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Congressman apologizes for saying black people hate white people because of their success

CNN's Don Lemon interviews Congressman Robert Pittenger after his remarks about black people (CNN image)
CNN’s Don Lemon interviews Congressman Robert Pittenger after his remarks about black people hating white people because of their success
(CNN image)

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – A Republican Congressman from North Carolina has apologized for saying black people “hate white people, because white people are successful and they’re not.”

The comments were made by Representative Robert Pittenger during an interview on the BBC Thursday, September 22, 2016. The BBC asked to speak with Congressman Pittenger regarding the riots in his hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina, that had ravaged the city for two straight nights after an un-armed black man was shot dead by police.

Rep. Pittenger, attempting to explain why the protests had turned into violent riots, said the protestors – many of them African-American – “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.” He went on to say “We’ve put people in bondage so that they can’t be all that they’re capable of being.”

After an uproar about his comments, later Thursday evening, Congressman Pittenger became aware that “one of his answers had caused offense”, and he issued this “heartfelt response”:

“What is taking place in my hometown right now breaks my heart. My anguish led me to respond to a reporter’s question in a way that I regret. The answer doesn’t reflect who I am. I was quoting statements made by angry protestors last night on national TV. My intent was to discuss the lack of economic mobility for African-Americans because of failed policies. I apologize to those I offended and hope we can bring peace and calm to Charlotte.

“My intent was to discuss the lack of economic mobility for African Americans because of failed policies. My answer to BBC doesn’t reflect who I am. I was quoting statements made by angry protesters last night on national TV.”

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This is similar to the slave crackdowns from yesteryears where whites felt the need to put down rebellious slaves lest any talk of liberation be realized. The black president = hope and rise in status, and the white executive powers are doing everything to undue the process. Yes this is an extremely racist country, including Mason City. Solberg was right even if she’s too stupid to know in what way she was right.

Let me tell you stupid raciest white people why black people hate you MF’s as much as you hate them. These blacks have freed themselves from a curse that was put on them in the early 1700’s! Wake up poor white people! Look at your history and and what’s going on in the world right now. When blacks and poor whites came together they were able to almost take this country back for the rich or elite whites who keep us devided. The top 1% richest people in this country has 85% of the printed money and wealth in this country. They can’t even be charted with the rest of us. Wake the HELL up people! It stopped being about black and white a long time ago, your going to wake up very soon and your going to be in one of two classes. Elite or poor trash slave. No more middle class and no more color. If your not rich your already a modern day slave. Think about it! Cost of living goes up and the value of the dollar goes down, you lose your job how will you survive. NOT LONG! But the elites, can burn money and still survive. We need to kill white privilege, kill racism and stigmata’s about crap you have no clue about and come together and take our country back. Distribute that money and pull our poor out of the gutter. Feed our homeless and take care of our vets. Wake up people your wasting time hating each other things you can’t change and never working on the things you can!

They won’t let you.

Some times you have to organize and take it! It’s not thiers to give, it’s ours to take! This guy is right! I’m poor, white and I have very little and yet I see other whites that have so much more. What if we organized like we did once in our countries history and take back our country. Erase the hate that my own ancestors created to keep blacks and whites separated. What if we worked together to educate the ignorant, changed the message from division to inclusion, and stopped trying to change the things we can’t. He is right! I can’t change the facts of the past but I can change the future. All I know is racism and divisiveness is not working. Color of my skin is not changing and neither is the color of my black friends! I’m done wasting my time on something I can’t change.

1700’s your talking about the Devils own son, Willy Lynch. He really did a number on blacks and whites. It’s his mentality that has survived and is still alike 300 years later. Also if you look at our true history it was the white elites who coined all the derogatory phrases against other whites, blacks and immigrants that came to this country. White farm hands and workers who worked out in the sun had red sun burnt necks and so the term “Redneck” was born. They were looked down upon and ridiculed for being hard workers. Dehumanize the black man so he can not effectively lead his family. Pit one black against the other. Light skinned against dark skinned, nappy hair against fine hair. All this and more so they shall look at the white man and revere him and hate himself and other blacks. We are seeing the effects of that devil Willy Lynch today. Wake up black people! Break the curse. Wake up white people! Break the curse that was set to destroy us all. I concur, let’s stop wasting time on ideas that only speak to destroy us and stop us from becoming what we were truly meant to be!

The Democrats were the ones against freeing the slaves.

The term redneck came about to describe coal miners who supported the union. They risked severe injury or death by wearing red bandannas around their neck.

It’s about black and white, because blacks make it about race. Your precious black president (who’s black dad left, and was raised by a white woman) has elevated racial tensions to levels parallel to the civil rights movement. BLM is completely masterminded by an old, rich, WHITE democrat. Black puppets on his liberal strings. Slavery was a long long time ago. So was hostile take over of Indian lands. But yet Native Americans do loot and riot, or block freeways or burn down their own neighborhoods. Black people love the fact that they can be the “victims” and that will never change.

