’t mind paying full price. What I do mind is Micich getting paid that exorbent salary with our tax dollars!

Does anyone know why lunch fees vary among schools? The Dept of Agriculture and State of IA help fund lunches don’t they? What are the reasons some schools charge more? Where is the extra money going?

She asks more tax money from you, then demands a higher salary for herself. And the fool school board will give it to her too.

This last school year the high school lunches were $2.25 in August. Then in January they increased .10 to $2.35. Now they want to increase them again 6 months later to $2.45. It seems like alot of increases in one year’s time. How is it other schools don’t charge as much? ($1.80 at Central Springs in Manly and $2.25 at Clear Lake)

I believe she gets free healthcare and a 30.000 dollar a year annunity. And you need to pay more taxes?
I know Clear Lake aint happy with the whole thing

Well, since this is about the school board and so on it’s really nice to see you using the word, ain’t.

You have to be kidding me! How much should she be paid! Cut the school employee wages to match local wages, and use the extra money for lunches and technology.

Public education is not about the kids!! It only exists to see how much funding people like Micich can recieve or demand! A quarter million dollars for a small midwest school Superintentent?? Yes, she is also the one to stand in front of taxpayers and tell them they dont pay enough. Good Luck. The reason there is not enough money for the kids is because the money has all been sucked away from the kids by the unreasonable demands of the staff. Thats where the general fund money has been lost. NO NEW TAXES, you recieve way more than enough now.

I don’t think the price increase of school lunches has much to do with the staff salaries. I’m not an educator either. As far as I’ve always understood, school lunches were administered by the USDA. See this link:

No free lunches. $5 per meal for everyone. Make the parents feed their tribe, not the taxpayers. Can the breakfast, parents need to feed their tribe breakfast at home. It’s a bonding experience.

you can pay $5.00 a meal!I wouldnt eat that shit for free!

No one is forced to eat anything bring your kids lunch if you don’t like it.

I don’t think it would be ethical for schools to make a profit on government subsidized food. I wonder how many parents are at work when breakfast time for the children hits? Schools have been providing a nutritional breakfast for years to children who may not always receive one.

Your black and white thought process is totally unrealistic and just proves how narrow minded you are.

Many children, through no fault of their own, don’t have access to a balanced meal. School is often the only place these children receive a good meal. Proper nutrition is vital for proper growth and development, both physically and mentally.

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