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Steve Minert takes former mayor Tom Jolas’ place as county compensation board chair

Steve Minert is new chairman of the county compensation board

MASON CITY – There is a new chairman of the Cerro Gordo County Compensation Board, as the long-serving former mayor of Mason City, Tom Jolas, was ousted in favor of local businessman Steve Minert.

The ‘Comp Board’ is a little-known, but quite influential and powerful entity in the government of every county in Iowa. Mr. Jolas served admirably for 28 years here in Cerro Gordo county and helped make the county supervisor seats attractive with pay rates exceeding $50,000 per year.

Mr. Jolas, whose long career in government includes having served as a high-ranking appointee of Iowa’s Economic Development agency, was bounced from the chairmanship by the supporters of Mr. Minert, who was named to the ‘Comp Board’ – as it’s known – in 2015. Minert’s term runs through June 30, 2019, whereas Jolas’s term expires in June of 2017.

Tom Jolas

In the state of Iowa, the county Compensation Board sets the salaries and benefits of every elected official. This includes the Sheriff, all three Supervisors, the County Attorney, the Treasurer, Auditor, and Recorder, and all elected county officers. In some ways, Jolas losing his decades-long chairmanship is in sync with what Cerro Gordo county voters decide in the 2016 Elections. Donald Trump won Mason City, and the county, defeating Hillary Clinton. Two longtime, Democratic party Supervisors – Jay Urdahl, and Phil Dougherty – were defeated, after 44 years of combined service. The Mason City School Board members recently voted to oust interim Superintendent Mike Penca, less than six months after the same Board terminated the contract of longtime Superintendent Anita Micich, who was also let go by the Clear Lake school district in 2016.

Minert, who is the President and co-owner of Harley-Davidson of Mason City, can be counted on to bring a fresh, more business-oriented perspective to the ‘Comp Board’, insiders told NIT. Since 1990, Steve Minert has served as the General Manager of his family’s dealership, before being promoted to the position of corporate President in 2011.
He lives in Clear Lake and is a licensed pilot who frequently flies his own airplanes, which he keeps at the Mason City airport and at Lake Okoboji.

Members of the Compensation Board are appointed by the elected officials that the Board oversees, and sets compensation. Members are named to overlapping, four-year terms, with the chairmanship being a one-year position. Mr. Minert, who is 47 years old, will be required in 2017 to seek re-election by the Board members is he wishes to continue as chairman.

A longtime observer of north Iowa government, when asked about the change in leadership, told NIT, “every dog has its day. For Tom Jolas, his days of running our Comp Board just came to an abrupt end. I, for one, truly appreciate all the years of service from Tom Jolas.  However, Steve Minert is like a breath of fresh air. Or, maybe I should say: a loud blast of Harley smoke! Seriously, though … Minert will do a very good job.”

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Ive known Steve for decades. He’s not the guy flying by on a Harley at midnight waking up the whole town. OK. Maybe the fourth of July can get a bit loud, but not any louder than anyone else.

He will do a fine job making sure those that lead cerro Gordon county will have comparable salaries to other counties our size.

So. Let’s give him a chance to do the same as he has done for Harley of Mc. Bring mason city a wonderful business that helps our tax base grow more each year.


I know this; Tom Jolas did a great deal for Mason City. He brought interstate 35 closer than it was scheduled to be. He built Grant Village which has been continually full and now has a waiting list…Has he made a few mistakes? Doesn’t everyone. Tom has nothing to be ashamed of.

When you hit 85 let’s add up your accomplishments.

Don’t confuse these negative people with facts.

Unlike most people on NIT who write anonymously, I’ll make my comments using my true identity. Here’s what I have to say about this. I’ve been sounding the alarm for many years how America was headed down the path of Russia, and to an extent the 3rd Reich of 1930’s Germany. Now that Trump has taken the Presidency, and 5,000 Patriot Guard motorcyclists will be accompanying his inauguration drive, the era of the Brown Shirt is official. If you recall Putun has his nationalistic “Night Wolves” which handle his dirty work in the streets. Do I know with certainty such malfeascance is possible here in the States? No, but the appointment of a Harley guy into government furthers the process along. Government is a matter of trust and equal protection, of which these local governments display none of. I’ll know I’m wring when the streets grow quiet. Until then….Seig Heil.

This is nothing personal against Steve Minert, I don’t know him. But i do know what his company sells, and his repair shop installs, and a result of his success comes at the expense of the peaceful enjoyment of community and property by others. Every loud Screaming Eagle pipe cutout he puts on is an affront againat the EPA, and city snd state laws. That is lawlessness. Yet you have appointed a lawless man into position of interpreting and/or safeguarding law. This is why the upcoming Presidency is so absurd. Citizens shouldnt have to kiss a ring to get basic decent living standards out of their elected officials. Yet here in North Iowa, we do.

STFU and stop embarassing your poor mother!

He’s my son and I am very proud of him. Why dont you STFU!

Why don’t you leave the country if you dislike it so much. Canada is not to far away. Oh yes, Canada doesn’t take felons. Maybe you can go to Mexico. They shoot people like you there.

Peter, remember when you stood up in front of the MC city council and opposed the pork plant. Well, you sounded nuttier than squirrel sh*t. Once again, the writings from your malnourished brain, only provide further evidence that your cheese has slid off your cracker.

