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Mason City man accused of vandalizing local businesses

MASON CITY – A Mason City man with a history of property damage has been arrested and accused of vandalizing local businesses.

On August 25, 2019, Mason City Police Department officers located and arrested Bill John Grouette Jr. age 36 years for 2nd degree criminal mischief. Mr. Grouette is suspected of spray painting and writing on the walls and windows of various businesses in the downtown area during August.

Any businesses or property owners who believe their property may have been damaged are encouraged to report it to the Mason City Police Department.

Back in April of 2017, Bill Grouette, Jr. was charged with felony second-degree criminal mischief in connection to a series of spray-paint graffiti allegedly committed between April 15 thru April 19, 2017. Police allege that Grouette spray painted locations along Hwy 122 East, the 400 block of South Federal, and the Meredith Wilson Footbridge over a few days.

Grouette, Bill

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