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Mason City woman guilty of drunk driving

MASON CITY – A Mason City woman has received a jail sentence and fine after a drunk driving crime.

Julie Puentes, age 48, was stopped by the Iowa State Patrol back on March 18, 2018. As a result of the stop and investigation, she was charged with first-offense operating while intoxicated.

After an initial plea of not-guilty, Puentes later pled guilty. She was sentenced to 2 days in jail and her driver’s license was revoked. Her fine, however, was cut in half, from $1,250.00 to $625.00. She must pay $953.75 in fines and court costs.

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Not really funny or suspicious. There are a few of us that work in the bars in this town that are commenting plus a lot of followers and group commenting plus a couple of her old friends. Most comments are about her behavior in public and her continuing to break laws and attacking people in public. Most comments are what people have seen this woman do, how she is and behaves in public. Plus a lot is what this lady has said her self while being in the bars complaining to people as if how she acts is ok. I’m sure if her husband was cheating around town with many women for everybody to see, had an addiction, charging at people attacking them, drunk or whatever all the time, or continue to break the law then I’m sure we’d all be talking about him. But it’s her actions that are showing the person and problems she has and needs help with. Like we and others stated. Addicts don’t like to take responsibility or accountability for themselves and their problems. Easier to blame others and draw attention away from themselves when it’s their own drama not anyone else’s. She is a product of herself, her problems, addictions and the way she acts. Sounds like she’s trying to say ohh no my stuff is being talked about, my stuff is bad let’s drag the husband down with her? She must really have issues if she can not take responsibility and accountability for herself for her own stuff she’s done in public. Usually if a person can’t quit drugs or drinking there is a problem. Oh and I left it anonymous also and none of us are Rosendo.

How dead is your bar you can log in and check an article on a old news story at 11 or so at night? The fact is its incredibly suspicious that whoever is posting obviously has a pretty set schedule showing 3rd shift which rose works. That added to motive n past behavior it’s not a far off bet that it is rosendo. While I’ll admit julie has her issues that she needs to work out but what reason would you have for such malicious behavior if you were an outside observer. N if you really are a bartender that is so unprofessional that you take to internet trolling n spreading rumors and half truths instead of using the options you have to correct the situation. It’s far more likely that you are just a jilted ex dragging the woman who left you through the mud than it is that youre just a bartender who intently follows their customers lives.

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