Oh is that how you interpreted my speech? I had a NIACC professor telephone my family to let them kniw what a great job I did. I think you’re a stinky slimy troll with an interest against me. Leave the squirrels out of it btw. They are peaceful simple creatures, unlike the Orcs which drive ariund our streets terrorizing citizens. Nothing has changed in my position “Dick”. Noise is still pollution.

If anyone called (and, I don’t believe it) it was just to make your mother feel better after having the embarrassment of having you for a son.

5 East is who called. They would like to meet you in person and talk about your speech.

If you think Steve is going to do any better you are in for a rude awaking. Does anyone check back grounds on these people before electing them?!!!! If not people can’t be that dumb to not read in between the lines. Any other business given a street to them under the table? In cahoots with the supposeably drunk mayor and extra other supposed habits. wait and see just wait and see

ya jolas did good for us, sent the casino to northwood giving them all the benefits and students lots of money.

True yes Jolas did have a part in stop the casino but the one that really killed it was not Jolas. Yes all the preachers and there church people was organize by Gary Blodgett, he got it all riled up, petition’s, phone calls down to Des Moines ect. We would of got our casino but for old Doc, he said casino will bring in drugs gangs, he told me poor people spend there welfare check’s on black jack ect. Jolas was in with Gary on that one but he was not the main one did it in, that was Blodgett.

@ Adams, Republitard’s they did cost MC a whole bunch of money, what Blodgett did. Ok so it might of got spread thin compare to Worthless county. Still would of been something, money we do not have since Diamond Joe is in Northwood not here . Mason I mean. Good thing Gary Blodgett is not in there now. Old doc, was just for the rich yes like every Republitard.

What difference does it make. Crookmeyer would have wasted in on the downtown area any way. The rest of the public would not have seen a dime of it.

Cerro Gordo has ten times the student population as Worth(less) county. The money students received in Cerro Gordo would have been spread so thin, each student would have received less than a fraction of what students currently get.

Jolas was on top of his game at one time but he is way out there now. I think he has health problems and that is natural for his age.

The Russians will keep him honest.

Who put Stevie on this board?

These board members need to pay attention to what’s going on at meetings, and they don’t look very enthusiastic, maybe that’s what’s wrong. Good luck to Minert, hopefully he’ll do what’s right.

Remember when Harley Davidson of Mason City was handed free city money to expand their business? They were going to hire 20 new employees. After the fancy and expensive remodel was completed with city money, they maybe filled 2-4 new slots. Should be looked into.


I don’t know Minert or anything about him, but it is about time they got rid of Jolas who has severely damaged Mason City and all of North Iowa with his favortism of the establishment. I wish Minert well and hope he keeps it in mind exactly why Jolas was kicked out.

Yeah, you bet. Tom Jolas dedicated a large portion of his life to this town. I think Tom should have stepped down a few years ago but to put him down because he did what he felt was good for Mason City is moronic. And that description fits you perfectly.

And, you are still opinionated and stupid. For a educated person you sure are dumb. he has manipulated this town for his own benefit for years. He was the one who pushed through Sounthbridge Mall so he could make money. That one cost us 27 million. He was the one who pushed through Indianhead at taxpayer expense. He screwed his secretary at his wife’s expense. The guy is a damn user and always has been. The only reason he ran for mayor was to promote his damn real estate for his benefit. Get off your high horse. You are turning into a big mouth liberal which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

BOOM!! Mic drop.

Oh wow. I guess I was wrong. (That is sarcasm in case you didn’t get it) What have YOU done for this city? I know that answer too-absolutely nothing except bitch about the people who do.

I have paid taxes in this city longer than you have been alive. I never miss a vote and up until Crookmeyer got in I never missed a council meeting. What have you done except think you are smarter and better than anyone else you overeducated snob.

I also knew your answer was that you pay taxes. So does every person who lives here. Guess what? Tom Jolas pays taxes here too. You have done nothing. You never ran for office, you never volunteered your time, you never attended every council meeting. And if you did, it was just to get fodder for your complaints. You want the North End improved? Get out and do something about it. You want new council members? Start knocking on doors for your candidate or get on the phone and call people. When you show your support on NIT, you don’t really change anything. Certainly not the minds of those who don’t think like you. And your habit of calling people names doesn’t endear you to anyone nor does it do anything to advance your causes. It just makes you look bad.

Got to love people that sit on their lazy butts and complain about everything. Is there one single public servant you approve of? The crazy thing is you are probably so lazy you don’t even vote.

child molesting felons cannot vote.

AnonymousReply Report comment
December 16, 2016 at 7:25 pm
As soon as you start name calling you cheapen your argument and I dismiss your thoughts. You might win more people over with an adult conversation. Just saying…….

Thanks for the feedback. I suspected it was Larry.

AnonymousReply Report comment
December 16, 2016 at 1:55 pm
And, you are still opinionated and stupid. For a educated person you sure are dumb. he has manipulated this town for his own benefit for years. He was the one who pushed through Sounthbridge Mall so he could make money. That one cost us 27 million. He was the one who pushed through Indianhead at taxpayer expense. He screwed his secretary at his wife’s expense. The guy is a damn user and always has been. The only reason he ran for mayor was to promote his damn real estate for his benefit. Get off your high horse. You are turning into a big mouth liberal which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Bah Dump Bump……Ching

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