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Mediacom to cap internet usage at 250 gigabytes per billing cycle

This news story was published on August 17, 2013.

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Mediacom is announcing to customers that it is capping internet usage at 250 gigabytes per billing cycle. According to a notice, any customer who uses above 250 gigabytes will be charged an additional fee.

Mediacom internet service is widely-used in the North Iowa area.

“Although these changes won’t affect the way about 98% of our customers use the Internet or how much the service costs, we want you to understand the changes and tell you how to see if they will affect you,” Mediacom stated.

The notice states that effective September 13, 2013, monthly data usage allowance will be 250 Gigabytes. The changes will only affect customers who use more than 250 GB during the monthly billing cycle. Customers who exceed the data limit will need to purchase 50 GB blocks of data at $10 per block.

Mediacom says its median monthly data usage is currently under 14 GB per month; it says it will contact customers as they approach or exceed the data limit.

“The amount of data you use is largely impacted by your online activities, not just the amount of time you spend online,” Mediacom said. “For example, you could spend hours on Facebook, checking e-mails, or surfing the web, and use less than 1 GB of data. On the other hand, you could spend 30 minutes downloading a movie and use 2 GB. Put simply, it’s what you do with the Internet that affects your usage, not the time you spend on it.”

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59 Responses to Mediacom to cap internet usage at 250 gigabytes per billing cycle

  1. Waterloo Reply Report comment

    August 19, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    Mediacom is the worst internet ever, horrible service, data cap, unexpected changes in contracts, dumbass employees

  2. Jack Reply Report comment

    May 6, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    I know this is an old article, but mediacom saying that 98% of users never go near 250gb is just a lie to get more customers. I signed up for that service 6 months ago and have went over every month according to them. And even though its not possible, they hammer me with overage charges, we have outtages weekly, and I have spent 15-20 hrs. on the phone with them for nothing at all. I even tried upgrading to the 1 terabite plan, but at the next billing cycle,more overage fees, and more lies!