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Cell phone store owner arrested for domestic abuse

MASON CITY – A downtown Mason City cell phone repair store owner is in the county jail Tuesday after law enforcement went to his house to investigate a domestic abuse incident.

Cerro Gordo deputies went to 17162 Kingbird Avenue at about 2:03 AM to investigate a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival, a victim claimed a head injury, sheriff Kevin Pals tells NIT.

After an investigation was completed, 29-year-old Philip Christopher Biermann was arrested on a charge of serious domestic abuse assault. He was taken to the county jail, where he remains held on no bond until he is seen by a judge.

Biermann is the owner of Iowa Cell Phones and Repair, located on the plaza in downtown Mason City, and could be battling anger issues leading up to the alleged assault.

“So I was writing up an angry business email ripping into 2 people,” Biermann wrote December 19 on social media. “I didn’t want to act out of my current stage of emotional anger…I’m still deciding if I should be extremely embarassed or if they deserved it to get their crap together.”

Biermann, Philip Christopher
Biermann, Philip Christopher

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Yeah this seems fishy Phil wouldn’t hurt a fly, I heard his wife was angry he caught her having an affair and she pulled the assault card so she wouldn’t lose the kids.

Time for a new Escalade…..

Kylo Ren is Han Solo and Leia’s son. He kills Han Solo. Rey is a Jedi and the side who is a stormtrooper isn’t a Jedi. ūüôā

Take this down, not only are you assuming and smearing a man who can’t defend himself in this situation, but you’re publishing this poor dude’s address. Pretty sure that is not ethical or legal.

You should do your homework. He was charged.

In domestic abuse calls someone must be detained, he wasn’t charged he was only detained and removed from the residence. Do your homework you flaming retard.

No, you are wrong, it is not required that someone is detained. If there has been an assault the primary physical aggressor has to be arrested, and he was. You must either know him, or maybe you are him.

I suffer from head injury and pain too, and it’s from my brain cells dying after reading this garbage.

Hey idiot, he was charged, that is what happens when you get arrested.

He hasn’t been charged. No charges were pressed and you’re an idiot.

He was arrested, it is public information. Charges were filed. Idiot

I know for a fact that neither party was charged. I also know that this will be settled between the two because there was no abuse and in fact he was wrongly detained. I also know that you should stop speaking on behalf of a party that you don’t even know, as I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate you being an inconciderate and assumptious non-involved party.

I know for a fact that Philip was arrested, and just a while ago there was a standby at the residence where this occurred. That is because in a domestic abuse case a no contact order is issued if someone is arrested. By the way, I am not speaking on behalf of anyone, and you are not smart enough to fool anyone, dumbass.

Look it up on Iowa Courts Online, Philip was charged on December 22 with Serious Domestic Assault. He has a preliminary hearing on January 8 at 8:30 am.

Wow, another pussy who beats women. What he needs is an epic ass whoopin of his own. He’s almost as tough as the slug that wants to knock people of their F-in motorcycles.

You’re an idiot for assuming that he is guilty of any of this. Seems you’re no better than anyone this guy had to bump elbows with in jail. Do me a favor and “whoop” your own ass.

OK Phillip. but you wondering around here acting like you want a scab put on your nose don’t help matters any. Save the epic tough guy act for them women.

This is how the non-ignorant behave? For somebody that claims to be so smart, he sure is a dumb ass.

I feel like you’re making assumptions that can’t be backed up. He has only been detained, not charged. Based on your comment I feel like you’re the one who should be called a dumbass for assuming.


…… I beat my wife.

GREAT way to tweak the words that the man posted on facebook. Here is the actual post “So I was writing up an angry business email ripping into 2 people that I was saving as a draft to edit later as I didn’t want to act out of my current stage of emotional anger.

I go back to edit it as it was a bit harsh and turns out for some reason it SENT the email to them somehow…I’m still deciding if I should be extremely embarassed or if they deserved it to get their crap together.”

Yet you made the mistake of submitting this trash article. Explain that. You are literally the most incompetent writer I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing of. The article is cancer. You are an assumptious asshole that posts people personal addresses with an obvious smear article. I really hope you didn’t major in journalism because what you write is trash.

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