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Everything You Need to Know About TeamSense

Due to a constantly changing workforce, businesses have struggled with managing all of their employees. While salaried workers have a typical schedule they follow, an hourly worker’s schedule is often changing. The result can be a variety of challenges that have previously gone unaddressed. However, a snappy startup called TeamSense has developed a solution to these issues and is ready to help bring the solution.

What is TeamSense?

Developed in 2020, TeamSense is a highly successful software solution that first helped to track Covid symptoms. While switching from Covid tracking to employee attendance management might seem complicated, TeamSense Inc has built upon its initial software and adapted it to this new market. The entrepreneurial spirit and expertise of the co-founders have ultimately made the product the success it is today. 

Who Are The People Behind The Company?

TeamSense was founded by three enterprising individuals, each bringing a unique set of skills to the business. 

Sheila Stafford

Currently operating as the company’s CEO, Sheila has a long history of managing large, complex teams and understands the difficulties businesses face in this regard. These observations (along with those of its other co-founders) have helped turn fledgling software into a full-blown communication solution that companies worldwide can use to help operations run more smoothly. Aside from her prominent business and human resource nous, she also has many academic credentials ranging from mechanical engineering to an MBA.

Jeremy Wadsack

The second CTO of the business, Jeremy, is adept at all things science and technology-related. Since learning how to program from the age of 7, Jeremy has a proven track record of developing a diverse range of software. However, his experience further extends to leading teams in various large corporations and even creating an analytics solution used by tens of thousands of businesses. All of these experiences led him to co-found TeamSense and bring his deep knowledge of programming and analytics to the company.

Alison Teegarden

Alison has a deep understanding of helping businesses grow their operations and, as such, works as the COO of TeamSense. After attending Standford University and earning an MBA at the esteemed Harvard Business School, she began her career as a business consultant for numerous companies. 

What Does TeamSense Do?

The TeamSense application addresses the communication problem of businesses that rely on hourly employees. According to some estimates, 60% of the US workforce works on an hourly basis, making it a more significant problem than most people realize. Some of the main issues that businesses face when hiring hourly workers include:

  • Recruitment difficulties: Hiring the right talent is challenging at the best of times. However, it raises a whole new set of issues regarding hourly workers, including finding qualified candidates and providing them a platform to apply for the job.
  • Training challenges: This problem ties in with scheduling as it can be challenging to find enough time to dedicate to training new employees.
  • General communication: Communication is not typically an issue in companies that hire contracted workers. However, the transient nature of hourly contracts can make setting up communication channels more tricky.
  • Scheduling issues: Scheduling is a human resource manager’s worst nightmare, and when you hire hourly workers, these issues can compound.

TeamSense has developed a solution that caters to all of these challenges and ultimately enables businesses to be more productive and create smoother workflows. TeamSense provides businesses with all the tools to hire and manage their hourly workforce. For example, using this software, a company can set up an employee portal dedicated to a range of things, from applying for a position to maintaining contact via text. 


Companies can ensure that only appropriate candidates are applying by allowing candidates to view and apply for open positions via text messages. Moreover, both the candidate and employer can expedite the process thanks to its text-based functionality.

Training And Communication

As mentioned previously, training is a time-consuming process and, in some instances, could be done interactively. TeamSense enables this by creating a portal that new employees can access and receive onboarding notifications, training documentation, and team member handbooks. Aside from being kinder to the environment, using this portal makes life easier for everyone.

The same portal can be used for communication between the hourly workers and the management team. For example, company news and updates can be transmitted directly to an employee’s phone via the portal. Additionally, an employee can use the portal to check schedules, update their working hours, call out sick or use PTO.

By introducing TeamSense into their HR process, organizations can realize enormous benefits, such as easier recruitment and scheduling. However, the software is far more than this and, thanks to its enterprise co-founders, has become the go-to platform for companies relying on an hourly workforce.

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