WLM, if your not black please don’t presume you can speak for black people in any way shape or form.(Blacks love being the victims) You don’t have the right to tell a rock net alone a human being how black people think or feel. You don’t have have a clue why blacks are as mad as hell. You can’t even explain why the Indian is not looting or rioting. News flash, there not being victimized by being shot over and over again on every news channel. Switch the scrip and see how whites would enjoy watching other racial groups shoot them while unarmed and their hands in the air. No one talks about the war that the media and pricks like George Sorros has declared for political purposes. You did but you wouldn’t name him. I agree with you that the president may be controlled by him and other rich elite family’s. But look at your history, so where almost every president we have had. These families are the same ones that control the world. Sad fact, the nation is on course to kill the same number of black men as were killed last year by cops. The difference, the media has spotlighted the situations and pricks like rich old fart George Sorros pays protesters to loot, riot and start trouble. He has funded several organizations (BLM) that are behind these people that you talk about. But you don’t want to expound on that because people who read your comment will only get the information that you want to expose. The vast and over whelming majority of black people are peaceful unpaid protester who want change, security, equality and respect. (Wow sound like other races) But when blacks have bad and curupt people in their race, you and others chose to blame them all. Two things! One- Racism is fear and fear is hate and ignorance. Racist are dumb ass, ignorant sub human fearful trash! Two- slavery dates back 1619 to its beginnings in this country but it’s lasting effects are ubiquitous and its cruelty is indelible. So you or anyone can suggest that blacks simply get over it, can get over your hate and be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Than maybe blacks and whites can start to heal and finally come to gather. I refuse to hate any man for any reason that he has no control over. I also refuse to hate any man or judge them on the actions of a few.

WOW. That is some hard-to-follow logic you spout there. Do you have any of it in 40 lb bags for my garden? You don’t have to be black to see that the overwhelming majority of people smashing windows and looting businesses are blacks. But, of course, it’s racist if we notice or even mention it.

I read what he said I think you are that village idiot that escaped but now have been found. You just don’t get it. Can’t see it or just refuse to! If your the seventh son, you must be the idiot son!

40 lbs? Overwhelming number of them are black destroying property. Another unarmed black man is dead and your worried about property that one day will end up in the junk yard. He is right your in idiot. Rest good tonight, the cops videoed the the looters and will make arrests in days. But your too stupid to know that they gather video from concerned citizens and put people in those crowds. The only 40lbs of BS is what you call a life. Dumb ass! i hate stupid MF like you. I might be crazy but I’m not a dumb ass! Stupid MF!

I “get it” better than you ever will, but to help you with reality, watch “Charlotte Riots: What They Are Not Telling You” The dead black man was not unarmed, and he would still be alive today, smoking crack if he had simply complied with the orders of the police.The video even has a screen shot of the handgun on the pavement next to the body.

I believe that there is some truth to Pittengers statement. Why isn’t the “economic mobility” there. Young blacks have just as much opportunity to go to school, get an education, get a job as anyone else, but some choose not to. Remember the no child left behind government program.They would rather be gangbanging thugs, sell drugs, steal from others, shoot each other, sponge off of somebody, then get a honest job. Because of their laziness, they think that the white man owes them something. Our government could give these thugs everything, and they’d still act like animals. I’m sure that when they were born, they weren’t born to act the way they do. It’s something that they learned, in the home.

Consequently, anyone with ethnicity in their bloodline, will find it far easier to get a collegiate education on the governments bill than the average Caucasian choosing to further their education. No matter your economic stature, culture in your family tree will get you free college.

Why does Marquardt allow censoring by reporting comments on this web page? It makes no sense. He’s either stubborn or appeasing minions who threaten to unsubscribe unless they can delete me.

How come white people don’t riot?

They hate us, cuz they ain’t us! TRUTH!

Under your logic, the oppressed envy their oppressors. It’s also known as Stockholm Syndrome. How about I make you my bitch slave for 30 years, beat you, rape your wife in front of you and auction off your children? Then when I sip a cold ice tea out on my Savannah porch on a hotter summer afternoon, and you’re in the yard pulling weeds, I’ll check and see if you envy me yet. Sounds like a plan. You can help me by providing me with your ankle measurements for the iron bracelet I’m forging.

Here’s another plan.. next time you go out to cross a busy street, disregard the traffic going past today, and only avoid the oxcarts that went by 200 years ago. That’s what you’re doing when you try to shame people into guilt or reparations for things that happened many generations back. In today’s world, it’s best if we deal with today’s reality.

Today’s reality is that racism and bigotry have been passed down from generation to generation and is just as alive and well as it was back in the day. The other reality is no formal reparations every occurred. It’s a crime that went unpunished. At minimal should be a check issued to every descendent of slavery from the US Treasury for their entire lives. They issue oil wealth checks to residents in Alaska, and they should do the same for descendants of slavery.

The reality is….until black people stop doing dumb stuff like, kneel for anthems, riot and vandalize their own neighborhoods for no legitimate reason, block freeways because a criminal pulled a gun on a police officer risking his life to do his job and keep the general population safe, or riot against white on black crime when black on white or black on black crimes are 50 times more prevelant…… racism will still be there. Look at the stats, numbers don’t lie. But the media does.

And the idiot racists appear.

So do the stupido’s

Why apologize for telling the truth. Coward.

He had to apologize because his statement didn’t fall under our governments “politically correct ” bull crap.

If only these rioters could put forth as much effort into finding and keeping a job, as they do stealing and vandalizing. They would be productive members of society. But no, instead they follow their stereotypes requirements exactly.

Well, Black-on-White crime statistics are not imaginary, and there are, of course, reasons for it. I wonder what explanation would be satisfactory for the PC police? They clearly are not happy with the truthful answers.

This guy is so full of shit, I think I smell it coming out of his ears. What a delusional fool.

hello Pot. youd know about that

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